Lighting Challenge #26: (WIP) Matinee


Just a slight update. Adjusted the lighting a bit and worked on some of the textures.


@neotrixstdr : awesome. love the theme. the only thing is jason’s blade seems too reflective, more like a mirror than a steel blade. great works btw.



Hi guys, this is my first go at a challenge.
Here is my first draft, low light settings, no AO, no post, no material tweaks. Just a first light pass.

I know the lights on the ceiling are weird - that’s the first fix on my list :slight_smile:


Hi Kanooshka.!thankyou so much .! i tried correct some problem about specula as you tell me …and i add some volume light in my sence …without texture…please tell me something to better…thanks.!


vanviet -

Focus on adding shadows. Hide all your lights, make just 1 visible at a time, and test-render it to make sure each light casts nice soft, believable shadows. Then, the chair will block light from the screen, the inside of his mouth won’t look like it’s glowing, etc. You have 1 hard-edged shadow now that should be softer, but mostly I get the impression that lights aren’t casting shadows at all.



Hi guys, great works so far.

Officially I’m in!! Just get my hands on for the last three hours. Blocking lights first and get the overall intensity that I want. Shaders and colors will follow. Please comments and critics are most welcome.



neotrixtdr : good picture! i like the idea, i think is right now all the character its to much outstanding… maybe the character behind the kid can be tone down so the eye first go to the kid, next to the title and then to the second character…or whatever you want…

just my opinion, cheers =)


Hi guys,

livache66: I really like the warmth in your image, but it’s not clear what the focus of the image is. Otherwise looking good.

This is my latest work in progress, changed the colours up a bit and added more definition to the image. Let me know what you think, and any help on where to go from here would be great.


Hi everyone, a month late but I´m here again. There are cool stuff. I decided to make a sketch before start in the 3d scene, just to have something to aim.

Hope I can finish it… :sad:


[font=Arial Black]Hi guys, great work, i leave a test…


Hope I am IN. I will start today onwards.
Best luck to everyone.
Working slow… lots of other works at home and office…
First Image


hi jeremybirn.! thankyou so much.!
I was too focused on the visual beauty that we forget the basics … thank you so much for pointing out my shortcomings … I tried to fix sence follow your suggestions. . omit the lighting elements are unnecessary and concentrate on the shadows so that the most reasonable … but I can’t feel good about my sence … hope you can tell me what what you feel is not reasonable


hey guys this is my WIP just done the basic lights let me know what you guys think any improvements or changes i can make?


Update… Some skin color,textures and lens flare :slight_smile:


Hi Kanooshka ! Chk my images!
This is first time i am posting the image here. Any problem let me know.


Hey guys,

I made an upload for all the Cinema 4D users out there. The scene is revised and all the stuff is sorted into layers and even better: all seats, cups, lights and speakers are now render instances. Should enhance your editor speed a lot! :buttrock:

Matinee.c4d Zip


hi all,

this is my attempt to give the movie theater a 70ies feeling. All the ceiling lamps are actually light sources and GI is used. The movie image on the screen is not image-mapped but is actually a projection (and slightly off on purpose) and the volume lights are caused by scattering media that fills the entire room. No post processing.
I’m not happy with it yet and would greatly appreatiaty any idea how to improve the image and especially its 70ies look…

Oh, and I’m using POV-Ray 3.7 RC3 here as renderer.





Not entirely happy with it but I like the mood and the overall look…

> Highres <