Lighting Challenge #27: (Final Images) 52 Main St.


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Thanks for the chanllenge, good luck to everybody.


This is my 1st lighting challenge.This is my final render.
Thank you to Yotam Rien and Dan Konieczka.

Feel free to comment on this!!!


This is an assassination scene, the morning after the rain, the attackers had left.
I want to make like “The Godfather” film lens effect.

Thank you for your comment!


This is my entry. Unfortunately, I came across this late and only had a couple of days to work on it. Interesting challenge, I’ll be keeping a look out for the next one.

Here’s the link for the full size:


Nice work everyone.


Hey everyone, this is my final image. I was going for a late sunset/dusk feel.
Thanks to Yotam Rien and Dan Konieczka.


Final image, the result of a day’s texturing, lighting and experimenting with various bits of luminous geometry. Mostly stock textures from Modo.
Rendered in Modo 501 with GI.

Larger version
5th sept version


Hey, thanks for all comments and help this is my final version, hope you like it, and looking forward the next challenge!


hi this is my final image.


Here’s my Final Image…


Congratulations on the entries. Hope to see you back for the next challenge!