Lighting Challenge #25: (WIP) Artistry


Thanks Maxmit.
I had some noise on the ground, walls and ceiling in photoshop.

Good works everybody
(sorry not comment or critic but it’s very dificult to me express my self in english specially with technical words)




i am not sure if i continue this challenge any more. i just render the table and the lamp.


excellent work. why wont u continue?


[QUOTE=pmcb]Thanks Maxmit.
I had some noise on the ground, walls and ceiling in photoshop.

its looking good but i am talking about dust,
If there is a dust around u r fog or rays r coming through the window its look much better…
m not sure but just think about that :slight_smile:


its looking good but i am talking about dust,
If there is a dust around u r fog or rays r coming through the window its look much better…
m not sure but just think about that…:slight_smile:


hi all

nice render seen so far… :applause:
here is my updated version…its still in WIP
C&C are always Welcome :slight_smile:
software use max2011,fusion and Photoshop…render in mental ray…:slight_smile:

]( Uploaded with[/IMG]


Here’s my first try. Just testing out the lighting, not much materials or texture done. I’m pretty happy with this. I’ll continue on the materials tomorrow. C&C are very welcome :slight_smile:


an update. need some suggestions.


Here’s my try. No post. Just another test render. Physical correctness is not my priority, just impression. No special materials, simple textures. I have no much time for this project so I just want to clean it up. I need some volumetric light too. Parti_volume help needed :slight_smile: Softimage 2011/Mental Ray.


Hey, I’ve been checking this url for a while now:

Which I thought was the official page for these challenges, and this new challenge isn’t there!

So I just so happened to stumble over this one now, and I’m glad I did, because I want to get back into them (I wasn’t able to do The Cabin).

Are the challenges no longer at the 3DRender site?

I’d like to know so I can adjust my bookmarks and all of that.



Welcome Inky! The challenges have always been hosted here. the 3drender website was just a place where Jeremy Birn (The guy that lead all the challenges) hosted the files. This is actually the second challenge where Jeremy Birn is not in charge. Dan Konieczka (Kanooshka) is now heading the challenges. I believe Jeremy is still donating his server to host the final results of each challenge though (which is why the cabin is up there even though he didn’t head that particular challenge).

So ya, to recap, this is the site where the challenges have always been and 3drender is just where the final results/files are hosted. So keep 3drender as a bookmark, but definitely add this one!


first render test;
rendered with Vray for Maya;


hi all people tihs is my first render test and i would like to hear ur posts


Nice work, Amit! I like the mood you created. It looks peaceful and quiet, like a real classroom studio.

What are those white particles on the ceiling, though?


Good job. More bump or displacement would be nice.



Here is another update,maya+mentalray
i try add some volume light in to my sence but it’s lack of dust to better light…sorry my english not good…thanks all comment…:slight_smile:
full image

and some correct color in PSD

full image


@pmcb - That’s great work!

Overall you could use more spill light on the scene coming through the windows. More light could spill outside of the moonbeam, softly fading off outside of the squares that get that direct illumination. That would help the floor and walls get more gradation.

The spill on the brick walls on the left should be much softer, and should not come all the way to the top of the wall. The way the brick walls are lit now you’d think the skylights came all the way over to meet the wall, when actually they start a foot or two away from the wall.

The main thing to focus on in that image is your center of interest. Right now, the part of the image that most catches my eye is that bright white sign on the lower right. That area seems to get more light than anything else, and pops out from the image if you squint at it. Perhaps that could be made much more subtle, you could get rid of the Comic-Sans type lettering, and some more artistic part of the image could be made more eye-catching instead.

The 2nd most attention-grabbing part is the pair of images in the moonbeam on the left. I think those could use more spill light coming through the windows, spilling outside of the areas of the moonbeams. You might think about choosing stronger images for those, too, so they aren’t so similar to the other images on the further-off canvases.

Keep Going!

@runejw - Nice study!

@vamsiprakash - That’s a nice start. The shading looks solid. It’s a little hard for me to tell where the light is supposed to be coming from. For example, are the light fixtures turned on or off? (They don’t look lit, but parts of the room seem to be illuminated by artifical lights.) If light is coming through the windows, make the windows look brightly lit when you look at them directly, and make the illumination and shadows clearly come from them throughout the set. There seems to be too much bounce light on the bottom of the objects on the right.

@MartinRomero - Good start on the texturing, but the shadows or occlusion shouldn’t look painted-on (too much contrast within the color maps and not enough contrast in the lighting can do that to a scene.) When a scene gets most of its contrast from the texture instead of the lighting, it makes it look more like a videogame. I can’t tell where the lighting is going yet, in terms of where the light is coming from. Get rid of the criss-cross look of shadows on the back wall if that’s not motivated.

@Voigg - Nice study. Doesn’t seem to take advantage of the set or theme of the challenge much, though.

@med21 - That’s lovely. Several parts of the scene are black (or look nearly black), like the areas under the pots, under the seat to the right, and the black object that’s on the right edge of the frame. Some of those places could use more bounce light to help tie them into the blue/yellow color scheme of the rest of the scene. The statue is looking great. Try to punch it up with a little rim or kick on the front. You might also get more contrast by darkening the back corner that appears behind it, so that it stands out more.

@m-motion - Nice images.

@Maxmit -

That’s great!

I don’t like all the little dots and lens flare. They don’t seem to add to the scene, and the ring of light around the upper light flourescent panel looks more like what could surround a point-source ligth aimed into the camera, rather than the halation or bloom you would see around a large rectangular light source. Less is more when it comes ot lens flares. This isn’t your fault, but I don’t like the way some of the lights hang from the windows, that doesn’t look believable to me. The shading and texture (especially on the floor) is great.

@mrhahn98 - Nice work.

@nirmalya007 - Good start with the scene. Work more on building variety and contrast into the areas that are outside of the sunbeam. You could start with a soft fill light form the window that spills outside of the rectangular sunbeam, and add some darker tones in the corners. The characters could use some more kicks of light to add shaping and definition.

@miras - That’s lovely!

@Inky99 - Sorry I’m not around much anymore! I’ll try to add a link to my website so nobody there misses this challenge. Of course I’m always happy to host galleries of this fine work at the end.

@imdiye - Keep going.

@vanviet - You could use some more fill light from the sky (soft light that spills out in all directions from the windows) and less fill or bounce around the room otherwise. That way areas facing the windows will get brighter, such as parts of the floor, but other parts of the ceiling and upper walls can get some more darkness and contrast.



Thanks for putting up feedback Jeremy, always appreciated.

I apologize to everyone that I haven’t been giving as much feedback as I’d like to. I just got through a crazy deadline and should be posting more often.