Lighting Challenge #28: Captain's Log


Hello to all.
First of all I would like to congratulate everyone for the quality of submissions :slight_smile: I really like this challenge. there’s a little of feedback

@byronheal. I really like the mood of the image. I just will add a bit of fill light in front of the ship that now look a bit dark. I also will put lights in the ship (in the window’s gun) and in the tree of the ship to give a more dramatic effect !

@toddfx awesome image ! I’m really looking forward to see the update image with more translucency in the sails !

@curnow42 it’s really a great concept. I like a lot the image:) I will change the camera angle since now the ship looks small in comparison with the overall environment. also I will add a bit of fog. Here you can find some reference of a ship stranded in antartica (low quality just look at the camera angle to get inspiration :wink:

@Borreworks I’m really looking forward for updates. I like a lot the dramatic camera angle and also the texturing. If you need more props send me a pm :wink:

@halfPintMike I really like the concept of the image. I’m really looking forward to see an image with more stars, bigger background, more lights etc :slight_smile:

@sivaavatar2010 the vulcano is a great idea ! :slight_smile: it is an incredible image ! Why dont’ you put more light in the sky ?
look for example here. these are incredible but real images.

Also I will put a bit more lights in the ship (simulating lanterns) !
really looking forward for updates

@lighthunder great start ! I will try to change the scale of the texture of the body of the ship (the planks of the wood look a bit too big), also I will tweak a bit the shader of the sails that looks a bit to transparent. the shader of the water will need a bit of work. the ripples don’t match the dimensions of the waves

@Shordy I really love the concept of you image ! I will tweak a bit the shader of the waves that now look a bit too “calm” also I will decrease a bit lens flare in the image and lower a bit the sun to illuminate more the sea surface. I’m really looking forward for a bigger render !

@mikkokuri Good image ! I will add a bit of foam in the sea if you would like to focus on the right side of the image (it’s the most illuminated part of your image and so the attention is drawn immediatly to the light point on the right)

@runejw I love the quite of the starry night :slight_smile: I will low a bit the ship (since not it seems floating on the sea) and also tweak the sky using a starry night reference picture !. The reflection are beaufil on the seaside but it looks a bit too reflecting also in the low part of the image. Try go give a more sharp contrast in the image among the different lights in all the scene

@urgaffel Please more update !! :slight_smile: I love the concept of the ship in the desert and I want to see more :wink:

@koushik_routh keep going !

@CHRiTTeR I’m really looking forward for updates with increased light intensity and better shader for the sea. ! I love the image !

@tuffmutt1 keep going ! I’m looking forward for more

@zbugja wonderful work ! I have two small suggestion. The font used in the second image in my opinion doens’t fit and also the position of the text (expecially the one on top) is quite distracting. why dont’ you try a piratesque hand written font ? Also I will add a bit of for in the lower part of the image since the shader probably need a bit more DOF or tweak for a close up !
I really like you image and hope you upload a bigger version

Again, really thanks for sharing !


try to show something new…cool


Andarra: Nice start. I know this is just a paintover but the sky could be more of a gradient. The value it is now would be good for the horizon but further up the image it could become much more blue. I’m looking forward to seeing you bring this into a render.

byronheal: Welcome! The colors in the sky aren’t matching with the foreground. I’d like to either see some of those warm colors in the sky brought into the foreground or the colors in the sky adjusted to match the lighting. A lot of areas on the ship are black. I’d like to see some more fill light coming from the sky to illuminate those areas. The ocean water is looking pretty good. The foam on the waves look too bright compared to the rest of the image. They look more like foam from a bright sunny day. Keep at it.

toddfx: That looks great! There’s a lot of things working very well with your first image especially. I really like the translucency in the sails. I think if you kept the rain and water spray from the second image but got rid of the fog it would be pushed even further. Looking forward to your take on some of the other log entries.

curnow42: Looking good! I’d like to see some deeper blues in the ice and snow. Like in this image: The ice could use some subsurface scattering to soften the terminator from the sunlight, which is the transition from light to shadow. Keep going!

Borreworks: Nice progress. You’re definitely improving your image. Overall your image could use less fill light, here’s a little CC I did, cut the white level almost in half and adjusted the gamma a little. The water looks very diffuse, In this situation the water would probably look better with no diffuse value at all. Keep going!


Hi all.

Present the modifications made in the evening, you could give me advice?
Thank you.

toddfx, you’re a genius.

Hola a todos.

Presento las modificaciones realizadas en el atardecer, podríais darme consejos?

toddfx, eres un genio.


@kanooshka… Thx for ur suggestions as always, hope its better now.

@jmmozos … like ur render a lot and textures are really good. congrats

i did some work on my scene fix some issues in the partivolume in mental ray so is a bit more accurate on the direction of the light. Added translucency on sails and bit sculpt there wich is not working really, im using the sculp tool right now. it will be nice to have some dynamics on the sails but im afraid i dont have time for that.

