Lighting Challenge #28: Captain's Log


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by sivaavatar


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stage 1 :thumbsup:


stage 1 :thumbsup:


here is my first try

i used vrayforc4d proxy2 for instancing the ships round about 30
also combining this with new r13 xref system for switching low/high poly ship

the enviroment fog is new to me and i spend hours to tweak settings…

please give me some feedback


Hi everyone,

Here’s my second try. I changed the camera-angle a bit and tuned down the ocean. I added fog and also a bit of particle spray in front of the ship. Minor tweaking in PS (fog & depth pass gliches mainly, noise, levels etc.)





Looking at my own image after a couple of hours makes me think if I should rotate the sky so that the brighter cloud area would be behind the ship. In that way the contrast would help separate the ship from the background. At the moment it seems to dissappear at some spots…


mikkokuri: Nice update. The sky in your image could be quite a bit brighter. In general, the sky should be brighter than the diffuse lighting in the scene. Once the sky is brighter you’ll probably need a brighter reflection of the sky in the water. Looking forward to more progress.

Shordy: Good concept! With such a bright sun I’d expect brighter reflections of it in the water and on the edges of the ships. The sails of the ships could use more translucency, especially in the area near the sun. Keep going!

lighthunder: Good start. Overall the image has too much ambient light, especially since the sun is in the image. It’s strange being able to see through the sails. They should be more translucent instead of transparent. Here’s a reference image you might find helpful

sivaavatar2010: Welcome! It’s hard to see a lot of your image because it’s so dark. Most importantly, the sky could use some brightening. The glow on back of the ship and the lava is too intense, it may look better if the glow is much more subtle. Here’s an image that may help you as a reference

Behrendt: Coming along nicely. The wave directly under the ship looks too diffuse for water. I think it’s because of the contrast of the mist on the ship and the green color of the wave. Maybe giving the wave more of a white cap similar in color and brightness to the mist on the ship. The cloud in the sky above the ship looks out of place. It looks as if it’s being lit by direct sunlight which doesn’t match with the rest of the image.

Borreworks: Welcome! Your lighting lacks dark values. If you’re using an ambient light make sure to multiply it by occlusion. Also, try to match the colors of the lights in your scene more to your sky.

Leotril: Great start! Your sky tells me that the sun is setting (or rising) on the left side of the image but the lighting on the ship and shadows in the fog makes me thick that the light is coming from the upper right part of the image. Where the sky meets the water on the right side of the image is oddly dark. I’m not sure what would cause this. Keep at it!

koushik_routh: Always nice to have newcomers. Neat concept, interested to see how you reproduce this in 3d.

chickenkts: Your image has a very nice quality to it. The ship is very organic. Compositionally I think you could benefit from a vertical format. I’d expect to see the moon reflected in the water.

urgaffel: Creative take on the scene. In your first image, since the sun is in the image I’d expect darker diffuse lighting with more of a silhouette. Hope you can bring this one further.

runejw: Nice work. The sails seem to be getting much more diffuse lighting than the rest of the boat and could use some darkening. The sky looks too bright to me for being a night image. Keep going.


thank you so much i ll work on it…


Hi guys, this challenge is awesome!!if i have enough time i shall have a go. when i first read the ‘we are lost in an unknown sea’ i thought of Sir Ernest Shackletons and his Antarctic Exploration ( i know a bit random), so i might have the ship drifting through chunks of polar ice caps, and have a huge alien wall of ice blocking its path (still need a bit more thought). anyway, loving everyones renders so far, keep it up.


nice scene… :slight_smile:


and this is final . i like strip look …


I really, really wanted to get into this one. However the obj file I think is just too large for my pitiful computer to open in Carrara 8. I’ve tried for hours during the past weeks. Eh. I’m enjoying viewing other’s progress at least!


There are problems opening with 3ds Max 2011, please put it to that version.


I’ve mostly abandoned my Carrara after I switched to Modo… but…
tried importing the .obj to C8 and eventually succeeded. Saved it out as .car
Try if you can open this file (32MB)


o.O I could hug you. Thank you very much- I shall and will! I’d love to try Modo, but this little 32 bit is grinding as is. So, I’m sticking (for now) with what I have and see what I can come up with and learn in the process.


Thank you again!



Nice challenge and is it tough? Here’s my first stab at it: A ship entering a huge veil of mist while leaving sunlight and everything else they know behind…

August 1st,
Why do we keep going?
What are those glowing things? Does it own our will?
We are lost in an unknown sea. The water and skies are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Could we be on another world?

This probably is my ugliest renders so far but I like the idea so much I’m going to keep going. I’m going to add some thick mist in the background with some sunlight and blue playing on it after this.
Did not have much time so forgive the incomplete bits (everything?).

I’m using luxreder for the first time and is it proving to be a tough nut!

Any comments or critiques would be much appreciated.


Hi guys, this is my first WIP image. Any feedback would be welcome.


At last I slowly open it in max, and this is the first test with vray and photoshop.
I will continue to move the cabin light seems Excessive.

Por fin poco a poco pude abrirlo en max, y esta es la primera prueba con vray y photoshop.
Seguiré avanzando la luz del camarote me parece excesiva.