Lighting Challenge #3: Hairy Hare


Edit: This thread is archived. Read if you still want to give a try to this challenge have a look at the vault thread

The idea here is to render the scene as you interpret the mood, feeling, time of day, and genre of the script fragments below.

Here are the four script fragments that each introduce a kitchen scene:Lighting Challenge #3 is on-line! It consists of a rabbit and a terrain model. Models are available for download in both NURBS and polygonal versions here:


In professional lighting work, a lot of projects involve hair, fur, or vegetation, and the lighting process works somewhat differently than if you only needed to light smooth, bald things. The goal of this challenge is to add hair or fur to cover the rabbit and the ground (for the ground it would be grass and vegetation), and then show how well you can light and render this scene. You can use any software you want. It can be any season, weather, time, or mood.

Edit: This is an old challenge now. This thread is being archived. If you scroll down to the Challenge #3 section of the downloads page, you’ll see that the models can still be downloaded for your tests, and also that a gallery has been made of top entries.



Heh, I thought the challenges got cancelled, glad you just moved it in the right place! :wink:

Cant wait to get my hands on the bunny!


Those challenges are very interesting, thnax for bringing us this opportunity to practice guys !

I will try this one if i have time, i need to practice fur for my Journey so i will start here :slight_smile:


Cool, another challenge to keep us all busy!
Good luck everyone.

Dan W.


Great idea for a challenge, I’m in. I just finished readin Jeremy’s book (Which was brilliant) and i’m ready to put some of that theory into practice. Two cyphers on the one challenge, kinda scary.


oh yeah! count me in…im excited…


haha, well let’s see if our fur engine is bugging or no :smiley:


well i’m new in this particulary part of forum… but i’ll participe too…


I will give it a shot. I tried to do FXWARS challenges, and even though I love effects, I just didn’t have time. This however, I can do pretty well. Gotta love fur. Now the question remains… Maya render, or Renderman??? hmm…


hey nice idea… thanks for this challenge… :thumbsup:


Great challenge Mr. Bird.

Never done any furry stuff, so this I have to try.


Are we doing the “single thread” thing again?

Regardless, lets just say my 1st try wasn’t exactly… successful… L O L :wink:



OK, half a point for being the first? :slight_smile:

If you’re moving forwards into developing the look of the fur, a great source for rabbit reference pictures is . Search there and you get hundreds of people’s pictures of rabbits. If you click on “original” resolution under them, a few people’s rabbit galleries are high-megapixel shots that show exactly how rabbit fur looks up-close.



Hello! cg addicts! hehe , Jeremy this is a hard one , specially i never tried fur before , as far as i remember it doesnt cast the light very well, anyways i hope to have some free time for this interesting challenge …

thanks again!


Lol buddy that looks more like a dog !!! hhehe i shouldnt laugh probably its so hard to do!


Still not too great…


…I also can’t make up my mind if I’m gonna do a day hare…

…or evening hare…



The evening looks more interesting.


Oops, sorry guys, I was working so late on this image, I had to use the flash…



Hi there! I am new to posting on this forum, but here is my attempt with the bunny. Would love any critiques I can get.




Oops, sorry guys, I was working so late on this image, I had to use the flash…