Im using maya on this like i always do, this time mental ray like in the cabin challenge, partivolume, physical sun & sky, irradiance particles, mia materials except in ocean shader.

full resolution here


I everyone,
I go for the code 2, few day after the storm…
here is my first shot, i mean first idea, but need to be continued,
i would like to detail a forground and also the background because now it is just palms that i scattered here !
Anyway, here it is :

Original size :


clear view

View dirty lens

As you see, that which remains missing.
Greetings to all


Never been part of one of these challenges until now, for this challenge I used vray, and used this challenge to help me learn vray quickly. The only thing I kept from the original model was the cannon barrel, everything else I modeled and used vray displacements to get the nice bump and shredded wood look on the logs. This was rendered at pretty low sampling, just wanted to post it to get some thoughts from the higher ups? Thanks!



@johan-hugele… : nice


Been a long time since I’ve been in one of these great challenges. It’s a nice fresh subject :slight_smile:

We are lost in an unknown sea.

Loving some of the ideas in here.


2nd view. Think I like the first one better, it seems they are more lost.

Anyway, I can’t decide where else to take it. Perhaps more weathered ships and better sails…well worse actually… as in torn and ripped sails I guess.


I’m still trying to flesh out the idea for this-- I’m using the first log for my scene. So far all I really have is the composition and 4 lights.

Any advice would be MUCH appreciated :slight_smile:


I apologize for the double post, I waited several hours and didn’t see anything, and posted another. I saw them together the next day. -_-;

@Hamburger: I also prefer the first image with the three ships. You don’t have to, but you can shred things up a bit to indicate that they have been drifting for quite some time if you like. Might be a good idea to experiment a bit more with color, perhaps put a few hints of a more otherworldly color in there, maybe just in the sky and fill lights. I like how you’ve done the translucency in some of the upper sails, could you add a little to the lower sails, as well? (Especially on the leading ship.) Very nice start. :slight_smile:

@dannyboy374:  I would try to experiment more with composition... maybe pull the camera out enough to show the light source, or pull it up and over enough to seem to look throught the person who manned that cannon's eyes, gazing out at the turbulent sea. The textures and warm vs cool lighting are working well, though. But good start, feels rather like a screenshot from one of the Myst games. :)

@jmmozos:  I really like the spattered sails with translucency, but I think the lightning should be pushed back. It's very distracting, and would do better if it were closer to the horizon, I think; maybe more like the bolt shooting through the clouds on the left. The water also feels somewhat calm in comparison to the storm in the sky and the wind whipping the sails, so if there could be more rising and falling, with more foam, if possible? Good start. :)

@johan.hugele:  Beautiful image, especially the bottom one. My main concern is that it doesn't quite follow the log entry. Perhaps if you gave more of an indication of their being in the eye of the storm, with swirling clouds and lightning on the horizon? Even if you didn't add that, I do think the horizon line needs more breaking up. But great start. :)

@Leotril:  Very mysterious feel to it, and very soft.  Maybe even add a sort of opening in the fog that seems like a portal, cutting off view of the very front of the ship?   Nice start. :)

@jmmozos:  Lovely image, rich in tone and contrast.  Having the green flash before the sun sets adds a good otherworldly touch, though if you could hint at it a little more in the clouds and maybe some rim light it would be even better.  I like the implied liveliness going on aboard the ship, the captain's cabin, and below deck.   Great start. :)

Thanks for your feedback, kanooshka. :)
I have made a preliminary render, please tell me what you think, especially of the water reflections (they're cookies on spots). Should they be larger, smaller, brighter, etc..?  Not done much with textures, yet.



Understandably CGTalk shrinks it, but it’s a big 2048 image.

Thanks Andarra, although I have tried other otherworldly colours I can’t get past the blue + yellow combo on this one! :slight_smile:

Your render is looking good. Captains log 1 I take it? The only thing that stands out to my eye is the water as it looks a little too harsh and slightly blown out. If its a nice dark blue close to your sky I think it will work very nicely. Interesting angle as well. Heroic shot almost. Nice one.

@johan. Nice set of images. I like the detail in these.

@jmmozos. I think you have the stormy water down pat. The only thing is that I probably wouldn’t expect a rainbow at night but it does certainly look interesting! Very atmospheric set of renders.


Hi there,

Here is my next render. Don’t know if I made the same mistakes as with the previous one.

Thanks for the comment, jojo1975! I never intended to add stars to my pic :smiley:

Fourth log entry and I hope the lights are well motivated. And I must definitely work on the ships reflection on the water.

Any comments and critiques will be most welcome,
Thanking you,


My second upload for the Captain’s Log challenge. Work in progress. I’ve added some blues and purples to the background, and tried to bring some of those colors into the foreground on the water. Just beginning to light the ship. Feedback welcome!


this is my first attempt at the lighting challenge. Decided to do the “other worldly” log. any feedback would be grateful. Thank you, Aaron


Hi everybody…
The topic sounds good.
Couldn’t stop downloading the file after reading the post.
Here 's my render.

By kiratgurung at 2011-11-30

Hope to do the texturing and shading very soon.
Thanks kanooshka for keeping the thread alive :smiley: [/left]



doing the last log.
[August 1st, We are lost in an unknown sea. The water and skies are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Could we be on another world?]
Still a work in progress. So far I have 6 spotlights, 1 directional and 1 ambient. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Hello everyone,

I’m still working in some textures but here is my first WIP of this challenge.

Any critiques are welcome.