Lighting Challenge #28: Captain's Log


best of luck guys…:smiley:



here is my WIP to the first log.

I need some feedback to improve the light. This is just a WIP.



This lighting challenges is really awesome and I love it.

But finding time to do them is tough…
I am glad I rendered something before dead line this time.

its a 720 by 405 resolution render.
If I get a good response I will probably render a 1080p

To me the toughest part was to get the ocean right, the clouds and stars.

My water looks crapy

I know there will tons of mistake, so please I would really appreciate if you guys point it out so that I’ll not do that again in future renders.


PS: In case the image link doesn’t open, here is the link of image shack


[left]Hello everyone![/left]

[left]Hope everyone had a good new year. Well I’ve never had time to enter the lighting competitions but I finally made some time at the end of 2011. Software used was Photoshop and 3d studio max with vray renderer. [/left]

[left]My image was based on the captains log:[/left]
[left]May 12th, We are caught in the middle of a terrible storm. Countless waves have crashed onto the deck taking many of my crew out to sea. I hope that the rest of us can make it out of this alive.[/left]

By alex_antuna at 2012-01-01

[left]Uploaded with[/left]

[left]Hires image link here[/left]


Maybe my final image do the first log.

Any critic or some way to improve the light are welcome.


(sea is a photograph I got from Google)

Its not great but yeah, I liked the ship though :slight_smile:

here is the link, if the image doesn’t open


Here is my final, I really hope it is not too late (It’s Jan 2nd at 7:45 PM CST):


Since my last WIP, I tweaked the sails and played with the lighting & color.


There will be an extension of the deadline?


I know this is out of that topic but,
since the ship was better than my over all render with ocean and sky, i am posting it here.

There is some kind of ambient occlusion artifact on one of the window, no idea what it is though.


I’m going to extend this challenge another two weeks past the deadline to 1/16/2012. We have another scene all ready for the next challenge but we definitely need more time with this one.

If you’ve finished one journal entry try another entry out.
If you haven’t quite finished yet hopefully you have enough time to now.
If you haven’t started yet, get going! :slight_smile:


Thanks kanooshka :wink:

I’m gonna try another log. If you could just give a little feedback of the first log it would be must appreciate. :slight_smile:


Glad to give more time. I’ll be posting some feedback tonight. The holidays always make finding time for giving feedback difficult.



Thanks for the extension Dan.

I think i’m gonna leave my first entry as it is (my last post), unless you think there needs more work to it.

For my next scene I was thinking of maybe doing the July 5th entry. Having the camera down below the deck with the sun light burning through, this is a rubbish reference but similar to this image.

There has been some cracking images so far, and will hopefully see some more up to the 16th.


Wow! There are some great submissions. A nod to toddfx’s piece, great energy and colors! It’s got a romantic-esque quality. Great job overall everyone!


govindk: You’re off to a good start. Water is definitely a challenge to render but this would definitely be a good place to practice and learn it. Can’t critique much since there’s no environment around it.

toddfx: Awesome Final Image! I hope to see you try out a different log entry with the 2 week extension.

cyrus3v: Coming along very nicely. Once thing that really sticks out to me is how evenly the sails are lit. Here are some similar references I found for you: Notice the shadows on the sails from the other sails, masts and ropes. Also notice how dark the sky and bounce light is. Hope this is helpful!

Edgemaster: Welcome! You’re off to a great start. The light from the lightning onto the ship could be much brighter. The brightness it is now makes for a good amount of light bouncing off of the clouds but not quite for the direct illumination from the lightning. Where the lightning passes behind the water, I’d like to see some soft green/blue translucency coming through the water. The water could also use some more white caps to elevate the chaos of the waves.There also seem to be some artifacts on the right side of the sails though it’s possible that those are shadows. They could use some softening either by some translucency or blurring the shadow itself.

More to come tomorrow!


Thanks kanooshka for the feedback.

Humm, I can explain why the lack of shadows and others details. My idea to do this render is the ship in the sea without any wind. The sun is in the mid day point, so that is the reason why there is no shadows in the sails. Perhaps the lens flare is misleading. But I wanted to convey the feeling that the sun is at its highest point.

I have added a little amount of glow to the sails, but I’m going to remove it.

But I’m going to see a way to improve the shadows in the sails.



cyrus3v: I guess it’s the lens flare that’s confusing. It makes the image appear like the sun is directly in the background. Looking forward to an update!

Andi2008: Nice work! I really like the concept for the second image, Log 4. I wouldn’t expect to see the ship through the reflection on the upper left part of the glass. I’d also like to see the highlight softened just a little bit on the edges. There seems to be some artifacts where the snow meets the glass. Could possibly be from the shadows. The right edge of the glass and the base could use some definition from the background. Here’s some great info on lighting glass


Thanks kanooshka for the comment. Since there was only few time left, i just photoshoped the second image. I will render it now for a better result. The problem with the artifacts maybe because of the few space between glas and snow. I will check it. Not easy with IRay to avoid the glass dropping shadows, but i will find a way.



So there’s a little feedback for the final rush ! One week to go :slight_smile:
@Kauzi : really great angle. Also I like the lighting. maybe I would adjust a bit the crop of the image (the cannon seems cut) I hope to see also a textured image :wink:
@jonametry I really leak the idea and the rendering. Why don’t you try also a more close up of the ship ? (I really like the sails texture)
@bugsy I would add a bit more foam in the waves and also a bit more variation in the sky. Great texturing !!
@elgnahk I would add a bit more light in front of the ship (or more lanterns) also try to use a better texture for the moon. you can find high res in the nasa website
@urjitsampat try to put more contrast in the image adding lights (lanterns in the ship for example) also watch for the luminosity of the horizon in comparison with other part of the scene
@pbowmar I really like you concept ! You should take a bit more time to setup the lights. Texture looks good. The sails need a bit more work.
@radianssi Wonderful image it really remembers me a '700 painting. Can you do a close up of the ship for me ? I would like to print it :slight_smile:
@andarra. The image look a bit overexposed. Also the wood of the ships seems to reflect the wave and this is not ok. try to dim a bit the light. Very good start !
curnow42 image now really look better ! I have some doubt about the huge crystals. I would go for them in all the image and so without the iceberg and the frozen rock in the background or I would remove them and use some cracked ice like this Now it look a bit too much supermanish :wink: Really great image I love it !
@Andi2008 I really like the first one :slight_smile: the second image (log 4) has a great concept but looks a bit too empty. Probably an HDR can help (now you just see the reflection of one light) Also the “Snow” would need a bit more variation (now it seems to proceed in straight lines)
@cyrus3v Very interesting angle ! It’s a very good image. I would avoid lens flare and add a bit more contrast to the overall image and also the sail look a bit too “clean”
@todffx I’m speechless it’s just great ! My only request is for a bigger image so I can print it and put in my room ! (just send me a pm if it is possible)
@govindk it’s really good lighting ! why don’t you try a composite if rendering water is too hard ?
Thanks to all for sharing your images !


Jojo, thank you very much.

I would really give more time to it if I could, however I am working on a short film now. So I don’t think I will jump back to this.
I feel sad I couldn’t do it properly. AH!! may be next one :slight_smile: