Lighting Challenge #27: (WIP) 52 Main St.


thanks for the comments guys!
so i added some dirt and a vingette. put some eyes in but might need to do some more work on them. the middle image has shorter grass but i dont think it works as good as the bottom image.also i knocked out some saturation in the interior building. c and c welcome :slight_smile:



Hey Patrick…

Pretty nice image… really liked the feel of it… good work man… keep it up… hope to see more of these kinds… thanks…




WIP_01 (for comparison)

Second WIP with some updates, I’m still working on the lighting:

- reduced the bounces of the Final Gather to get a better contrast between the lights.
- added some fill light to improve the integration between foreground and background.
- some adjustaments in the scene (snow, window box, etc).

C&C or suggestions always welcome

ciao :slight_smile:


#2. still want to add motion blur to the car. b/c i cant use school computers right now and mine is slow i ended up just separating it into 4 layers with the use background shader in maya.

anyone know whats up with the random bright spots on the snow?


i just finished with my texturing so was testing it out with MR sun & sky…comped a little… i am planning to make it a night scene…

feedbacks on the textures for now will be most welcome :slight_smile:


Sup’ all
so here is an update. I’ve tweaked the lighting (tnx Kanooshka) to make it look more like night time, and started textures (far from done).

1’st Upload

2’nd upload

As always
C&C are most welcome


hey guys can anyone tell me shld i start my lighting with textures or without textures i m bit confused on that.and where can i dnld textures?:sad:


@razzlovesall - Your textures are off to a great start! The text on the window looks stretched-out horizontally. Don’t let the white parts of the building reflect too much light, or the black surfaces like the guy’s pants reflect too little light, or they will be hard to light. The car only needs maps in a few key areas like the headlights–once you get more of a reflection environment around the car, the reflections will add a lot of detail for you.

@patrickrowan - Great tests with the fur and grass. The characters look a little transparent (maybe a comping problem lets you see brick through them?) and so does the pig sign (that might be a different problem, but similar effect of seeing bricks through it.) You might use some more reflection on the window glass and the car. The red lights on the characters look too saturated, especially under the left guy’s chin where I’d expect green bounce.

@Kungfuuu - Try putting some textures on the surfaces first – or at least good materials with the right brightness and color and reflectivity – before you do too much work lighting. Also, if you’re going to add any fur, do that early-on too, because otherwise you’d need to rework your lighting too much after you add these things.



thanks a lot for the valuable feedback. working on it right away…and since its gonna be a night scene, the headlights will be on…so i was thinking of putting a little glow on the texture on the headlamp would not be visible i guess…lets see how they shape up once i start with the lights.


try this site it should have eveything u need.


thanks jeremy and patrickrowan for your reply. will post my work with proer shaders and camera v.soon:)


A super-rough take on the scene. Got the camera angle downish, still dinking with the lens FOV and the lighting is not even close to being done, it’s all markers now. The ground texture is an interesting mistake that has tons of possibilies so may keep it, may not. Car texture is not final at all and as a WIP natually nothing is final.


i am on the verge of finishing my showreel, hence worked full on!..on this image…
here is what it looks like…

i feel stuck. Hence i am not making any more changes till any further feedbacks.
eagerly waiting for CC… :slight_smile:


razzlovesall - nice progress m8. here are my thoughts - 1st the front and side building are blending too much, you should consider changing either the lighting or the texture on 1 of them.
I’m not sure what is the material on the trash cans, and the color doesn’t really feel right.
The bar feels kinda empty, maybe move one of the wine cabinets so we could see it.
the barrels looks nice, but i think its kinda weird they all look just the same, maybe tweak the textures on some of them.
I really like what you did with the snow, however there are some places that it looks a little blurry.
The “tiki bar” sign can get more light.

keep going m8.



