Lighting Challenge #27: (WIP) 52 Main St.


Hello, this is my first work and test, hope you like the idea. Cheers!


Hey, this is my first work and test, hope you understand the idea. Thanks for read.


Hello, this is my first work and test. Hope you understand the idea. Cheers!!!


This is a criminal scene, some policemen against a gangster. A rebel rabbit, he never will be trappedby the law.


Hi everyone, newbie here on cg challenges, this is my first WIP, I know I’m still ways to go but wanted to post something ASAP since not much time left.

So basically this is to show my idea on the scene, which I wanted to be totally different from what’s been going on around, so I decided to make it a beach scene with a hot rod, a surf store palm trees, probably ad some seagulls and stuff.

I will be using 3ds max with mental ray, and was at first thinking on doing it with a toon shader style but I think I will just make it with highly saturated mr mats to give the cartoon feel.

Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome hope you like my idea and see ya around!


My 2nd WIP…


Thank you for replying.

it is my second WIP…

Please advice and comment.


Second WIP, pretty much the same but with color to show more clearly my idea, this is just a concept anyway so all colors and textures will most likely be changed


@ neil09: the night scene looks cool kinda videogame style, but the sidewalk looks wierd, should’ve deleted the snow layer imo, the barrells seem stuck on the concrete.


Hi! I’m pretty much a noob at this so any critique will be tremendously helpful. Actually now that I’m looking at it again, I’m realizing that perhaps the brightness of the lantern lights are really distracting to this piece. Also I’m wondering if the composition/lighting is really working to convey the story of the two characters’ romantic reunion. Haha, I don’t know. I’m just really confused and not sure where to go from here. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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[left]Nice work all,
here is my update, worked on the composition a little, lighting and textures.
I think I’m almost done, any final thoughts will be appreciated.[/left]


This is My 1st lighting Challenge.It will be moon_light night.plz give some comments to improve


Here some update with shaders and textures.

This is still a WIP (beauty pass), so there is some problem with the exposure of the foreground and background, and the “resturant layer” doesn’t match very well with the original render. I’m planning to adjust everything in compositing and adding something else, like a glow over the hanging lamps and windows, snow, more contrast, etc.

C&C always welcome and thanks for the previous feedback :slight_smile:

ciao :slight_smile:


A lot of great contributions this round!

I checked the scene out and found that the UV’s are all over the place. How do you tackle that? I guess ptex could work if it the geometry didn’t have any triangles? And yes, the model is free and all so I can’t give anyone critique for it unless asked for it. But I’m curious about the guidelines for modeling, are there any and where do I sign up if I would like to contribute with some assets for the next round?


Hey! This is my second WIP. All the comments and suggestions are very welcome.
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Nice style Cristine! Your imagination is great. The lighting is subtle and causes an elegant effect. My only suggestion is that below the car should be exists a little shadow to do more reality in the composition. Also may you can rethink an change the color of the yellow character, according with the color style. I love the backlighting on the other character.

Congratulations and nice work!!!


Hey, here is a second post! Thanks for read.


Nice work everyone! This is WIP3 for me: exposure, ligtning and pass text, still missing textures and stuff on scene. Hope you like how it’s turning out.

Please C&C if any, thanks!




PS merge and exposure tuned


grediel - hey m8, coming along nicely. 1 thing that caught my eye is that there are many clouds at the back, and so I would expect some clouds above the scene that will cast shadows on that area. also i think that if you’ll move the sun so it wont be directly overhead you can create some more interesting shadows.

hellengirl - looks nice. some thoughts -
the inside of the house seems a little too dark.
I’m not sure what going on with the car. it seems like we are suppose to see the end of the car and the rest of the street on the left side of the poll (trough the door) and some how it just disappear. also its not clear what is the wall we see through the door.
I think that if you’ll turn the little moomin so it would look at sniff it would be more interesting. also you can fine a better spot for the pig sign.

gabriele - the texture on the car looks awesome.
It seems that your are trying to create an old kinda rusted/broken filling to everything but the lighting doesn’t sell it at all… If thing are so old and broken how come all the lights works perfectly? I’m not quite sure what time of day is it, I think it’s suppose to be night time but i don’t see any hard dark shadow anywhere, and there is way too much light.
I think that if you’ll have a nice lighting on the car and have most of the rest of the frame in the dark it will look much better. also if the car is parking maybe move it so it would stand half on the sidewalk.

horngreenet - hey man. I like the idea of the motion blur, but is seems kinda weird right now.
I think you can turn the car a little so if would give some light to sniff, or turn it towards the camera so it would create an impact filling.
I like the colors in the bar, I think you can make the light stronger so it would have more attention in the frame and maybe will cast a shadow of sniff and the garbage on the road.

that’s it for now

  1. first time messing w/ motion blur. it looks a little jacked up, esp on the front left tire. background building is probly too blurry. the lights on the snow are almost completely desaturated but it’s still pretty blue/purple. just noticed the snow on top of that barrel is way too purple

anyway, appreciate any thoughts