Lighting Challenge #27: (WIP) 52 Main St.


Hey Thanks, actually I don’t think you can see the shadow of a cloud unless you’re like super high in the sky looking down where you can actually notice it, but you made me realize that with all those clouds I should add more softness to the shadows and maybe work with the exposure a bit, or I could just pick a cleaner BG lol.


Hello Everybody…
Can anybody plz explain me how upload a image (52 Main St. WIP) and when i click on
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I hope you’re all enjoying the challenge as well as learning something. Don’t forget, this challenge will be ending in about a week and half on September 4th.

jksamal: To post an image use an image hosting website like and then copy the IMG tag code to your post. Don’t worry about the message you get when posting a reply. It just means a moderator will have to verify your post before it is shown.

horngreenet: Keep going with this. The blue/purple light seems very inconsistent across your image. THe light on the snow looks like it’s being lit by a black light. The car is only identifiable by the headlights and could use a little more fill light.

Grediel: Nice update! The first think that sticks out to me is the depth blur., it’s so strong that it makes the scene look like a miniature. Both sides of the shack are very similar in brightness. Angling the sun a little more could help define one side from the other. The foreground sand looks out of place against the white sand in the background. It is important to know that clouds do cast significant shadows,550x550,075, It’s not a necessity in this shot since it’s a fairly closeup shot, however it’s a helpful tool for framing the image or creating depth etc…

aguycalledfaba: It could be intentional but I’m finding the image very confusing. Light directions seem to be inconsistent and it’s very difficult to understand what’s going on. The character in the char is lit from directly behind the camera and the outside lighting isn’t easy to read. Perhaps try to light the scene from practical light sources that are on screen. Keep at it!

Hellengirl: Nice update. I’d expect the area in shadow on the left of the image to be receiving bounce light and reflections from the street on the sides of the objects. In particular the right side of the character with the hat and the right side of the brick pillar. The characters in the sunlight could use some more bounce light from the ground onto their shadow side.

molgamus: Unfortunately since these scenes are donated we can’t expect the UV’s to be that great. If you’re interested in modeling send me over a PM with some examples of your work and we can talk about what you’d like to do.

GabrieleConsolini: Good progress. I’m having a difficult time determining the time of day. I think this is because of the exposure between the artificial lighting and the natural lighting. The fill light seems to be brighter than the sky and this could be why things look a little off. In most cases the sky should appear brighter than the light it’s emitting. I really like how the lamps on the second floor look against the brick, try not to lose that.

zrainish: Nice improvements. There seems to be a lot going on as far as light sources and it gets a little confusing. The light illuminating the character and trash can in the front draw a lot of attention because of how bright they are compared to everything else. Overall I feel the lighting scheme could be simplified to a few light areas.

crees: Welcome! For a first post this is pretty strong. The glow around the lamps on the second floor is a bit too much, try to decrease both the size and intensity of it so it’s less distracting. You’re right about the mood you’re conveying. It’s much more dark and disturbing than a happy romantic reunion. One of the biggest reasons is because the character on the right is mostly in shadow which conveys a mysterious and evil look. Frontal, soft lighting would be much more flattering for a romantic image.

mOe103: Great improvements! The car and mirror are looking nice and the bokeh is a nice touch. I still feel the area behind the mirror should be darker to bring more attention to the mirror itself. You may try having a shadow cast down from a large awning or some other object to push the depth some more. The brown character is getting lost a lot against the background. Some kick lights could help separate him.

neil09: Coming along nicely. The road and sidewalk are looking good I think it’s the objects in the scene that could use some work. The character, car and trashcans lack any shading. That can work ok in some situations as long as the objects silhouettes are clearly visible. To accomplish this perhaps try to put brighter areas behind dark objects.

fabanero: Looking good! The background is working very well. I’d like some of that light reflecting into the foreground in the form of warm kicks on the sides of the characters and cars. The red light on the side window of the right car seems out of place. Make sure your shadow depth is high enough. I’d also like to see a brighter blue kick from the left cop car onto the left character.

amitlighting: Nice update. I’m having a difficult time determining what time of day it is. The shadow from the car onto the snow is very even in intensity. I’d expect the shadow to be darker closer to the car.

RafaellaV: Overall this is coming along nicely. The background would be much more cohesive with the foreground if there were some soft purple and blue light in the foreground from the sky. Also, I’d expect the car to have some strong reflections from the sky onto the top of it. The lamp on the right side of the image looks like it’s illuminating only one side of the wall. I’d expect it to be a little more even around both sides of the lamp.

Keep going guys, great work!


I am new to Lighting.I need to Improve.So plz give some comments.Now I am working on
Fill light ,Bounce light, Intensity and color of the lights.very soon I will post WIP2.It will be a Moon light night.


Thank you guys for your comments, they were really helpfull!!
Here is my third WIP. I hope you like it :slight_smile:
]( Uploaded with[/IMG]


this is my first test render.
please send me your thought.


Thank you for replying.
Here is my third WIP.

Uploaded with


Hey thanks for the comments, I added a couple textures and fixed a couple things, I just saw the comment on the sun direction and makes sense I’ll change it for next one so the hut looks different. Anyway here’s WIP4



Thanks for comments. Here is my third wip, with textures, AO and Z depth pass. New comments and suggestions are welcome.


here I leave my final scene of the rabbit murderer, who doesn´t let anyone of the law stand.


Some adjustments:


gabriele - the texture on the car looks awesome.
It seems that your are trying to create an old kinda rusted/broken filling to everything but the lighting doesn’t sell it at all… If thing are so old and broken how come all the lights works perfectly? I’m not quite sure what time of day is it, I think it’s suppose to be night time but i don’t see any hard dark shadow anywhere, and there is way too much light.
I think that if you’ll have a nice lighting on the car and have most of the rest of the frame in the dark it will look much better. also if the car is parking maybe move it so it would stand half on the sidewalk.


GabrieleConsolini: Good progress. I’m having a difficult time determining the time of day. I think this is because of the exposure between the artificial lighting and the natural lighting. The fill light seems to be brighter than the sky and this could be why things look a little off. In most cases the sky should appear brighter than the light it’s emitting. I really like how the lamps on the second floor look against the brick, try not to lose that.

Thanks for your suggestions.

ciao :slight_smile:



This is my favourite one so far, imho you’ve got a good composition and balance of lights/colour although a tiny bit more tweaking perhaps as suggested with colour but it works nicely :thumbsup:

They are nearly as hairy as you mate :wink:


It seems I have come too late, this is my first edition of lighting effects, comments welcome!


Wow lots of new posts today, keep it up!

GabrieleConsolini: Nice update! A few areas in your image could still use some work. The large window should be much more transparent when viewed from the front. It’s especially noticeable because the inside is as bright as it is. The lighting on the ground in front of the window could use some more focus and motivation. Where is that light coming from? Maybe you could try making the light come from inside the window.

fabanero: Good work. The left side of the image is looking confusing. I think it’s partially because the pattern on the character is similar to the ground. Also, the left character is extremely hard to see because it’s so dark against the dark car. try brightening that character some more. It’s very hard to see the rabbit. Perhaps if you made the area behind him darker, he’d pop out more.

RafaellaV: Good changes. I’d like to see the light being emitted from the sky more blue, the backplate looks like it’s around dusk. Something more like this:

Grediel: Nice update. I think with this image you may be able to do without the depth blur, a deep focus would work out pretty well. Looking forward to seeing the new sun angle.

mOe103: Getting there. The shadow areas in the reflection are extremely dark and could use some cool light from the sky. The building especially gets dark near the top. Even a blurry reflection from the sky on the brick would help out.

at2142: Welcome! Definitely a good start. The character could use some kicks on either side from light reflecting off the inside of the building. For some better framing you could have an offscreen tree or another object casting a shadow onto the bottom left corner of the image.

Hellengirl: Great changes. The light reflecting on the brick and character add a lot. One thing I’m noticing is the shadows are pretty long. This would be apparent near sunset so some work on the light color could help out. Some warmer tones for the sun and more saturated light from the sky. The car could also use some highlights from the sun.

jksamal: Welcome! Biggest thing I’d point out for the time being is light motivation. If you place any lights make sure there’s a plausible reason it’s there. The frontal lighting on the character is one area that seems unmotivated.


Hey everybody. Thanks for seeing and reading!


Hello everyone :slight_smile: I’ve seen some very nice render here, good job everyone !

Here is my little tests :


This is what I have just modified, I adjusted the camera angle


Woo, colour separation! Really like the sheen on the cobbles screen right, although the region where the glow is coming from is too simple comparatively. You would want to dress some more stuff in back there, or reframe, I think. The warm glow in the featured shop window and in the tunnel is starting to look too saturated relative to the other lights, but perhaps that’s the look you’re going for?
Otherwise, I was enjoying the puddles of light you had in your previous take - I’d be tempted to reframe the image so you can get that sense of depth back into the shot and keep working the foreground and the puddles going deep. Lastly, it would be nice to get a better read on the character approaching the car. All up, very nice.

The composition is looking good. I’d be really keen to see the character get some rims and kicks. Currently it looks like the barrels are the feature of the shot, maybe the lights could be worked so that the character is? It’s really coming on, keep at it :slight_smile:

Really cool idea for the shot. I keep looking at it, thinking film noir or Sin City. At the moment, my eye is kept inside the vehicle. I’d be tempted to play down the interior of the car so it’s a gentle glow of dials (incl. bouncing off the chrome, leather and panelling) and a bit of light picking out the whisp of smoke in the foreground, and keep on lighting action outside, which seems like it should be the focus of the shot. I’m keen to see what you come up with in the end.

[edited to include missing words, and generally make more sense :P]


Thank to everyone for commented my post…this is very important to me , I have relied on it to edit a bit of light and color to make better shots in my view…and I think I’ll end it here, but if you have suggestions to improve it … I will still receive

this’s my final.


You’re 100% true, after re-watching my image… I see the problem now, I hope I’ll find some time to work on it again. (I did that one on my free time at work xD)

ducvemt : realy nice one !