Lighting Challenge #26: (WIP) Matinee


Download scene, setup the light and textures, render and then post the picture to the selected thread (discussion) for critique or comments. Welcome!


thanks my dear


Hello everyone,

I ’ m new here and I really admire all of your work, its really amazing. I just started trying light and render some scenes from previous challenges ,and I 'm having a problem, for example I ’ right now trying to render the bedroom scene , in 3d Max with Mental Ray and I have placed a camera , and materials and daylight, so before I add some materials I render the scene was alright now after applying some materials I m getting just something completely irrelevant like only the floor render like my camera is set on top view and I have no idea why this is happening,I wonder if you could give me a clue.

I m hoping this is a right place to post this question I don’t know where else I could ask about this.



first thing that came to my mind – maybe you switched the camera to the top one?
It’s defenitly not a shading issue. Just take a look at your camera in render settings, choose the perspective one.


edited some of the modeling, popcorn next
modo 601

c & c welcome

still testing




I also tried my best as a student to make it nice-looking.
Goal was to develop a deep connection between the character and the screen, a really “immersive” one. I decided it is finished now, but don’t hesitate to tell me what you like or dislike about it :slight_smile:
Credited Dan Konieczka on my website (

Here you go:


i can’t downlode the modle````:cry:




Hi min86sd,

I still seem to be able to download the models if I want from the first post in this thread. Perhaps it’s something at your end?

Good luck,



Six months since the last Lighting challenge was started, I assume there won’t be anymore. Shame really. I loved looking at the results.


I’m sure a new lighting challenge is on the way :slight_smile: It will be a pity not to see anymore challenge :wink:


I would alos absolutely love to see another challenge! :slight_smile:


There will be a lighting challenge coming soon!


Yay, could we perhaps have something really epic. A nice space scene with debris, ships, weapons fire, etc… Perhaps someone from the space epic competition might donate a scene and we could light it.


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Matinee - Martin Maravattickal

I thought of trying ‘Matinee’ even though the challenge is closed. Please add your thoughts about this.

Martin Maravattickal


Hey, I’ve got some ideas, but this thread looks like it’s closed. Maybe launch a new WIP discussion; you might get more eyeballs on it.


@Thanks Ashford!!!


All of the lighting challenge threads were re-opened a few months back to allow members to post their work directly in the respective challenge.

The Closed Thread post is a remnant of when the thread had been closed and should be ignored … the post should probably be deleted.