Lighting Challenge #26: (WIP) Matinee


Thanks for your comments Dan… Here is my adjusted image.


Hey everyone, I’ve been busy with work so I haven’t been able to work on this as often as I’d like but here’s what I have so far. I’m thinking of adding some Depth of Field but not sure if I want to do it in Maya or not.


Thanks kanooshka for the great critics! I’ve tried to make it seem that the projector screen would be the main source of light while I toned down the other lights to make only subtle effects to the character. I want him to be in focus but my previous picture was too much. Also added some reflectivity to the seats : )


Used Mentalray lights and Final gather.
Added glow in Fusion.


[LBcover Hey guys.]

[I have a question. How do you guys go about making the volumetric light for your projectors. Right now, I’m using parti volume to create my volume light, however it looks more like fog then actual “rays of light”. I’m having problems really adjusting it to look any different. Any help would be much appreciated.]

I think you should try Spot light and in its Fog color choose NOISE. It give kind of Beam look. Hope it may help.


got some time…an update to the previous version…wit kanooshka help(thnks)…its still an WIP(defining back seats and black background to do)…PLS C&C

@sanbalaji loved ur image n texture for seats


This may be my final render. I added some fill light along the projector beam to simulate some illumination from light scattering (you can see this on the left side cheek in particular), plus other minor tweaks.

Added in some radiosity to avoid th pure shadowing, particularly on the right side of the face.


… to give an intention at my version, I started with the idea of the theatre full of twinks that are staring at the screen with the anaglyph cardboard glasses. The only one that has something different is our “hero”. He keeps staring at the screen in spite of his super thick eyeglasses.
To summarize, I have a theatre, a projector, a screen, a crowd and a “hero” that needs emphasis.
For the light environment, the movie is on-air and so the main sources are the projector and the bouncing light that comes from the screen.

I start with choosing a point of view and here I have a couple of choices:

It would be great have some opinions about the composition before I start to screw some digital lights around the scene.


My first entry here. Eagerly looking forward to some C&C.


Did a bit of work on projector light and Image Color correction. Critics and comments are most welcomed.


here’s my latest progress, I changed the monster a little bit, made the image darker and added DOF in Post. Any comments and suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:


An update to my first entry. Used maya lights and FG. Post work in Photoshop.
Eagerly looking forward to C&C.


Hi guys,

Finally got some free time to continue this one. Here’s an update of mine. This guy is a fan of Clash Of The Titans and fell in love with one of the characters. Guess which one of them?

Anyway nice images so far from you guys.



Thank you very much kanooshka, I have tried to fix what you most advice to me. And improve some other things…


Great work everyone! There’s a little less than a week left. Don’t forgot to post your final images in the final images thread!


Hi This JK

I’m first time applying this Lighting challenge …i don’t know what i need to do…Any one possible to guide…i have done basic my images …



Hi All

This is JK from India …i’m first time applying lighting challenge in this CG talk …any one can u possible to Guide …where i can submit my images …



Hi All

Here i’m posting my First pass Wip images …



I choose the central pov between the two I’ve set up.
Here are some materials and lights, I’m not completely happy so I hope to have time to work on it.


work in progress