Lighting Challenge #27: (WIP) 52 Main St.



Your work look nice but I want to ask some thing that DID u added any occlusion in your image ?
Second Kindly take a look that cars headlight shows on the ground. :thumbsup:


I dn’t use occlusion for my image.This is wip image.thanks for complement


Hello Sir

I just have a small query about the previous challenge of “Matinee” . When we’ll see the result of it ?

Thank you


This is my first time that am participating in CG challenge.
Here is my first try:

Uploaded with

   Please advice and comment
   thanks to all.


mOe103: Welcome, and nice concept! The first thing I’m noticing is that the reflection in the mirror is darker than the rest of the scene. I’d expect this to be the focal point so it should be brighter, if not the brightest part of the image. It would also help create some more focus if the area behind the mirror were out of focus. That way the viewers eye is drawn more towards the mirror. The light in the reflection looks to much in front and is flattening the shapes. See if you can angle it a little more to the side.

mettlemaster: Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be having a gallery from the last challenge, Matinee, there weren’t enough participants or completed entries to warrant creating a gallery.

NAYAK33: Nice update! The post holding the two trash cans lacks a shadow on the ground and therefore looks like it’s floating. The light post screen left also is having the same issue. The road and side of the curb are the same brightness. I’d expect the side of the curb to be darker since it’s facing a different angle than the ground. The shadow from the awning could get darker where the awning and wall meet and maybe a little brighter at the furthest part of the shadow. The chrome parts of the tires and bumper could use some reflections so they aren’t so dark.

zrainish: Getting better. Overall your image could use some darker values. Especially for a night image. The area to the left of the car with the shadow patterns on the wall looks great. I’d love to see that same kind of contrast brought into the foreground. The wooden barrels on both sides of the car could use some kicks on their right sides. Perhaps some warm kicks on the left barrels from the lamp and a cool kick on the right from off screen.

LBcover: Looking great! The awnings look too saturated for the environment. Perhaps desaturating them a bit as if they’ve been faded in the sun. The windows on the car look more like plastic than glass because of the blurred reflection. Also, your image could use some more framing. Whether vignetting in post or focusing the fill light a little more.

Akarshiita: Good updates. The top and bottom of the image look like they’re lit in two completely different color scheme. I’d like the fill light a little cooler on the bottom to match better with the sky and upper level. Overall there seems to be a lot of ambient light on the ground floor , try to focus your lights a little more.

mrKuman1983: Nice job. Your image looks okay for being in shadow but could use some more interesting shadows and highlights. Maybe you could put in a sun so that it’s a little more going on with the lighting.

ducvemt: Very nice. To me it looks like the background is moonlit but the foreground is at sunset because of all the purples. I know that this is because of the candlelight but maybe you could make the skylight more green in the foreground.


Hi everyone
This is my first time in CG challenge and here is my first test.
]( Uploaded with[/IMG]
Thanks for comment.



Thank you for replying.


Hi all

 This is my first post in this challenge
 Done in Maya mental ray
 Comments and critics welcome.


i can see some reely nice works around here…cheers to every1 for being a part of this challenge

@ducvemt- i reelt like ur image…nice concept…something out of the box…but something i felt is that the light from the lamp at the bottom right corner shud be affecting its surroundings a bit…just a little diffused illumination around the area wud help.

@mOe103-cool idea! something new again :slight_smile: but i guess the material for the mirror holder isnt looking like chrome. u could remove the reflections from the barrels and reduce them on the glass window and play with the floor material a bit on the pavement.


continue work: shading and texturing scene.


This is my first lighting challenge! I appreciate all the work that has been posted in here so far, you have all done a good job. Thanks for any crit.



 Dont laugh at my image :). This is my first ever WIP, and my first time trying to texture and light a scene. I almost didn't post it because it pushes the avarage quality of the very great looking images of you guys, faaaaar way down. But I got told and realized, that the best way of practicing is showing others my work and get a lot of critism and feedback how to do things.
 I don't have any theory about light works, or how I can setup solid and good looking shading networks nor textures yet. I'm just trying to practice the stuff I'm learning in tutorials and try to do it the best way I now atm.

There are only the four lamp lights (point lights), and two direction lights simulating the moonlight, in the scene yet.
The image should end up as an old wild west saloon. I used standard production quality settings of the maya software renderer. I have no clue why the image gets so blury after rendering?

Forgot to mention… I just love doing this kind of work (texturing, shading, lightning) even if I’m bad at the moment. But I’ll stay on it and hopefully will see some better results while the time runs by. I’m really struggling with UV Mapping, though.

 Oh my goosh, this image looks so bad if compared with yours.



This is my first crit on here, hope it helps.
I think you’re on the right track with your lighting motivation. That’s a good start. I also understand you posted a WIP and probably plan on addressing the things I’ll post.
The first thing I see it’s missing is shadows. Realisitcally the lights in the lanterns wouldn’t be casting down as far as they do - their spread would be more outward to the sides as that’s where the glass is. The bounce light would cast a little warmth down but not nearly as much as you have. Also personally if it were me I’d bring up the other light. The moonlight … and presumably if this is in a city or there are other buildings around they would also be casting a little bit of light in. This could help you get some variation in your light.

A good thing to do is find a photo of the look you’re going for and work towards achieving that style. At least that’s what I do :slight_smile:

My 2 cents.


Diamond84: Welcome! Glad you decided to take the dive into this. Not too bad for a first try. First things first, shadows. Make sure your lights are casting shadows otherwise there’s no sense of contact between objects. But before that even I’d think about your composition. Where would you like the viewers attention to be drawn to? Right now my attention is drawn to the lights at the top because they are the brightest part of your image. Keep at it!

blazelet: Welcome! Happy to see another newcomer. The lamp on the right of the image works really well. The snow is really popping out of your image, and could use less blue light. Everything else in the scene tells me late night but the snow tells me dusk. Right now my eyes are drawn to the bright light on the right of the image, but I don’t think that’s where you want the main attention. Try to bring some of those bright values into the interior to create some balance.

genaf1: Coming along nicely. With the blue night sky I’d like to see a little more cool soft light being emitted into the scene, otherwise the sky looks a little out of place. The car could use some brighter reflections of the sky. In general I’d like to see some darker values in the fill light. Here’s a little paintover/CC that could give you some ideas:

bimalbose: Great start! I’m having a little bit of a hard time figuring out what time of day it is in this image. If it’s day time I’d expect some brighter reflections of the sky and dimmer artifical light sources. But if it’s night, I’d expect much less fill light and darker shadows. In general there could be more bounce light off of the snow since it’s so white.


Thanks…Such A Nice challenge…Thanks


This is my first time in the cgchallenges. I dont have to much experience lighting scenes but I will give my best. I am really glad to participate with you guys, your scenes are really great!! I am going to learn to much from this challenge.

I have been working with composition and playing with some lights, I know I have a lot!! of work yet. Now I still working with the lights and I started to texturing it. So in a few days I hope to post it. There is not too much time, so I would be very thankfull if you give me some comments and suggestions.

Critics and comments are welcome from everybody.

Thaks for the challenge Kanooshka.

This is my first WIP


Here is a new post with some changes.






My First WIP