Uploaded with
Hi Frds,

here is my 2nd WIP,still working on materials and lighting.
Comments and critiques are most welcome.
Have fun :slight_smile:


@zrainish-thanks for the feedback…am making some adjustments…shifting the rack was a gud idea…regarding the right wall…i was pretty confused what to do with the empty background hence the wall…even i am not liking it though…lets see what can be done about it…

@Akarshiita- going good!!.. but a lot of adjustments need to be done.
1.starting with the wood between the two floors…its too shiny…reduce the specularity.
2.there shud be a visible light source on top of the poster board on the wall…
3.add some contact shadows to the bottles on the street.
4. dust bins are not generally reflective surfaces…so u can replace those reflections with some nice soft specular highlights.
are the barrels meant to some kinda plastic? if yes then reduce the specilar highlights…
and the car tyres arent really looking like rubber tyres (if they are meant to be)…darken the colour. darken it and reduce the specularity a bit.

cheers :slight_smile:


Akarshiita: Nice update. Overall the scene is very bright for a night scene. Try to create some more focus with the light sources and reduce the ambient lighting a bit. There’s a nice kick on the character looking into the trash on its left side coming from the window, definitely keep that. However, I’d like to see the fill light on that character darkened. The character standing in the doorway could use a similar kick on the side facing into the store. Also, his hat looks like it’s floating off of his head. The wood splitting the top and bottom floors has a bright reflection which is very distracting. See if you can either soften it or just decrease its intensity.

razzlovesall: Looking good! The sky is looking extremely dark. Whether you go with a bright blue or a warm glow from the light pollution it could help create some reflections on the top of the car roof and’s a little difficult to see where the foreground building ends and the building in the background begins. Perhaps giving the light on the background building a different color will create some more depth. You could also try a small amount of blur. The bump on the left part of the sidewalk looks like the depth is too high, decreasing that, should decrease the amount of attention it’s getting. The too bottles in the scene look completely black. I would expect at least some reflections and highlights on them. The canopy over the window looks like it’s glowing and makes it hard to tell if the light is coming from underneath or above. The shadows from the hanging lamps on the second floor could be softened a little so the contrast doesn’t draw as much attention up there. Hopefully that’s enough to keep you going.

MeanPi2: Welcome! I know it’s early in your image, I just want to point out that the tire on the far right side of the image appears to be floating make sure your lights and objects are using shadows and are visible in reflections.

zrainish: Getting better! I’d like to see some larger differences in light color. You have more than 3 practical lights in your scene and they all seem to be similar in color. if there’s more color variation it should help give the scene some more depth. The sky seems to be a black void, try giving it some brightness and color. Besides the highlight on the wooden barrels in the scene they’re looking pretty flat and consistent in brightness. Try to emphasize thir roundness by creating a gradient across them. The door on the car seems to be much darker than the rest of the car. Try to get those a little closer in value so the contrast isn’t so drastic. The glass in the window could use some more presence. See if you can get the awning to reflect a little more in it, not quite as much as your previous version, but just a little bit.

horngreenet: Nice update. The extremeley saturated blue underneath the car is really sticking out to me. I’d expect underneath the car to be almost black from shadows. It’s also a little odd that the sky light is so bright and blue yet the sky is so black. I’d expect the sky to appear as bright if not brighter than the light it’s emitting. I’m not sure what could be causing the bright spots on the snow. Try soloing lights to see which lights are causing the issue. Then you can turn features off and on and until you find the culprit. Keep going!

GabrieleConsolini: Good improvements! The transition between the foreground and background is working very well. I’d like to see the decay of the hanging lights increased so there are some darker shadows and illumination focus on the second floor. After that I think you’re ready to start working on some materials so we can start seeing some highlights!

patrickrowan: You’re definitely right about the grass, looks better longer. Since you desaturated the light on the inside, the left kick on the character in the door looks over saturated now. The eyes are looking a little scary because they’re so wide open and staring but maybe you like it the way they are. Good work.


Hello, I am new in 3ds max lighting & texture, but would like to join this Thread.


Hi LopaSoni, just download the scene from the first post in this thread and then post your images by replying to this thread. Enjoy!


Hi all,

Here is an update of my attempt to render the scene in Tove Jansson style.

I realized trying to mimick the drawing style with just shaders wasn’t going to do it, but that I needed some 2D stroke magic. Looking on the web I found this great article: which lead me to the ppmtopen program (by Mark van de Wettering). ppmtopen generates postscript based on luminosity, normals and edges, so I used that and did a little of compositing for the coloring.

As for the scene… I’m trying to get the contrast between the cozy cafe/restaurant and poor sniff out in the cold with the garbage…
I guess I need more drama :-/
I’ll work some more on sniffs surroundings, but will first look at what you all have been doing!