Lighting Challenge #27: (WIP) 52 Main St.


here’s first WIP, so I wanned to achieve a wooden model feel, the textures are roughly uvw mapped, and materials are really rough, but it’s a start

I’m planning to add more wooden surrounding like hills and trees and stuff and some big color tube or something similar.

comments, critics and suggestions are welcome


reserch composition and light


heres my first wip. i am just playing around with vray. physical sun and sky .physical camera with dof. all in camera for the mo and some retouching in photoshop. great challenge so far some really nice images being posted :slight_smile:


Here my first WIP, researching textures, composition, etc.

Done with Blender 2.49 and Yafaray 0.1.1


Hiii Guys this is my first upload


Hi guys!

It looks a really interesting challange and with my colleges (maybe 1 or 2) we would like to participate. Is it possible for us, to join the challenge as a team?

Thanks for the info.:slight_smile:


hey guys, nice to see this challenges are not dead. I still don’t know if I will be able to participate on this one due to other things going on right now, but I sure will try. Some nice stuff emerging already.
I really like the framing on entries by: horngreenet and zrainish
Good job guys!!


thisroomthatikeep: Good start. Compositionally I think this image could use a little more work. It’s a little odd with the character being mostly blocked by the trash barrels. You could possibly just rotate the character so it’s on the side of the barrel. The DOF looks a little strong and is miniaturizing the scene. The canopy over the window could use some translucency, that way the underside wouldn’t be so black. In general there are a lot of areas that are completely black and could use some fill light. Keep going!

snikt: Welcome! You’re off to a good start. It seems to me the lighting on the inside of the shop is too low contrast and the lights don’t seem to have shadows while the outside has a too high of a contrast. In general you could use some more bright tones in areas like the wall behind the lamp and the lamps themselves. Something similar to this image The character looking into the trash can could use some rim lighting coming from inside of the shop. Here’s another example which hopefully can give you some more ideas Looking forward to some more progress.

evolutie: Interesting idea. Lighting-wise there’s not really anything I can say considering the illustration is flat colors. All I can really say is that I feel the composition could be stronger. Having the car right in the middle of the image is a lacking some interest. Also, make sure to smooth the tires on the car.

horngreenet: Nice start. I’m a little confused at what the time of day is with the image. The light in the shop is working nicely. Maybe you could try beveling the edges of the slots on the walls so they get some highlights. The snow is way to bright compared to the rest of the scene. It looks like it’s getting direct sunlight when nothing else in the scene is. The blue light underneath the car looks out of place. Make sure whatever skylight you have is casting shadows or is multiplied by occlusion.

nitz3d: Good work! your image has some nice qualities to it. The car could use some brighter reflections of the top of the wheel well and hood. A little crazy with the colors for my taste but it’s looking good.

More to come!


Nice guys, so many different styles, I love it!

Evulutie – great concept, I would never have thought about it myself. I agree with Kanushka about the composition the car is taking way too much of the frame. I would love to see characters in there. You can easily get Moomin Papa, Moomin Mama, Moomin, Snorka and sniff with very little changes to the models (if any at all).

Nitz – nice start, I like the mood of the frame, very happy. Most of the colors work nice together; however I feel that the characters kinda blend too much in the background. At the back building I think you should have different colors for the top (window and door), and the bottom (door and window), especially the window since its really blending in with the front building.

Kiralj – I love it, it’s always nice to have a wooden model. I think the car should have all its windows it looks kinda strange right now. Also maybe zoom in a little.

Genaf – Nice start. I thinks you should have different colors for the different light sources, even if just a little different. The snow looks kinda weird, like the bump is way too big
there are some places that it looks ok, but over all I think you really over did it.

Patrickrowan – HaHa !!! really nice concept, nice composition nice colors. It’s hard to understand that the object in front is a car, but I’m not sure it even matters. I think the weeds at the left side cover just a little too much of the trash cans. Hmm… and where are the eyes m8?

