Lighting Challenge #28: Captain's Log


Hi everybody,

i am watching this forum for a long time, but never had the time to take part. With this challenge i want try to find some hours, because i like sailing ships.
I want to try a rendering with iray.
So this will be fun i think.
Here is my first setup. I choosed the light yellow color to show my idea of the first log entry.
A little hint…i will not need a water shader. So more time working on the ship.



Verry small preview of my first wip render while my slooow laptop is rendering the rest of the image…
(omg, volumtrics are so slow)


Sounds like fun, I’m definitely in!


wow! sounds really epic…i think i will actually try and enter this 1.


I can’t open file in 3dMax (i use max2009)


you need max 2012

Cant you import the fbx?


CHRiTTeR: Nice start, hard to give feedback with such a small render, but I understand. If volumetrics are giving you long render times maybe try using particles or faking them in a composite mixed with a depth pass.

Andi2008: Welcome! Good start, your image has a very desert like feel to it, which goes well with the chosen theme. Looking forward to seeing some materials.

runejw: Looking good! The sky itself has a more dusk feeling to me but, sunsets can have such a large variation in color in a short period of time. Here’s a couple reference images for you

Notice how the water isn’t reflecting the orange in the sky very much. It’s much more of a deeper blue. At the same time the sun has a very strong reflection. You may have to overbrighten the sun to get that kind of a reflection.


I think …its time for me to give a try on this scene…its a great challenge to lit this scene as far i know and wishing every one here all the best…

Cheers :slight_smile:


Wow, thanks! You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to render a ship in a bottle!


this is gonna be fun!!! :slight_smile:


Hey thanks, sorry for the small render. Just wanted to post something since there seems to be so little submissions for such a nice scene. Im a bit amazed theres not more ppl posting.

Thats the way i usually do it (fog in post) but i wanted to take the oppurtunity to test drive vray’s enviroment for a little and im really liking it. The extra render time in not a big problem (yet).

Anyway, heres a bigger version from this night’s draft render.

Im really not liking how the water turned out and i seem to have some normal smoothing problems on it, so thats something ill work on next. I have some idea to try something special with it. Hopefully it’ll turn out ok.

Also im probably going to make the lamp light inside the ship a bit less intense (i dont think that oil lamps and candles would produce such intense lighting, even though i think it looks cool).
Maybe i’ll scale the ship up. 7m, as it is now, doesnt seem to be correct and that may also fix the light intensity (hopefully).


Fab, I’m in …


Thought I would post WIP to get some feedback on the shot.

[EDIT] forgot to mention the ocean was rendered using maya’s ocean shader


Very nice challenge, Im in…
good luck to everyone!


seems interesting… i think i am in… :slight_smile:


hi all…
here is my camera and composition… i’ll be going with the log book entry of may 12th. now its time to start the work on shaders and textures and basic lighting…


Here is my wip.



Hi everyone,

after a long time just reading I will participate :slight_smile: I love sailing.




Hello everyone,

I’ve been following the Lighting Challenges for a couple of years and finally had the time to participate in one of them. This is my first WIP of Captain’s Log May 12th. Critique is welcome on all aspects of the render. This is an early render and currently I only have three spotlights more or less randomly placed (oh ok, I did think about it a little bit, but still…). the ocean is aaOcean with mental ray’s WaterSurface-shader + foam. No spray yet…



Here’s my ebtry…just roughly blocked in for now.loads to do. C&Cs welcome.