Lighting Challenge #28: Captain's Log


haydehoo, this is a wip!


Really nice perspective, the great waves are coming out very well, looks a bit like a mountain to me, I will be very interested in how you got that foam work in such a detail ! :slight_smile:

Really nice mood !
You can interpretate very much in your image, it actually looks like a final to me.
Just the light from the interior bursts out a bit too much for my taste.

I hope I´ll find some time to enter the challenge, too, it´s a very interesting subject with great submissions that far ! :slight_smile:


My first cut. I love this challenge


another one with some silly text too :thumbsup:



That looks amazing! I’m really impressed!

This is a great subject for a challenge so I’m definitely in!


It is a very nice challnege I´m in.
Gona be posting something soon.


zbugja: Looking good! I’m not sure which image I’m liking better of yours.

In the first image I’d like to see you really push some of those bright greens onto the ship itself. Perhaps in the form of some rim lights and brighter reflections. You could use some dim rim light from the moon to define the left side of the ship against the darker sky.

For the portrait image the left side of the ship could use some stronger reflections from the bright light source. I’d be curious to see how the image would look if the bright light was an over-bright version of the green seen on the water. I’d also like to see the sails have more translucency from the bright light.

Tuffmutt1: Nice start as always. I’m guessing you’re going for a stormy look. The clouds are looking like they’re a sunny day image with the contrast reduced and darkened a little. A really dark sky would help this image a lot. The sails on the ship seem very white, they could use some yellowing and darkening. Looking forward to some more progress.

mikkokuri: Good start! One thing your image could really use is some fog. Even if it were just a simple depth passed overlaid on top of the image, it would create a lot of atmosphere. The sails on the ship could use some scattering to soften the terminator.

akuma50: One thing your image could use is brighter reflections from the sky onto the water. The ship and the water are both nearly black and it’s impossible to see where one ends and the other begins. Keep going.

yashovidm01: Welcome! Not much to say so far besides the sky is getting a bit too dark on the right side of the image.

tarnishoar: Looking great! I’d like to see some of those orange and purple colors seen in the clouds illuminating the ship as well. The ship look like it’s sitting pretty high in the water and could be moved down a little.

CHRiTTeR: Good update. Seeing through the clouds to the bright sky is bothering me a little, it doesn’t seem to match up too well with the mood. The water could use some brighter reflection of the sky. I think the candle light is working pretty well. Perhaps having some warm light fog coming out of the windows would help bring the two atmospheres together. Perhaps some sky reflections on the ship itself could help as well. Keep going!


Starry night. 13min render in modo with slight post in DxO


“May 12th” & “August 1st” are coming soon!!




Two quick tests. A very loose interpretation of the first entry :wink:


Very nice challenge
Here is my WIP

good luck everyone


This will be my first challenge :slight_smile: I’m excited to try out this pirate ship! Thanks for the challenge!


HI!! Again, Here is the quick Previz of “May 12th”.Hope this will help me to replicate and enhance in 3D…BTW,this is my first attempt for a contest.



hello all… here´s my start on the challenge

full resolution here


Hi, just beginning to work this, I had to adjust the geometry a little, that took me some time, and depending on the shot I may need to adjust it again, but any way, I have just started, I am not quite sure about th composition yet, nor whitch one of the captain logs I am gona use final, so i decided to start with the stormy like.

This is just the starting point, I may need to find a better sky, but at the moment this will work fine, I like the clors. I am not using any type of GI at the moment, I do not like to start with GI; that’s for latter (if need be).



is it compulsory to work only on the given story.? because i was planning to work on underwater shot where the ship is destroyed and the navy guys dive in for investigation… something like titanic… pls let me know if i can go ahead for it…
-Thank you.


that will be very very fun ! :slight_smile: Go on.
I would like to thanks everyone who is participating for sharing such wonderful shots ! If anyone need some more “custom” modelling for close shot let me know :slight_smile:



Started this evening. I’m already quite happy with the overall feel and look of the image. Right now I simply want to add a lot more detail.
Personal To Do List:
Distance Fog
Extend the ocean mesh to get a proper horizon
Texture the ship itself, rework existing shader to get a nice wet look
Add rain with Motion Blur
Maybe add a few light sources on the ship
UV-Mapping where needed



Lots of great images everyone! Hope to post some feedback soon.

Punks: It’s not a required to use any of the given stories but it’s encouraged.


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