Thekran – not really sure where you going with it but I kinda like it in a weird way
maybe get some more penguins like they really conquered the place, like one really close to the camera just staring at us. Also, the car looks a little weird at that angle, I’m not sure why.

Well that’s it for now, I’m really tired (and sorry for the great English)

Keep going guys


Thanks Dan and Yotam Rien for your precious comments…

Dan u r right about the crazy colors, but i just wanted to use them… Will get back with th enew image as soon as possible…

Yotam first of all thanks for this beautiful 3D model… i saw it and decided that i wanna use colors… lots of colors… thanks for your comments… will get back asap…

Thanks all…


Hello to everyone, my first lighting challenge.

Here my raw lighting, just a test to make a try to some position of the camera and lights with Final Gather and Ambient Occlusion and without shaders and textures.

The upper left corner in the background is only ‘blue’ for now, but I think I’ll put a night-sky texture with a bit of glow to simulate a town in the distance.

I’m planning to make an animation (not a complex animation, something like a progression from night to day or only the car that comes into the scene from the left, I don’t know exactly) so I’m trying not to have a huge amount of render time.

Thanks Yotam for the 3D model

Feedback, comments or suggestions will be appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:

ciao :slight_smile:


Hi. i am very glad to have once again in the tournament
In this process, through a lot of pleasure. hoping to get your advice,
thank you :bowdown:


Hi ; it was several hours ; found the picture is a mess so ; i have a building material or texture ; snow made the amendment and in fusion ; have done in the synthesis of the simplest. i hope i can get you a good suggestion. thank you. good night ; ( my english is not good, but i’ll try )


hello there…
thnks kanooshka for the feedback…
thnks zarnish for the T pose model…i rigged it using biped…
nice renders/colors/Ideas i am seeing over here…
posting a updated version to the previous image…
just a raw render on Mental Ray with no GI and FG…i will be doing post processing(passes) later on…
pls some feedback n comments are appreciated…thank you…


GabrieleConsolini – nice start m8, I like the contrast between the main and the side street. I’m not quite sure what the mood of the street and the characters is. Also, right now the first thing that catches the eye is the upper left window, then the upper right window, then the windows in the side street and only then the bar and the characters. I’m not sure that’s what you meant to do, since there is little interest in the upper floor. However if that’s what you meant, it works great.

zhangbjinbO – personally I like the 1st pic more the 2nd . The combination of the extremely bright lights and the old concrete wall on the second floor creates a disturbing yet captivating vibe.

I like the Pizza sign, however the rest of the lightning of the 1st floor lacks the interest that you got on the top floor. Since the mood is kinda scary maybe try and give moomin a Strong back light that creates a strong and scary shadow that covers the entrance floor and leaves sniff in the dark or with a small light. Then again
I might be way off but that’s the feeling I got from the frame.

Also maybe consider zooming out just a little

Jadrock, I don’t really get the impact from the accident as much as I would like to. I believe that if you’ll turn the car towards the camera and then fly sniff right into our faces you’ll get a much stronger filling of the accident. Otherwise you can just zoom in on the accident area. Lighting wise I feel that the headlight of the car can be stronger. Also, I think that the color of the lamps at the back should be different since it kinda blends in with the yellow light and makes sniff look a little fuzzy. What about trying to create a bigger contrast between the front and back



GabrieleConsolini – nice start m8, I like the contrast between the main and the side street. I’m not quite sure what the mood of the street and the characters is. Also, right now the first thing that catches the eye is the upper left window, then the upper right window, then the windows in the side street and only then the bar and the characters. I’m not sure that’s what you meant to do, since there is little interest in the upper floor. However if that’s what you meant, it works great.

Thanks zrainish for your feedback.

Actually I haven’t thought in about what is the first thing that someone could see, that’s great to know.
Yes, maybe I spent too much time to improve the lighting in the upper side of the building and I forgot to drive the attention in the middle of the shot.

