Lighting Challenge #27: (WIP) 52 Main St.


Please enjoy reading through this thread as an archive, but it is closed to new posts. You can still download the old models and also post your entry in order to ask for feedback here

Welcome to Challenge #27!

This challenge features a few characters along a street. This scene was modeled by Yotam Rien, so please give them credit for the modeling anywhere you display an image outside of this thread.

Post your work in progresses (WIP) by replying to this thread to receive feedback and ideas.

You can download the 3D scene files from the following:


If you are able to provide any other scene formats, please PM or email me and I’ll post any provided formats in this thread.

Use any 3d software and techniques you would like. Any changes to the models in the scene are allowed but not required

Feel free to share any information or breakdowns to show your techniques or set-up.

Make sure to post your final entries in the Final Images Thread before September 4th, 2011.

Don’t forget to have a blast!


Fun scene! :]

Thanks Yotam and Dan


Thanks! This is awesome! :bowdown:


nice moods! That will be funny!=)

Thkx for that!


Great! hopfully I can participate this time…


anyone please sent me a .ma file

i cant download it



glad i finally have time to try a challenge


Thank you guyz i was waiting to join this challenge! Interesting!


Thank you Yotam and Dan.
Was inactive for a while, but good to be back for lighting challenges.

Here is my first draft so far. I am still not sure, what exactly I want. But I like the mood and color’s. Any comments and feedback would be really appreciated.

Uploaded with

Nirav Sheth

Films are forever, pain is temporary



I’m very excited to see what you guys gonna do with my Model.
please notice that some objects are not meant to be sub’s (like the stones around the front door)
and some objects were a little neglected due to the camera angle that i was working on, so feel free to make any adjustments necessary.

niravsheth - looks very nice so far

have fun, and good luck to all



I’ve been looking for an opportunity to actually do one of these challenges before the deadline, and it finally seems like I’ll get the chance this time! I’m curious; are videos allowed to accompany an image submission? I’m going to have this scene animated before I light it, and I’d like to show that off as well.

And thanks for the model!


I don’t know, but if you want I’ll be happy to send you the characters models in T-pose.


A new challenge, yes !
Hi, my first test

Good Luck



Thanks, but my animation’s not really going to involve the characters (just the car!).


thnks zrainish for models and kanooshka for the challenge…
niravshethn FredSoub great start both of u…
niravsheth: i feel a long vertical frame(rectangular than square frame) would look good in respect composition…
freadsub: lots of lights all around are kind of confusing the mood…i feel…the car and the barrels in front of the camera is not receiving any light from top lights, window light, or the back lights…


Here’s my rough layout.

Just trying to get a feel for what I want, jotting down ideas ; ]

Sorry to ruin your fond childhood memories by making Sniff a drunkard :stuck_out_tongue:

Trying to get a comical feel to the image, that’s why I actually like that the Moomin with the wine on the right is looking straight into the camera, I think it adds to it.

Thanks to Yotam Rien, for the scene once again, and for the T-pose models :]

I want to put more buildings in the background, but I want to make sure we see the female moomin’s hand pointing.

As much as I like this style, I probably will be going towards a full color image, this is just so I can play with composition.

Looking forward to this fun challenge, hopefully I get enough time to actually finish it :arteest:


This is another composition I was playing with. This is where I started and I wasn’t going anywhere so, started again and got the render above. But I do like some aspects of this one and probably will do a mix between the two.


Nice scene and nice work guys.This time i am also participating in this lighting challenge.


Hi Frds,

Here is my first draft of CG challenge.
All feedback and comments are most welcome.



Here is my first try: