Lighting Challenge #27: (WIP) 52 Main St.


atlast got time to this challenge looks like a fun scene cant wait to get started


helloo thr,
here is a render of mine lighting on this scene…still a WIP with model placement and camera angle…mental ray with no FG and GI…unprocessed…placement of moon light is a bit of problem rite now…
C&C, suggestion is greatly appreciated…


[left]Devank - love what you did with the composition on the first picture.

I think the position of the car could be better. Maybe its just the angel or the proportions, or maybe make it come from around the corner or somthing like that.
I get what you said about the moomin with the wine… I think you really nailed it :wip:[/left]

[left] you should consider maybe tweaking either one of the moomins proportions so they won’t look just the same (and maybe undress one of them, they don’t mind :slight_smile:

[left] [/left]

[left]Also consider tilting the head of the walking moomin to either side just a little bit[/left]


[left]FredSoub - nice addings to the scene looks good[/left]

[left]I think I get where you going with the lightning but it seem too dark and lack a center of attention.[/left]


[left]jadrock - Nice idea man. I can send you sniff in T pose if you’d like so you can pose him better, It’s kind of a weird pose for someone who just got hit by a car. Also it seems like he is a little too small.[/left]

[left]I think all the lights should be much stronger specially the car’s headlights. You should also consider adding some light sources in a different color[/left]





Nice Work Nirav :thumbsup:
I liked the camera angle and lighting setup :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comments

haha will do :] They look really cute.


Hello Frds,

This is my first time that m participating in CG challenge.
Here is my first draft image.All Comments and Feedback are most welcome. :slight_smile:

Best Wishes, :thumbsup:

Uploaded with


Glad everyone seems to be enjoying the challenge!

Niravsheth: You’re off to a good start. One thing I’m noticing is that there’s blue light only hitting one side of the street. With such a bright sky I would expect there to be at least some cool light illuminating the upper portions of the buildings. There seems to be a pinkish light in the background as well as the foreground, since it’s the same color, it’s flattening the depth of the image. See if you can choose either the foreground or the background to light with this color.

andrewkennedy: You’re more than welcome to create an animation though unfortunately it wouldn’t be able to make it to the gallery.

FredSoub: Nice work so far. Overall you’re image has a lot of soft cool fill light from what looks to be the sky, however, the sky that would be emitting the light is darker than the light it’s emitting. If you brighten the sky a bit the amount of fill light could be more plausible. The pig sign is really sticking out to me. I think this is because it’s receiving warm illumination but is surrounded by the cool lit wall. Adding some warm light bouncing off of the sign and into the corner of the image could help with this.

devank: I like where the first image is heading. Compositionally there’s a big split through the image between the edge of the building screen right and the hard shadow through the street. If you’re going with this composition you may want to add in some more buildings in the back so it doesn’t look like the edge of the world. With a backlit image like this I’d expect to see lots of rim lightingm especially on the two characters on the left. As for your second image, it’s definitely not as interesting lighting but I’d like to see you bring that environment into the first image you posted.

AndreHeiter: Welcome! The background in your image is creating some odd perspective. Make sure the cars in the background end up looking smaller than the one in the foreground. The hanging lamps are working very well. Overall I’d say the ambient fill light is too strong and blue compared to the higher contrast yellow ambiance of the background image. I’d like to see some rim lighting coming from inside the shop on the character screen left. As well as the character in the doorway. Keep at it!

jadrock: Good work. I’m a little confused by the character floating in the air. Was he hit by the car? The hanging lamps could use some self illumination, otherwise the light they’re emitting don’t appear to have motivation. The sky is very dark, even at night there will be some brightness to the sky, especially if the moon’s out. Don’t forget to smooth some of the geometry, the tires are looking especially blocky.

Akarshiita: Welcome to the challenges! You’re off to a good start. The bricks on the lower right part of the wall are looking like a “video game”. I’m pretty sure this is just because the bump depth is to high. The lamps up top could use some illumination to go with the light they’re emitting. The character on the left is getting lost a little on the left side. Perhaps you could give him some rim light coming from inside the shop.


So much for a dynamic scene to light, never mind.


@kanooshka, Thanks for the comments, yep, they’re on the way. The “lighting” on the 2nd image is merely to find flaws in the geometry if any :] bad normals, etc. I just did the layout stuff for now.

The scene has great potential if done correctly. And, its really hard when there are so few who would provide “quality” models, and the few who do provide are discouraged with, well, comments like yours. This can and I’m sure will be a very dynamic scene to light. Try and provide some constructive feedback next time, and think first about how these people are taking time out from their lives to make this happen and help you.

Thanks to Dan and Yotam once again ! :thumbsup:


kanooshka thnks…yes the character was hit by the car…will be working on what u suggested…



here’s my first rough test:


hi everyone,
this is my first time in the lighting challenge.Trying to create an element of mystery with the mood of the lighting.It is wip at the moment.Just started with placing the lights and fixing the camera.Critics and comments are welcome.


Hi all,
Also for me it is the very first time to participate in a challenge.
Obviously I have a long long way to go, but the idea is to use NPR to mimic the original art of Tove Jansson.

first test:

goal to look like:


still looking for a background. for some reason the lamp lights outside which have shadow and fall off are lighting up the glasses. and need to add some noise to the menu reflection of the pig among many other things


Thank you kanooshka for your comments :slight_smile:
m working on this n very soon upload my new WIP :slight_smile:


Hey All,

Here’s my first entry to this challenge. Just wanted to created something colorful… so here it is… still lots of work to be done…
The only thought behind this image was that i wanted to work on colors as its been a long time i have not worked on my color sense…

Please advice and comment…

Thanks all


hi all, I’m in!

good luck to everyone and happy renderings


Im in! Good luck people


Ok then…
You guys inspired me to have another go at this scene…
[left] Only composition, lights and basic colors so far. I’ve been really struggling with the colors. I’m trying to get a colorful yet believable style, and hopefully to end with a cartoonish style render.

Any help will be much appreciated! 



Thanks for this challenge.
bit a late but still not gone will come with new work .
this challenge is ging to be a fun.happy lighting.