Lighting Challenge #25: (WIP) Artistry


Wow, lots of great work out there!

At first I would like to ask one question:
At which o’ clock and in which timezone is the deadline set exactly?
I’m asking because I’m also working on an image and I’m not sure if I have to hurry and skip details or if I can keep working the whole sunday on it.

Next, a few words to some posted images:
@hsnubc: i absolutely adore the color scheme of your image. i think you should watch out for your shadows near the easles, for example there is a gap between the shadow of the left easle and the easle itself.

@onevishal: beautiful, light mood. in my eyes the staging/composition could be a bit improved, the upper part and the lower part of the image seems a bit empty to me.

@Gumby22don: First, you should watch for the ends of the hanging “lampadas”, they are floating. Do you want the light to look naturally or more likely artificially? To me it looks quite artificially. Maybe because the light from the windows looks quite exactly like the light from the lamps.
Another part of the image which attracted my attention were the doors, they seem quite flat to me.

@asinn: awesome!! i think, i would like it even better when the figures would be less reflective and had more of an “old-school look”.

@alkaaryan: nice approach! you should watch for the textures on the chairs, they are apparently the same on each chair! another recommendation: tone the blue color of the lamplight down, it is weigh too much in my eyes. the actual color of the light hitting the wood puppets is fine but i think you should definitely desature the color of the glowing lamp itself.

last but not least, thank you kanooshka, for hosting this challenge and giving us such a great opportunity to learn and improve our skills!


Thanks Pe-a, I had totally missed those lamps. As for the doors I’ll try putting a more angular light across them - they looked good to my eye, but I’m used to pretty flat architectural renders without the freedom of lighting in this workshop.

I’ll also try to move the light sources toward more colored lights, to differenciate and lose the whitewash look.

Does anyone have any suggestion what I should do to the background (behind the doors) to give more of a focus / reason to have it there?


have a great day


Pe-a- thank you. Your help is very valuable, I will update my scene asap as only 3 days are left for the challange to complete, and I will improve the staging/composition. Glad that you liked my mood.


I don’t have an exact time in mind. But to give everyone a chance to get their images up on the 16th, I will probably close the thread sometime early Monday morning.


Hi all =)! Last weekend!


hsnubc, I think that your scene is coming along nicely. The right side of your scene looks busy compared to the left. It might help to remove one of the easels to bring more clarity. You also set up your scene to have some great depth of field if you decide to go that that way with your final. over all great job though!


First lighting contest I’ve taken part of. I’m a little late in the game and I doubt I’ll actually submit this as a final image, but it was good for practice.


good piece of lighting by everyone.congrats ppl.
@gustavoeb! It looks a lot better than the previous render .Its seems more composed - as if the artist drawing the candle holder has gone for a coffee break; later to comeback with a fresh new perspective to draw.



Hey all, I started working on this late in the game but here’s my WIP:

C&C welcome!


Thanks threeDeepond!

That kind of situation you described was very much what I wanted from the beggining, so I’m glad that was the perception you had. Wouldn’t have achieved this without all the feedback from the forum! Gotta thank everybody for the help :bowdown:


hi everyone

final image


Here’s my next update, I think I’m pretty close to finished. Just want to see if anyone has any last minute comments.

The rest of you are putting up some nice images yourselves.

Fred- I think you might want to try blurring or smoothing out your volume lights, there looking more like steam or that smoke at the beginning of a fire. Other wise not bad.

Arusnak- I think you need some more reflections ( just a tiny bit) in your fruit and that gray thing on the table, right now your images looks like it could be out of a video game. but I like the lighting, has a nice warm feeling to it.

Nirmalya007- WOW, nice



here are some renders i did during the past week. kinda late doesnt it?? anyway if someone sees them, can give some feedback not just for this contest but for others to come. i have seen some of the WIPS of other users they are really really good.
well let me know Wat you think.



here is another render i did today on class, any comment is welcome i swear mext challenge i wil post early!!



Thanks for the critique! Here’s an update:


Hello everyone, such great work out there. I´m a new member, and enjoyed so much this challenge, so i will be back.:wink: This is my final render.


its make-up time for your beauties.
If you ppl have time, these small changes might help you in ur images-"

@nimalya007, it looks more balanced now… It makes me think of the theme for the image-" Robots conquer the world(though humans created them) and they still use humans’ way of artistry ( by posing, painting with brushes and colors) rather than depending on the technology." :slight_smile:

@arusnak, as usual, though right side of the image looks good, it seems injustice is being done on the left hand side by keeping it(easel) empty.It makes sense of betterment, to 1)have some content on the board(if your perception is to have the board in the image), or 2)making it less attention-drawing by the viewers, either by showing a small portion of it or none at all.

@luthias, good work!!.To me the window shadow on the vertical wall seems to be too bright for the overall dark lit room.

@Fredsoub, is it that you are trying to achieve some sort of fog light effect near the windows?. if so, its kind of looking a bit harsh for the image. A nice image though.

@gumby22don,if you still have not got a reason to have the door there, i have a suggestion you can try instantly. I think its true about the fact - "A picture should speak to itself ". just imagine the following-
“The last artist in the next room, an artists’ room, was inspired by the swimming pool and the ladies batch, and he just sketches them from inside of the room.” So by making the easel nearer to the camera and sketching the swimming pool and the women on the canvas from his viewing angle(like sketching the women from back) can do the trick.Also just place a board mentioning about the timings of the ladies batch.Hope you get my perception.:wink:

Thanks kanooshka and jeremy for hosting the Challenges.
“…challenge the Challenges”


Thanks for the suggestion - if I had time I’d like to experiment with it. :slight_smile:

As it is, I’ll post my final retouch in the final folder now. Not 100% happy, but it improved over the month of working on it.

Thanks all, especially those organising this forum.
have a great day


thanx threeDeepond, my thoughts exactly.


Although I’m really very late, finally here is my version of the scene:

I’d really appreciate feedback, and although the challenge may be over at the time you are writing your critique, I will definitely continue working on it to implement all the improvements that I have not seen.

I worked with Maya Standard Lights, MR, PS for the textures and AFX for compositing.

For the books I took the models from the Mad Science scene and I would like to add the credits for them. Was it also Giorgio or was it you, Dan, who modeled the books?
Thanks for keeping the final images thread open that long! It was great for me to know that there was still enough time left.