Lighting Challenge #27: (WIP) 52 Main St.


Naw, I’m mostly nitpicking here. Perhaps it’s a combination of matching the line art closer to the value of the hatched area, and breaking it up a bit.

Maybe there’s some way you can use the passes you have to drive the stroke direction, or generate fresh data and use the same technique again to break up the line, although maybe you might need to thicken up the line you have for that to work? Maybe project the hatch pattern onto the geometry, and break it up that way?
For that matter, you could also try painting or generating some kind of 2d vector or noise and seeing what you can come up with… or hand painting the line yourself.

I suspect it’ll be a fine balance between having the lines too chaotic to recognise the contour lines for what they are, and them being too mechanical. Best of luck!


thanks Ashford! nitpicking is good :slight_smile:

I think the ‘problem’ is that the drawing looks like done with a pen, and the outline more like it was done with a paintbrush, so it might be better if the outline looks like pen too…
Ideally I solve it by creating the outline as a postscript/vector graphics sketchy line… (yes… broken up so the effect resembles these drawings:
That way I could also send the whole thing to a plotter :wink:


alriteeee well i hv started the lighting process but am confused abt what to use in sense of FG/GI or Irradiance/Importons, may be will try both :stuck_out_tongue:

Goodluck all


heir is my first update,i hope every body like it.


[left]hello all
here is an update
tnx kanooshka again for the feedback, I got a little off track with the last one, this one is much more like the first draft. I did a fake DOF with PS but I’m not sure which is better, so I could use some feedback.
more to come… [/left]




Thanks razzlovesall and kanooshka for your valueable comments.I liked the idea of making dustbin lil rusty and old,currently working on it.also trying to work more on lighting so that it’ll more look like a night scene and lights coming out from sources.will show updated image soon.
till then have fun :thumbsup:



Thanks alot… its really helpfull… will surely look at it and will get back with the upgraded image soon… thanks again


Hi Friends

Here is My First cut on lighting, Still work is going On, hope u guys give some feedback to Improvise this


this’s my try
thanks for comment…:slight_smile:
full image


Comments & Critiques Very Welcome…


Oh cooollll…nice work. i liked ur imagination :bowdown:


ducvemt: great job with the scene, i like it. the window kinda reminds me of alma (link) inspiration? looks really cool though!

the lighting is working.

what shader did you use for the snow?



Uploaded with

Hi all,

m back with more changes in lighting and materials.
as always comments are most welcome.
cheers :thumbsup:


very cool Lighting. Which software did you used for it ? and can u tell abt how u made up those ice kinda effect ? If have no problem…

By the way Love the Stuff…:bowdown::surprised:thumbsup::buttrock:


Here’s what I got so far.

Uploaded with


Great job man, but 1thing i can ssuggest, just make that blue & white torple little dirty & old feel


@Akarshiita : thanhks so much…i like ur image, too… :beer:
@mettlemaster : thanks guy… i used maya to detail and render with mentalray, compost in nuke…However there are still many issues I need to resolve to be able to finish it…about ice… simple I just model and detail in maya to be able to keep my ice form . with a basic shader…

but I still have to work hard to finish it … thank you for your interest … :beer:


hey all
some realy nice pics here
ducvemt - awsome work man

here is my update, snow added with ps, still lots to do…

and the clean version


here is my new update with out any passes.pls give me some comments,how to improve my work better.



Thanks for the Shader info. :bowdown: