Lighting Challenge #25: (WIP) Artistry


Looks great! I think it just needs a bit of composition adjustment. I love having that sculpture as the central focus but I think having both easels in the frame is a bit too much, unless you tried to show how two different artists could intrepret the same piece of work? That could be fun.

I like the dust in the air but IMO it is a little bit bright but as far as the sun light interacting with the scene looks awesome my man!


Hey everyone,
Thanks to Giorgio for a great model and thanks to Dan for running this challenge. Here is my first draft. I’ve gotten to a point where I think some critique could help me take it in the best direction possible. My original plan was to go for a theme of “While the Artists are Away” kind of thing. That slowly evolved into a romantic ballroom dance. I plan to put a small band in and some crowd members as well.
Note: The dark squarish thing up near the light is supposed to be a wooden model holding a gel to tint the light on the dancers. I’m still working on making that material and figuring out what to do with the guy holding it in terms of DOF.
Also, is the lens flare too much? I know it can be cliche sometimes but I think it kind of adds to it.
I would love to hear what you guys think.


excellent concept whiteg3


Thanks for crits/comments.
I changed a little the intensity of light. But now I don’t know if it is to much.


Hi guys… i want to take a part in this challenge…and its my first time… plz be free to for c&c… hurry!.

Can’t stop myself…

thanks a lot keep this challenges going on… we need them!

Sagar J




excellent work luiz


this is in mental ray. can someone suggest me ways of getting soft shadows under the pots and in the bookshelf? which is better? raytrace or mentalray depth map. i have already merged occlusion in the scene.


The image definitely looks nice, but I agree that the some of the blue is a little too saturated. Try reducing the saturation by a bit in the darker areas. Overall it looks pretty nice! Good Job!


yes am agreed with comfortk…
may be light intensity is little bit more…try to reduce …not sure…


Thought I would join the fray as well.

 3ds max and VRay. There is still a lot to be done material building and shader tweaking. Low samples as this is still a wip, and the blue sky is temp to get rid of the black no-environment look.
 All crits welcome.

And here is a list of the lights used.


comfortk, Maxmit, thanks and I agree with you too

I reduced the light intensity and the saturation.

I think it’s better now.



Just had to test the new DOF in Modo 501 - simulated F-stop of 1 :slight_smile:


Thanks… I am getting a little busy at work right now. I will make these changes as soon as I get the chance.


whiteg3 - maybe darken the floor and add a pool of light around the characters(on the floor)? try blurring the lens flare and the chars shadow by few pixels might take the edge of em. nice work :slight_smile:

nirmalya007 - occlusion should do the trick. try multipying more of the ao pass in those areas. might help even for the contact shadows on your ground objects.


We should Render the whole scene or we can only render a part of it ?


just my first output pls give your critics it’s not final output


U did nice job so far… :applause: Like u r galss shader on top, it looks intresting.
Want to give you One more Suggetion, add some dust in u r scene it will create more intresting
Keep it up!!!


This time around I took some time to refine some of the texture for better contrast. I am still working with the same set up. ALL spot lights with Ray Trace Shadows on light Radius for the all the bounce lights is set to 3.00 Shadow Rays 16 I could go to 32 but not sure since I am still trying things out. I’ll work a bit more on the ground texture and stains on the glass. I’ll refine some of the textures on the props and we’ll see what else we can do to this place :).


Here is another update, let me know what you think.