Lighting Challenge #26: (WIP) Matinee


Hi! This will be the first time I will join the Lighting Challenges. Here’s what I’ve come up so far. Still working on the character’s lighting first. I pretty much have an idea for the overall lighting of the scene, and due to time constraints, since I work on this on my free time, I chose to work on the subject first. I made a rough render of the scene and painted lines on it in Photoshop to help me visualize what and where the lights are in my scene.

This is done in Maya 2009 and mental ray.

Hope to hear from you. Thanks much. :smiley:

will be posting soon for my progress on the character and on the background. cheers! for a great scene to light!


Haven’t entered one of these since the Sci-Fi challenge but have time and an idea for this one.

.LWO file is really odd, doesn’t load correctly in 9.6, OBJ does but requires the typical tweaking, polygon flipping and chopping up into layers. .FBX loads the same whacked out way the .LWO does.

Whining done, some interesting entries so far.


akosichibot: Welcome and good start! The use of rim and kick lights are working very well though they’re a little overpowering, try to turn down their intensity a little, especially on the right side. The back scattering on the ear is a nice touch but it seems a little too exaggerated. As if there was a flashlight right up against the back of his ear, make sure to adjust your depth settings so that the thicker areas aren’t as translucent. Looking forward to seeing more progress.

niravsheth: Good job so far. The back rows of chairs coming towards the camera have nice shaping and definition. I’d like to see a similar look brought down onto the front rows. The doors, speakers and part of the wall are very reflective and could use their own materials.

RasoulValli: Good work. Right now the light is focused on the right side of the back row of chairs. I think you want to bring more attention to the boy sitting all alone. To do that what I’d recommend is first make the lighting a little more even across the chairs by darkening the right side. Then create a brighter pool of light where the character is.

VickyTronz: Well done. The bright screen takes a lot of attention you may be able to make it work better if you bring some of those bright values into the foreground but you may still need to lower its intensity a little. First off a bright rim light from the screen on the cup and straw will help. The railing could also use a rim on the right side to help define its edge a little more. It may also help to vary the intensity of the 2 main lights that are illuminating the cup. Try turning the cool light on the left into more of a kick instead of a key or fill.

Biertje: Welcome! You have a good start so far. Try squinting your eyes and looking at your image. What do you see? The main two things I see are the screen and the exit sign. Is this what you want your focus to be? It’s important to ask these questions when lighting a scene. As far as lighting is concerned, try to add in some bounce light off of the screen onto the chairs.

prestonplatt: Coming along nicely. This is a very “busy” image. Not just in what’s going on in it but the lighting itself. How would this look if the laser and fire were the key light source. Then the light would be coming from a good angle to shape the objects in the scene. Also a tip for the laser would be to increase its ambient value of it’s material to a value greater than 1 so the core of the laser is brighter than the glow.

VickyTronz: Good start! Like a lot of other images here the screen is drawing a lot of attention and even adding an image with some contrast may help with that. You have some nice kick and rims on the character that are coming from the screen. The shadow from the character coming towards the screen is a little deceiving considering it’s the main light source. Having one shadow from the character back onto the chair should be fine.

rohtakroadies: Nice start. The image being on the wall in the back is a little confusing, I’m not sure what’s causing it. All the focus seems to be contained in the left third of the image. Try to brighten up the chairs with some more diffuse illumination as well and maybe some rims/kicks from the projector.


Hi everybody, here is my progress so far, had no time for textures yet. The monster I added is a free model I found on the net. I modified it a little bit but I’m not happy with the pose…


What have to do to take participate in this challenge.Please tell me I want to take participate in this challenge.



My first image.

It’s a very imature image, almost a solid render, but it’s just a camera view test. In a few days I’ll show a better image with a lighting work improved. Still in doubt if I’ll use an Biased or Unbiased render. I maybe use Luxrender or Indigo because the control on lightlayers.



Download the scene from the first page of this challenge and then post your progress by replying to this thread.


nice theme.


i am trying to do something look like tron ambiance in the cinema. maybe it is not going to look very realistic view but in my opinion. it will look cool. i am about the sending a test now


i am sorry about the glare on the charecter i will fix it asap.

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Shaders test…


jobim: Good start, keep going.

Nice start. If you’re going to be trying to have a style similar to the Tron movie you should study some images and figure out what gives it a particular style. Just from quickly looking at some Tron images I’ve noticed that they look high contrast with bright light sources with a soft, saturated glow. With your image, try to really dim down the ambient diffuse light and focus on highlights and light sources.

Victorphellipe: Interesting composition, keep going.

Quintrix: Good work so far. I’d like to see some higher contrast to push the fear aspect of the image. Try focusing on having the movie screen as your main light source and maybe even treating the monster as almost a looming silhouette with just a small amount of diffuse light on the front side of it with a kick on the left and a rim on the right. It also would help to have more of a gradient on the background so that the wall is brighter closer to the screen and goes very dark near the right side of the image. Hope this gives you some ideas.


I hope I can find a way to make dwg of the scene and then I’m in.


Originally Posted by kanooshka
rohtakroadies: Nice start. The image being on the wall in the back is a little confusing, I’m not sure what’s causing it. All the focus seems to be contained in the left third of the image. Try to brighten up the chairs with some more diffuse illumination as well and maybe some rims/kicks from the projector.

i appreciate all of your words dear, you caught me exactly where i was in my fault, i will try to get a better result in next image, and yes, thank you so much, i need your comments and critics to get a better result

here it is my 2nd image, there is nothing like rims and kicks in the image right now but i would love to illuminate my image in that way in next post…

thank you…


i updated the image. now i am planing that i will finish the texturing for final shot. and i have many problem about lighting the scene. i am waiting for your comments thank you.

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[right][left]my first attempt, my first time in this forum
… and i cant attach images to this msg … great



hello everyone…i am currently a student of lighting & rendering, quite a starter in the field. here is my first attempt for the challenge
i dont want to go into much of a comp work. will stick to basic render output.
i am using maya, mental ray.

i just made minor adjustments to the materials and applied a mia fast skin shader on the character.

will be waiting for the valuable feedbacks…
thank you!


i believe u need to upload ur images on an image hosting website first, then u can attach the image url.


hello guys…here is mine render…i kind of played on a theme of a boy watching a 3d movie alone…he is so immersed in to d 3d movie he feels everything is real even the aliens taking him…which d aliens are actually doing in real
rendered wit mental ray no gi n fg…and no post processing
have some problems wit d volume fog and d star thinking of taking care of that in post processing…
hope u guys will like it…


its a really cool environment to explore the lighting!

i’m still exploring what to do, here is the raw render:

and what i’m aiming for: