Lighting Challenge #26: (Final Images) Matinee


Please enjoy reading through this thread as an archive, but it is closed to new posts. You can still download the old models and also post your entry in order to ask for feedback here

This thread is for final image submission for Challenge #26 Matinee. The deadline for this challenge is April 3rd, 2011.

Since this thread is what the judge will choose from I’d like to keep this thread very clean, so here are some rules I’d like to set:

[li]Post final images by replying to this thread
[/li][li]Please post final images only, if you make changes you can edit your post.
[/li][li]Try not to fill this thread with feedback, that’s what the WIP thread is for.
[/li][li]You can post more than one image, but please don’t post the same image more than once

Good luck and Enjoy!


This is my first ever challenge and here is my final image.


gud to see the final image…i don’t find any flaws…:slight_smile: all the best !


Hello Everyone,

This was definitely interesting and fun to work on. See ya all on the next challenge!


Hey friends here is my submission for the first ever attempt for competition…


Hi this is my final image.


[left]Kindly suggest on any glitches or improvements.



Another version of comp, & texture change



Hi all,

This was my first lighting challenge and I had a lot of fun; looking forward to more!
Here’s my final image.




Congrats to all the people that post and will post the final image :slight_smile: and very curious to see what next challenge will be !
also thanks as always to Dan and Jeremy for hosting the challenge


this’s my final



Almost forgot about the final image thread…

All work done in POV-Ray 3.7 RC3



I did the changes based on the suggestions you made me some weeks before, but I couldn’t work more on it lately. Too much work. This is my proposition, my first proposition in this lighting challenge history :slight_smile: .


This is my final image.




My Final Image.


My final image.


Here’s my final submission.

Uploaded with


My final image.

Link to larger image


Here we go… :slight_smile:

< Highres >