I will try to make some change even with the addition of the shader.

ciao :slight_smile:


zrainish: Good work. Overall the image looks awfully bright for it to be night. Try to limit your illumination some more so that there’s pools of light on the ground. Perhaps there’s a street lamp overhead that’s illuminating the character looking in the trashcan. While the hanging lamp in the image could be illuminating the character on the right. In general just some darker areas would help convey a night feeling.

Kiralj3d: Looks good for what you’re trying to achieve. The composition could be a little stronger but if you’re adding in some other objects, like you suggested, it may make it more interesting.

genaf1: Nice start. The amount of ambient light in the scene doesn’t make it look like a night scene until you look at the dark sky. Try to restrict your lights to smaller areas. Maybe instead of so much sky light you can exentuate the bounce light off of the buildings and snow from the practical light sources in your scene. The snow looks extremely bright for night, it looks almost as if it’s directly in sunlight. You may have to bring down the diffuse value a little. Keep at it!

patrickrowan: Awesome! I’m having a little difficulty determining the scale of the scene. I think it’s because of the size of the grass, it looks as if they’re toys, I’m not sure if this is intentional. Lighting-wise, I’d like to see some more of a gradient across the awning and the right brick wall. Even if it’s a little darkening, it would help frame the scene a little more.

thekran: Welcome! There’s a lot of empty space that isn’t helping compositionally. If you zoom in a little closer, it should strengthen the image. It would make the lighting a little more intersting if there was some sunlight to cast shadows to create some more shapes and contrast. The objects in the scene appear very flat and could use some more shaping, adding in sunlight could help with this. Take a look at the material on the car, it seems to be lacking a reflection from the sky. Keep going!

ramlighthunter: Welcome, nice start! The front side of the wall with the lamps seems very bright, especially with the moon unable to illuminate it from behind. See if you can keep the light from the lamps restricted to a small area and darken the illumination on the rest of the wall. This way there are bright areas near the lamps and darker values. More like this Perhaps the buildings in the distance could have outdoor lights as well or illumination coming from some of the windows.

Obi: You definitely can join as a team if you’d like.

GabrieleConsolini: Welcome! You’re off to a good start. The separation of the foreground and background through light color is working well. I think the two could be integrated a little bit more with some of the blue light spilling into the foreground and sum of the warm light into the background. It shouldn’t have to be much but it would make the contrast a little less drastic so the viewer’s eye isn’t drawn quite so much to the side of the image. Overall there’s a lot of ambient light bouncing around which makes the image very bright and without contrast. You may want to tone down the FG so there are some darker values in the foreground. Keep going!

zhangjinb0: Looking good. Overall your image doesn’t seem as cohesive as it could be. Maybe try stick to one or two main light colors for the time being. The wires coming through the image are a little bright and distracting. They may work a little better if the weren’t so bright. The horizontal line across the middle of the image splits the image in two and is very distracting. You may want to move the camera in a little closer. Also, the upper part of the wall seems extremely dark compared to the bottom half of the wall. This contrast draws a lot of attention.

jadrock: Nice improvements. I’m still having a hard time noticing that the character has been hit by the car. Perhaps if you zoom in right next to the character so that it’s in the foreground with the car in the background or with the car in the foreground and the character in the background. Either way I think the camera could move in a little closer to make the character the focus of the image. With the lighting, I’d expect to see the headlights reflecting in the ground The fog cones in front of the headlights are very harsh and distracting. Try to maybe break them up a little with a texture as well as give thing some dropoff. Keep at it!


Hey all.,
Here’s my 2nd image in this challenge with some changes.

Actually there was a celebration in the town last night… Just clicked the picture in the morning… have clicked some pics in the night also, will upload them as soon as its developed… have clicked lots of pics in the night… taking a bit time to select the best of them… by then… please have a look at this image…and plz comment and criticize… it will make it easier for me to select the best pics from the night celebration time…

Thanks all…


thnks zarnish and kanooshka for the quick reply…will be working on the camera angle and things that u both have mentioned…will post soon with an update…


Hi friends…

First time i am participating in this CG challenge.
so please guys help me…Here is my first WIP image. still trying to do camera composition.
All Comments and Feedback are most welcome.

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