Lighting Challenge #25: (WIP) Artistry


Hello, this is my very first post on this forum. I started in Maya six months ago and I am very interested in lighting, therefore I tried to light this. So please tell me what to do better, what not to do etc.

Mental ray used



nice. i like the color pic its got a classic feel to it.


Hi everyone

Mr Kanooshka, thank for comments and I apologize about the rats, I should asked first.
I started with an idea and then changed to another, so I took them out.

I will make another test rotating the direct light to illuminate a little the back wall.

creativamultimedia thank you. When do you show us? :slight_smile:


Pmcb - I really like the mood you have set in the scene. Great addition of the “Challenge Board”
My only point of crit would be that the ceiling above the lights are black (at least on my monitor) It would be nice if there would be some definition in that area as well.

patrickrowan - Great overal lighting, although the lights that are hanging loose in the air are quite distracting in this camera view.

Med21 - Nice clean render, it has some render artifacts on the wall and ceiling and I have some difficulties reading the shape of the stand where the statue stands on.

Overall great work!



Finally I get the scene!!
This is my first try…It’s just max+mental ray (daylight and skylights)

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Hello Everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted anything but I thought about something so here it is. I am going for something really dirty and decapitated :), dirty, rusty and grunge this time around.

I am using Maya 2011, MentalRay and of course Photoshop.
Not GL nor FG. I will continue working on the texturing part and lighting. My set is daytime and most of the illumination should only be from the windows above.

CC are welcome!


Here is another update, let me know what you think.


Hi all, Here my next version …looking for your comments…


disclaimer; im being constructive and am just learing like everyone else:)

yassein - i like the use of colour very subtle. it feels like the the shadow in the front right on the floor should be a bit softer?. the image feels a bit too crisp.

med21- the lightin seems to be working maybe start blockin in some colour. it would be nice to separate the foreground table/ contents from the rest of the scene to draw the eye into the mid ground or vicsa versa. dark to light/ dof .might give the scene a nice sense of depth.

Koen86- it feels like the dark furniture should be getting a little more fill light what do ya think? overall its working.thanks for the comment . i may open the comp and see if i can tweek it.

Ichukiets- good start. its looking a little flat at the moment. maybe try adding an ambient occlusion pass to push the form of the objects?

Voigg- i like your different take on it. maybe try adding some tonal variiation to the objects might make things look more natural . the yellow fruit might need a smooth?

Maxmit - i like your render . the atmosphere feels like its dark outside and lit from the lights inside the room. might be nice to darken the outside lightin to moon light?

esswar4u - at the moment if u squint its hard to get a clean read from the compsition . i love what your doing. is there any falloff on the light on the table? it seems for the size to be casting a little far?. it might be cool to play around with some msytry lighting or maybe if one of the overhead lamps was only half working or something?


made it more grungy and dirty. especially the walls and floor. fixed floating lights and added fill to foreground elements. C&C welcome. Full Res


Thanks for the coments Patrick.

There is an update: max+mental+ps

The lights are flying…because the wire is very thin.
And there is a strange shadow at the end of the room, i don’t know what it’s, maybe it’s caused by GI or the FG.

I try to put a volumetric effect (in other pass) with the parti volume shader and a standard focus but the effect takes all the volume of the light and i don’t know how to make for pass it only trought the window?

I hope that you can understand me…sorry…


Hi everyone,
This is also my first attempt at the Lighting Challenge, which I’m very excited about. Art studios have so much potential!
Here is my first go, comments/critiques are always appreciated.


HI Ichukiets,

don’t know how to do it with the pass system but here is a little tutorial that could help you with the volumetric effect for the windows :wink:



Sorry didn’t see that you use Max… Sorry for that!


Updated Version :wip:

   Maya Vray
   Comments and Critics Welcome


Thank you anyway Andre.


hi guys.

sorry for late entry. been working on a different project. heres my initial setup. its still in primitive state. i apologize for that.

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nirmalya007: Nice start. Don’t worry about just getting to the challenge now, there’s still over a month left to work on your entry. I think what your image needs most is shadowing. Start by adding occlusion to your bounce lights. Think about questions such as should the ceiling be just as bright as the floor? Another improvement would be some brighter bounce light from where the sun is hitting the floor. A few places that would be very noticeable for the bounce should be the crate on the floor and the character that’s standing in the sun light. Keep going!

bimalbose: Getting better and better. One thing that would really help this image is some glow in the windows and ceiling lights to soften the contrast as well as convey the overbrightness of the light source.

lchukiets: Nice work so far. Try to use the light to shape objects a little more. One instance of this is the wall and ceiling. The only way to tell where the ceiling ends and wall begins is because of a thin shadow from where they occlude.

tuffmutt1: Awesome! This image looks great. There are a few things that could be pushed a little further if you want to work on this more. One thing would be to increase the sampling on the floor, it’s very grainy. The other thing I’d like to see is some glow from the window, the sharp contrast from the bright sky to the window draws too much attention.

esswar4u: Good work. I’m having a hard time figuring out what’s going on. It’s ok to have objects strewn about but the light seems to be sporadic as well. Try to give the light some more motivation and focus.

Voigg: Looking good. The flute on the bottom left is looking more like plastic than metal. Try lowering its diffuse and increasing it’s reflectivity. The bright white object right in the center of the image draws a lot of attention to itself, try to tone it down a little bit.

MartinRomero: Nice concept. It’s a difficult situation will all the object similar in color. The objects in the foreground are defined pretty well especially in its contrast compared to the background. However, the easel splits the composition in half. The area where the ceiling and wall meet is very abrupt and could use more of a transition.

pmcb: Nice improvements. The light setup in the foreground really takes a lot of attention away from the rest of image and I think it might look better without it. A few areas seem to be getting just a little bit too dark. Adding just a hint of fill light will help to define objects some more.

OndraNedved: Welcome! Interesting concept. Try to focus your light some more. Where should my interest be?


MartinRomero: Nice concept. It’s a difficult situation will all the object similar in color. The objects in the foreground are defined pretty well especially in its contrast compared to the background. However, the easel splits the composition in half. The area where the ceiling and wall meet is very suddenly and could use more of a transition.

Hi there kanooshka,

I’ll be posting a more accurate representation of what I am after. I completely agree with you, the next one is going to make more sense. :slight_smile:


Here is my first wip. I would love some feed back.

Maya Mental Ray, Fusion.

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Nice renders everyone!
My first try, using Modo 401 and physical sun plus GI. Rendertime ca 4 min. No post work. Need to work more on texturing as well as composition.