Lighting Challenge #25: (WIP) Artistry


It’s posible to upload the .max file?
Thanks a lot!


made a small fix for the roof :slight_smile: please dan read the email :wink:


use the FBX - works like a charm.


Thanks for the interest, I’ll upload a .max file as soon as someone sends one to me.


Here are my pics, rendered in octane render.


for the suggestion.


thanks for the complement.your scene also pretty nice but you need more color variation in your scene,it’s look more batter.


The fbx works fine here, but you have to invert the normals of the right side windows.


Mark II version. Increasing the clutter and working on textures, still got plenty to do though.
I actually ended up remodelling the whole room and ceiling. Added a couple of I beams to hang the lights off (even though you can’t see them from this angle)


It had some minor post adjustments (contrast + glow + Chromatic Aberration).


I’m not really digging my ceiling joists here…back to the drawing board on those. Lot’s more work for me on this one.

PS - Does this image look overly dark/contrasted for anyone else? I recently purchased new monitors and I’m not sure if what I’m seeing is due to my monitors or what. It looks normal in Photoshop & other apps on my workstation but when I view it in FireFox online it looks like the gamma is screwed up. Odd.


Looks ok here (although i cant compare with the original so im not sure)


I get the same problem with Firefox screwing up the gamma of my images. Whenever I post photography online, I have to raise the blacks a little. I believe it’s been logged with Mozilla.


Hello to all !
first of all two link (that need checking) for the fix scene.
Waiting for fieedback and fixes :wink: if then everything is ok we can update the link in the first post.
I also have problem with firefox gamma
this two link can help you a lot

so no need to change the image but just adjust profile :wink:

links to fixed scene


Done and done. Thank you very much! “Fixed” that annoying issue here thanks to those links.


Hey Jeff, I liked your wooden floor version more, in this version I think the floor is a little bit too reflective. I also think a little bit of DOF would help. I don’t like the division on the walls, they’re distracting.

As for the textures in the paintings, I guess it would be better if they were unfinished and a little more “noisy”, that would create the impression that the “shoot” was done in an afternoon after the painters are gone :smiley:

That’s my 2 cents for now, after some glasses of good old red wine :beer:



Thanks for the feedback! The floor has been polished concrete in both versions I’ve posted but the original was a light tan colored concrete instead of the darker version I’m using now. I’m still on the fence as to whether I like the floor dark or light so it may change again as I continue to work.

Thanks for the comment on the walls. My eyes get drawn to those too much now as well. I was thinking about adding more ‘stuff’ to the walls and more chaos (spilled paint, etc.) throughout the room and thought the rough walls might blend in better as those elements are added. If it doesn’t then it’s outta there! :thumbsup:

Totally agree with you on my painting textures. I’m not happy at all with those at the moment & will need to spend more time in that area.


Wow, this is cool - and this is a great thing for me as a Maya n00b to use to try to get to know the program better.
Some awesome images uploaded so far! I’m not going to get anywhere near that since I’m not much of a lighting/rendering guy, but it should be a great learning experience at least. :slight_smile:


This is just a first draft to get started:

I know there are some issues like the poor definition of those blank canvas-thinges and such.

Maya/mental ray.

Higher rez


wow so many good works already :frowning: better get started soon


Hi all, I really like the theme, I wanted to have a go at one of these when i saw the fair ground one a while back but didnt have the time.

I am in for this one though, some really nice work so far. I look forward to joining and learning alot.