Lighting Challenge #25: (WIP) Artistry


wip update following Dan’s advice.



this is my first attemp on this challenge

I’ve started to recreate a more modern space… :slight_smile:

2 different pov’s.
first use no post, second DOF was added on post.



soft used:
C4D r12 advanced render 3
Photoshop CS3

c&c are wellcome… help me choose best camera :slight_smile:

Tiago Saraiva


Hi every one :wavey:
a lot of good work here

Just trying to fix the camera


Hello, this is my very first post on this forum. I was trying to achieve day-light look.

Maya - Mental Ray used

Please tell me what I should improve, because I am beginner so far



Hi guys this is my first try for this challenge.
Xsi and Mental Ray with the new IBL and Progressive rendering.


some minor changes:

c&c are wellcome :slight_smile:

Tiago Saraiva


The render itself seems nicely done, but I believe the colors are a bit too saturated. The walls especially. Right now, you’re just letting the color control the atmosphere, you should desaturate it a bit and let the lighting and shadows have a say as well


thanks for the nice tips mate.

going try to deal with the color saturation and shadows. will post results as soon as have’em :slight_smile:

Tiago Saraiva


     Heres my latest entry. Maya/mentalRay/photoshop. 1080p. 33min render time.


Here is my first render still working on a lot of stuff, let me know what you think.


here are some links that i really like. there all about leading the viewers eye through the use of colour,light and composition :slight_smile:


nice works!


hi all this is my WIP Updated version… C&C are welcome…:slight_smile:
]( Uploaded with[/IMG]
Best Of Luck To All U Guyes… :thumbsup:

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here is my first entry in a lighting competition, still working on it
so critics and comments welcomed


hi all
my first test with some problems
software…maya vray
i cant make pure spic in vray mat


I’ve made a lot of changes and I think it’s getting there. Still some work on the textures. I think I’m happy with the lighting overall but it’s probably going to get more tweaks



Hight Resolution


Hight Resolution

C&C are welcome


Hey Guys , wanted to post the renders i got using Maya software render.
Post done using PS.
Want to texture the whole thing and try a render later. …
C&C are welcome …

B&W ver:


Hello everyone,
Good to see so many nice works already. I’m going to join in as well. I am doing this research for school where I have to do software comparison and write a technical document. As subject I chose architectural visualization, and which software packages are most used in this industry and why.

I am quite new to lighting and rendering, but I find it most interesting and I am aspired to become a 3d visualizer. I have some experience with the Mental ray renderer in Maya. For this project I want to gain some experience in 3dMax Vray, and also want to have a look into Cinema 4d renderer.

I would love to hear from everyone their thoughts on different render engines, tools and techniques, or what the benefits are or downfalls of these software packages and renderers regarding architectural visualization?

Here my progress with 3dmax Vray.
I found it is a very easy to get into renderer. I had some difficulties with organizing the file in 3dmax. This was because I literally never worked with it and I am used to work with Maya or Lightwave.

I have noticed lighting and texturing go hand in hand. Atleast when using GI the indirect lighting has a major influence on the overal lighting of the scene. This can be easily seen in these 2 images where the change of floor materials changes the lighting overall.