Lighting Challenge #26: (WIP) Matinee


I used the fbx file, it will work fine.


stranger9: If you enable the “ignore version” option in maya’s open dialog you should be able to open the scene in any version of maya. But, FBX should work just as well.

balayeshwanth: Nice start. Try squinting your eyes to see where your attention is brought to. For me it’s brought to the screen and to the railing in the bottom left. Adding a fairly dark image to the screen should help out with some of the attention it’s drawing. I’m assuming one focus you want is on the character so try to find a little more balance between the two. The seats in the front are getting nice highlights and kicks. The chairs in the back rows seem to be way to bright in comparison to the front rows, try to bring those down a little bit.

genaf1: Good job so far. I’d like to see some rims and highlights from the projector onto some parts of the chairs and onto the character.

alexhermes: Nice start, keeping going.

MartinRomero: Good updates. The highlight on the railing is drawing a lot of attention to itself and seems to be brighter than the screen itself. The first row of seats in the back set of seats are getting lost on the carpet because they’re very similar in color and intensity. Try to create some difference in color and/or value. Ask yourself questions like should the floor which is facing away from the screen be illuminated as brightly as the chairs facing it?

kyhalbu: Good update. One thing I’d like to start seeing is some highlights, especially from the screen he’s looking at.


Thanks kanooshka… Ya! I have a super plan for that. :smiley: will post in my next update.


Thanks Kanooshka,

I totally agree, I brought the intensity down on the rails, the light over there is pretty intense so you would expect some reflections happening.

The worked on the falloff so now the intensity of the main screen does not go very far back giving a nice falloff. If you have any more comments or you think it needs improvement, I can continue to refine it, thanks so much Kanooshka.

Here it is.


interesting camera angel
looking cool…! :cool:


another image with some fixes. The explosion is done with Maya fluids, Missile with simple particles. There are about 9 Layers at work here. Its not compiled in Photoshop Its done in After effects with just some very simple color correcting in certain layers. Im trying not to make it look corny and dumb. I need to mature the image and finalize it. Still thinking of ideas feel free to comment ofcourse. Thanks guys


I’m on it. I’ll post my progress soon.

Seems that I’m the first Blender user to subscribe to this challenge, because the .blend scene is all mess up and nobody said that. Anyway, importing the .obj file all gets correct. So, a tip for Blender users: use .obj file!

Your scene look great!



Well i am IN. I will start today onwards.
Best luck to everyone.


Hey guyz…
im a beginner in maya This is my first lighting Challange,
hope ill do my best …
All the best GUYZ :slight_smile:


Hello friends…

Well i am in…
I am a beginner in maya and it is my first lighting Challenge, so i hope ill do my best …

All the best…

here it is my lighting test…Comments & Critics are most welcome…


This is the first WIP,
hope there are some serious bugs fixed.
as i am a beginner,
plz suggest some tips for me :slight_smile:
hope u like it :slight_smile:

Moody in da mood :stuck_out_tongue:


Bullet holes are now textured well and the lazer is making me happier. I need some work on the background I feel like it might be too blurry. Still going Let me know what you think. Thanks Guys!

Vicky I like the camera angle. I feel engaged by it. Like you can tell the kid is really engaged in what he is watching. Very nice

Maya 2011
After Effects


First post, first try at a challenge.

3ds max - Vray - some quick dof / glow in post

Iam not to sure about the volume light yet, have to take a closer look.


Hi ,
this is my second render with Depth of Field(DOF).
This is just an angle which impressed me, so i just gave it a shot :slight_smile:

@Preston, Thank you very much for ur critique, btw your concept rocks dude !
after seing this challange for the first time the thing striked my mind is ur ‘3D thingy’:stuck_out_tongue:
All the best Mate :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

Maya 2011


Interesting topic…
I’m in…


Lighter’s Blog


hi Nikhil,
hearty welcome,
r u from hyderabad, Rhythm&hues ?
me too :stuck_out_tongue:
btw, All the best :):beer:


my next test. please tell me my faults! (my previous test is attached to compare)


I think light should fall on the child too.
For the color of the light try to insert a mib_cie_d node in the color slot of the light (start from 3200° in the color temperature.)



Thanks for such an interesting challenge.
Below is my render done in Maya mental ray and composite in Nuke.
Render time is 2 mins. This is my first take at this challenge, started 4 hours ago.

Its still needs more work.
I would love some feedback and comments.

Thanks !

Uploaded with


Doors look to be too much reflective to me.
If I’m not wrong I can see reflections on side speakers, I think they should have only diffuse a shader with a cloth texture
Nice work.