Lighting Challenge #28: Captain's Log


Please enjoy reading through this thread as an archive, but it is closed to new posts. You can still download the old models and also post your entry in order to ask for feedback here

Welcome to Lighting Challenge #28 Captain’s Log!

This challenge features a ship out to sea along with 4 log entries from the captains journal. Your goal is to light the scene based on the log entries. You are encouraged to submit more than one image, each being from a different provided log entry.

The scene was graciously donated by Giorgio Luciano. Please credit him in any images you post outside of this thread.

You can download the 3D scene files from the following:


If you are able to provide any other scene formats, please PM or email me and I’ll post any provided formats in this thread.

These are the log entries to work from:

July 5th,
 It's been 2 weeks without the slightest breeze and 
 the sweltering heat has become unbearable. 
 The crew has been burned so badly from the unending sun, 
 that we are forced to stay below the deck
May 12th,
 We are caught in the middle of a terrible storm. 
 Countless waves have crashed onto the deck taking many of my crew out to sea. 
 I hope that the rest of us can make it out of this alive.
September 21st,
 I should be asleep but I'm having trouble looking away from the incredible 
 amount of stars in the sky. It's a constant reminder of how this is one 
 small ship in the vast sea of the universe.
August 1st,
 We are lost in an unknown sea. 
 The water and skies are like nothing I've ever seen before. 
 Could we be on another world?

Use any 3d software and techniques you would like. Any changes to the models in the scene are allowed but not required

Post your work in progresses by replying to this thread to receive feedback and feel free to share any information or breakdowns to show your techniques or set-up.

Make sure to post your final entries before January 16th, 2012 so they can be considered for a gallery (pending enough final entries are submitted).

Most importantly Enjoy!



This one sounds like a really interesting challenge… So much room for creativity… cant wait to see everyones renders.


I’m in, I’m in. wow! this is soo cool.


Wow! xciting…
reminds me of kitchen scene…
Best of luck everyone…


This is going to be the first challenge i am taking part in.
Looking at the scene this will be a great opportunity to dive into renderman shader writing for oceans etc (which is quite advanced for me but i will get there). Ample room for lighting creatively and pushing our limits as well! This scene is exciting!


This is looking great, it could be a little video test too, with a voiceover that says one of this story :slight_smile:


It’s looking great, but i can’t import the OBJ file in Blender (error in 2.49 and 2.59). Could you provide a BLEND file, please?


This one looks like fun… m in… ALL THE BEST EVERYONE… hope to see some amazing outputs…


Hm. This may be an interesting one to see how C8 works with the ocean settings I’ve been wanting to try. :slight_smile: I may just have to see. It’s a great model set-thank you for providing it!


I don’t have blender but if someone else can create a BLEND file, it would be appreciated.


I don’t have blender but if someone else can create a BLEND file, it would be appreciated.[/QUOTE]
Hello there, I’m having difficulty doing it too. Could somebody who’s able to open the file (in any software package) create a COLLADA export? That seems to be one more of the formats that blender could import.

It would be much appreciated,



wow great. I am taking part in the challenge. :slight_smile:


Timothy Simon graciously converted the scene to a blend file for us. I added it to the list in the first post.



Great, works perfectly, thanks !!


nice scene Good luck to everyone


uuuh nice one, i’m in :beer:


I’m on it,great!


Cool Scene!! I will be on it soon.


yeeehhhh lighting, particles, and splash’s time. it would be best if the challenge was in movie formate :slight_smile: :slight_smile: a perfect scene for vfx comp :):slight_smile:

will love to participate, but don’t know how far will it be possible to manage some time from this tight schedule.

any way count me in too :slight_smile: \m/\m/\m/


A quick setup and slow render (2-3 hours, forgot to take note) in Vue7. Basically just scaled the water up and then down in the Y-axis, slapped a water material on it and selected a fitting atmosphere.
This is an interpretation of the “calm” logbook entry. Should probably make some adjustments on the sails to make them sag due to the missing wind.

Looking forward to seeing entries in this thread - “happy sailing” everyone :slight_smile: