Lighting Challenge #27: (WIP) 52 Main St.


Maya Software render, used spotlights…
Trying to use lights to break-up image into brights and darks…


hi i’m changed per work.
i thought GabrieleConsolini work’s very nice,and trying to achieve it.
the last night i do texture and light main street scene.
please write to me your viewpoint.
i’m work with 3ds max 2012 and Vray
i used Vray Light to iluminate the scene.

Uploaded with

and with a little change :

Uploaded with


This is my recent changes
Thank you for your comments, I will continue to change


Hey, this is my first WIP image. Any comments would be appreciated.


I think time is nearly up, well done to those that have submitted finals, congratulations. Here are some thoughts for those that are submitting some WIP images still… :slight_smile:

ClaireKearton: linkCurrently your image is all about the wine rack off in the background (which is looking nice!), rather than the car in the foreground, or the character in the mid. Given your framing, I suspect your preferred subject is the character?
I’d suggest developing lights on him, maybe rebalancing back in the lighting you’ve got inside once you’ve got the character looking nicely lit, and continue working the subtle highlights on the car.
I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

gomes21: link
Sound like you’re still making changes. Keep an eye on the sign, you run the risk of having that dominate the shot if you’re not careful. I’d suggest you consider taking the yellow light you’ve got in the scene and push it more towards red or blue - it’s reading a bit like it’s cellophane covered currently. Otherwise, it’s coming right along.

at2142: link
For my taste, I prefer your second image. I really like the uneven treatment you’re giving the windows. Very nice! Consider giving each window a unique treatment. I’d be tempted to pull their saturation down closer towards neutral, maybe warm up your outside exterior practical lights and introduce some low saturation, low intensity blue fill to the scene.
You might want to think about changing the sky you’ve got in - the current one is a lot more “dusk”, while your lighting appears to be “night”.
Might be worth checking that your spotlight onto the shopfront is shadowing properly - if it’s coming from outside, at that angle, I’d just about expect to see the shadow from the awning cast onto the glass. Currently it’s quite strong, you might want to try pulling back it’s intensity so it’s a more subtle touch, and set it up so that you can show us the lighting you’ve got going inside the building.
The snow is a nice touch, but currently feels like it’s only snowing around the camera, try working it into the depth of the shot.
Not long to go, keep chipping away.

SahaneNik: link
Bold lighting direction. Early morning sun? I really like the shadow being cast into the interior from the doorway. It looks like you’ve got two lights working from your key direction. The combination of the two is causing chandeliering in the shadows, you might want to reposition one of them. It would be great to see some rough colours on the assets too. Keep at it!


zrainish - youre right, wish i’d spent more time thinking about a good composition but its too late to change much

kanooshka - appreciate the continued critiques

i should be posting 1 more which may or may not be my final


this is what i have done with the scene let me know what you guys think needs improving


hi everybody.
i changed per image.
and add a little detail in photoshop.
my light have Motivation to create.
thank you for attention.


Hi all,

Finaly I’ve got some free time to re-work the lighting :), I tried this time to make it the “old” way, with some Spotlight with light-linking on objects. As “Ashford” said to me, I needed rim and kick ect…

I’m Working in ArchViz where everything have to be fast done and “automatic”, it’s was very nice to work with the technique showed in Jeremy Birn’s DVD (and a good training for me !). I hope I’ll get some more time to play with the scene before the end of the challenge.


all the shots are looking nice. I’m just starting in lighting but I’m gona throw in anyways, hope ya’ll don’t mind.

ah, quick question, what kind of render times are you guys getting (considering layers)?


This is my latest revision, I would like to create a wet after the rain the night, and some materials need to make.
Thanks again for your feedback, I will continue to change. Until the last moment!


These are my final images and I will post a short animation (just a camera transition) in a couple of days.

Thanks to everyone for the useful feedback.

ciao :slight_smile:


hi after a longtime i am here it’s great to get in software Maya mental ray


beauty render from maya

final photoshop comp

settings and char shader

thanks to anyone who commented. theres some really solid work being posted! :slight_smile:


@Dan Konieczka: Thanks for your advice, it helped me a lot :smiley:
@RagingBull:thanks for comment, i know that it’s not perfect but I’m happy to finally finish it. :slight_smile:
@FeD: thankyou…i like your image and colors,too… :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone,

just a reminder that the current challenge ends this weekend. Don’t forget to post your final submissions in the final images thread


I finally completed in time for last minute…hting_final.jpg

This is an assassination scene, the morning after the rain, the attackers had left.
I want to make like “The Godfather” film lens effect.

Ashford vbmenu_register(“postmenu_7099760”, true); :Hope to get your comment again!

Welcome any comments!


Downloaded the scene some time ago, but didn’t do much other than flip some poly’s.
Today a rainy day and last day of the challenge, so had some fun

Larger version

Mainly used luminous (invisible) geometry to add fill lights etc.

Rendered in Modo 501.


Here is the camera transition and breakdown of the animation:


hi this is my final image
thanks for attention.