Lighting Challenge #28: Captain's Log


I love your texturing work on the ship! the wood looks brilliant!
I also like the Idea of the ship inside an hour glass, but i feel it would need to be much much bigger. In fact so big, that the ship actually would fit through the whole and the ship is riding along the sand thats dripping through. maybe a camera from inside the glass would be cool to! Somewhere atached to the back of the ship (suddenly the big battle of the flying dutchman, the black pear and calipso in Pirates of the carribean pops into mind). You know what I mean, right? =)


Cheers for the response Holzi! I agree that having it smaller and falling through would be cool… what I’d really like is hundreds falling through as sand :slight_smile: I’ll see if I can swing that somehow…

Time is tight so I don’t know how much more I’ll be able to adjust though.


Peter B


hundreds of ships might be interesitng using Particles (I think in Maya its under dynamics, not sure. Only used them occasionally in 3ds Max). Though I think to have them acting as sand and looking interessting could be quite challenging.


I haven’t really done any practical 3D work all year… But I was bored this weekend and remembered we have these nice challenges here, so here’s something. :slight_smile:

Max and VRay.


I put a composite together to try it out, I’m having major issues with the shadow pass in particular… :stuck_out_tongue:
Feedback and tips are appreciated, I’ll try to add feedback for others later, but I’m pressed for time at the moment.


Hello everybody, this is my second try. Comments and feedback welcome.


Hey guys,

Still working on it. Got to this point. Tried to make it more apparent where the lights are coming from.


Hi Everybody,

This is my 2nd post. I have tried to make improvements since my first post.

Thank you kanooshka for your feedback on my first post.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll give us some amazing work :slight_smile:
BTW when do we get to see your WIP images??
This one is my current WIP image, with millions of stars :wink:
Also added light inside the captains cabin.
Lighting up the lamps above was making the light too monotonous with the window lites so haven’t.
yet will try the same>> i need 2 seriously do something with the water>>



can someone of the 3DS Max guys provide a .max file that is openable with Max 2011?
I’ve tried to import the fbx which leads to a working file, with strange behaviours like invisilbe sails from some camera perspectives.

I’d like to join in after i got stunned by the toddfx storm shot.

Thx Dan


 work in progress..comments welcome!


hey guys i decided to give it a crack to the challenge…
it seem so much fun…
lets hope i will make it in time!


Still texturing and deciding on which code I’ll go with.

I’ve worked on the water and can see what you mean by it being plasticy, although not sure what a “hot weather log” is.



question about the challenge
can we change up the ocean model?..and change some parts of the ship model to for my scene?
or does the model has to stay the same?


Looking good now.

In reference to “Hot weather log”, I mean from Dan Konieczka’s first post.

These are the log entries to work from:
July 5th,

It’s been 2 weeks without the slightest breeze and
the sweltering heat has become unbearable.
The crew has been burned so badly from the unending sun,
that we are forced to stay below the deck


Hi guys, some really great images on this forum, keep it up. would love to leave feedback for everyone nut it would take me forever!!!sorry.
Anyway, its been a long time since i last posted anything, and i’ve been major busy,only had time to do changes yesterday and today.
Thanks for the advice jojo1975 and kanooshka, i have tried to incorporate both your comments into my image.
I’ve done two versions just for comments, the second one is just to see what it would look like with a more historical/vintage look.
And, the log im going for is
August 1st, We are lost in an unknown sea. The water and skies are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Could we be on another world?I would love to do another log but im away for 2 weeks over crimbo, so if the competition is extended then i might do another image.

 Keep up the good work guys.



Updated shots.
Have almost finishing texturing and developing my ideas for the codes.
Hope you like it so far.

Software: Electric Image Animation System (, Silo & Adobe Photoshop.




here is my final work, before christimas holidays.
I have finished LogEntry1 and finally managed to create a fast picture for LogEntry2.
I created the snow globe alongside.

Both images rendered with IRay. On the first image i used the sun&skylight system, worked a while on the right sun intensity and exposure settings. Finaly i decided in the post, to like it a little bit overbright with a few glow.
The second images is created with a rectangle area light from the left and a darkblue (gradient) on background and floor.

Hope you like them.

Captain´s Log 1

Captain´s Log 4

I wish u all a Happy New Year.
I am realy looking forward to the final submissions.




m late for the challenge , but i want to do this challenge with in a given period…may I proceed…!!


Best of luck guys…give ur best output…:slight_smile: