Lighting Challenge #25: (WIP) Artistry


My Final Image. Please give suggestion to improve my image.


Awesome work everyone!

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done in maya + mental ray


Hello everyone, i´m a new member and seems i didn´t make it to the final images thread. :hmm:
I didn´t want to create spam so i only sent out one reply image, not sure if i´m posting the image correctly, because was is first time posting but is not posted, so i hope you don´t mind if i post it here.
I would love some comments on how i can improve.

I used 3D Max Mental Ray, Photoshop and Fusion.


welcome Enanoo0

nice render done so far…:slight_smile:
16th jan is a last submission deadline of this challenge…
but u can up u r image in this thread instead of final thread so keep it up!! :thumbsup:


@Enanoo0: nice render! a few things, I noticed: The left window is too dark compared to the right one and especially the shadows or maybe reflections seem a bit unrealistic to me.
The canvas to the left has in comparison to the rest of the image a bit too much contrast, it kind of attracts my eye although it is located at the very edge of the image.
quite a long time i wasn’t hundred percent sure what the wood puppet has in it’s hand until i realized that it has to be a sand glass. maybe it’s just me, could be very easily, but if you would remove the middle wood bar, i think one could recognize the object better at first glance.
considering the whole composition, you could move the image that hangs behind the rose to the left so it fills the large piece of empty yellow wall and gets out of the way of the rose’s silhouette.
i would also consider removing the hanging lights or maybe putting them higher, I just think it looks better this way. these are only suggestions, maybe some opinions totally differ from mine. :slight_smile:

   @onevishal: i like the floating objects concept! maybe your drawing table and some other objects that are still standing could need a stronger shadow. next, i would remove the chair directly in front of the camera of which only the legs are visible, or - if you don't want to remove it - move it more to one side of the image so that the three legs don't appear straight in the middle of the picture. i really like the material of the puppet. currently, to me the main point of focus of the image is the red cloth, mainly because of the color contrast, i guess. if this is not your intention, i suggest picking another color for the cloth.
   one thing, i cannot recognize properly: what's the shiny blue object above the blue table cloth? i can't really identify its form. and lastly, i would put the vases somewhere else in the room, i think the current place is not the ideal one. they kind of disappear behind the drawing table.
   ok, lots of thoughts, hopefully you don't mind talking about all those tiny details. to my defense, i've been already staring some time at these pictures. :wavey:
   by the way, Enaoo0, what's the dark spot on one of the legs of the middle easle?!   ;) ;)


Waiting for New challange…
getting bored so new render is here…:thumbsup:

old render…:wavey:


hi in ur new render the floor is too much reflective ( bring that down and make it glossy


Petra Fischer -

Your image is great, and merits some more detailed feedback.

It’s mostly the fill and bounce lighting that need more work. Look at the upper back wall (the triangle-shaped wooden area behind the character’s head.) That triangle seems very bright, and stays bright all the way up to the top edge where it meets the ceiling. I think it could stay bright in the area under the window, but the upper edge where it meets the ceiling should be darker, more like the brightness of the ceiling, because at that upper corner the wall and the ceiling would be getting about the same bounce light. Having a nice dark area behind the character’s head is nice for contrast, too, just make sure the head has enough fill light on it, if it needs an extra kick on the darker sides.

The bright blown-out area in the middle of the upper skylight looks as if we are looking straight into the sun. So does the bright spot in the middle of the left window. If there’s only one sun on this planet, you should dim and soften the light coming from one of those places, if not both.

Your scene could use more fill light from the sky. This is especially true on the frames of the windows and skylights. Parts of the skylight that are actually above the glass would be very brightly lit, facing the sky. Right now they look darker than that wooden triangle that’s inside on the back wall, and their brightness should really be much higher.

The books appear to be scaled too big. Maybe this is an illusion, but it’s a disturbing one. I think the left side of the books could be brighter, since they are facing the sun and skylights.

The character could use more bounce-light coming up from the sides, too, since he’s sitting in a sunbeam.

The shadows on the table in the foreground could be softened a bit, since it looks so hazy outside. Also, some cool, soft spill light (soft blue light from the sky) could surround the sunbeam. A bit of glossy reflection from the skylights and character might also add to the table surface, although with the right shader adjustments a broad specular highlight with a shadow in it might create a good enough fake that looks like a glossy reflection there.


Andrés Vidal Monge - That’s really nice work! If you start posting earlier on the next challenge you could be in the gallery.

 Wow, thanks a lot for all the great tips, my eye was so tired of that that i have missed a lot of things like u have mentioned.
 I  think they will make it better, also to me it needs a little of focal length.
 Thanks a lot..!

PD: That black spot i didn´t notice until i read your comment :)… it´s a material error that i didn´t saw definitely :blush:… Thanks for everything.

@Maxmit: Thanks, i will definitely enter the next challenge :thumbsup:

@Jeremy: Whoa! Thanks a lot Jeremy, it really means a lot to me! Honestly thanks! :bowdown: i will definitely keep improving if i keep on this challenges, i have your 2007 lightning and render edition, and my lightning teacher who helped a lot...! :surprised


So, due to the slow and ridiculous number of posts required to be “moderated” on this forum, my final seems to have never showed in the final thread… This may need to be looked at, as its kind of discouraging to new members.

This was my final, but I think I’d be better off going back and trying from scratch on the lights again.

have a great day


Thank you so much, Jeremy, for the detailed feedback!!
I can’t wait to improve the parts you have pointed out and I really appreciate the time you took to write it down.
On this occasion I also want to say thank you for writing your fantastic book and releasing the DVD - I think you contributed a lot to the growth and education of thousands of 3D artists from all over the world. Reading the book was amazing and is mainly the reason why I am so enthusiastic about Lighting and have so much fun with it now. :slight_smile:


nice render


@ Gumby22don You have to post it in the final thread ! then generally Jeremy choose a selction of some work, but the post to the final thread is up to you and not to the moderator :wink:
So you can still see your entry in the final gallery if you post it :slight_smile:


Congratulations on another great challenge. A gallery is on-line here:



Well, this is my second, improved version:

I’m really glad about the changes, especially the triangle of the roof and the window frames!
I also scaled the books a bit down, do you think it is sufficient?
In my eyes the books help making the figure looking small, lost and lonely sitting on this table… but of course, it should not be a disturbing element.
If there are any further suggestion, I’d be happy to hear them! :slight_smile:


I only meant that my first 5??? posts had to be approved by a moderator, having never posted before this month. Unfortunately, it took a couple of days each time, and the one I did post in final images never showed up, possibly it was approved after the thread was closed…

Its not a big loss, but its a forum issue that maybe could be looked at - 5 posts seems alot, especially when it says 2 posts in most places.

have a great day


thanks for the awesome challenge waiting for the next 1


be back this challenge


For those of you who haven’t notice, the next challenge is up!

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