Lighting Challenge #25: (WIP) Artistry


Thank you very much kanooshka and jojo1975 for the suggestions, I tried to improve as much as possible, but I didn´t have enough time :cry: . I´ll be improveing the rest until Sunday.

Thank you very much, and all the works are awsome!


latest image


another approach. plz suggest which one is better


@nirmalya007 - I like the first one’s ambience better - seems like a more real level of bounced light - the second seems unnaturally dark outside the godrays.

That said, I really like the composition and deliberate shadow on the floor.

I’d suggest looking at adding godrays from the right hand window might be neccessary? Even if they were 10-20% less lit, which could be explained by the angle of the glass reflecting some, but not all the light.

have a great day


As this is a lighting challenge, I thought I’d show someone having a challenge with their lighting :slight_smile:

Hope that isn’t considered nsfw!

This is the first time I’ve used Mental Ray, it’s been quite a learning curve but definitely worth the ride so far.


[size=3][font=Arial]This is my first post in this challenge. I am using Mental Ray with some basic texturing for floor and wall. [/size][/font][/font][font=Arial]C&Cs welcome.[/font]


Hi guys! Finally this week I’m having some time to retouch my entrie in this challenge. So here it is. I’ve changed the position of the objects a little bit, for better compositing, changed the position of the lights for better decay (fallof), and added a spotlight to increase the overall contrast in the image and draw more atention to the center of it.
Still wan’t to detaile the objects a little more, and make the scene a little bit messier.
Thank you guys for all the help with comments and inspirations. I wouldn’t have achieve this result without feedback. :thumbsup:


Here my new update…
Critics & comments are welcome.



my second wip,

@ whiteg3 : thx for the the opinion , ill try to make more colorize…=)

c&c are welcome


Hello Asinn , I love your render and the idea is very original!, if you want to try, I put a light to mark the edge of the dummy from the left blue or cold for further underscores the figures!
I congratulate you as well and is beautiful!


Very impressive asinn! Shaders feel very detailed, full of nuances. And the contrast in the colors of light is very nice too…

The flare is a little intense for my personal taste, but that is it.



ohh, I get to late… again! Next time, I’ll be here lightning the scene!

And I saw the entries in that topic and I get like :buttrock:very nice entries!



sorry for repost, but it didn’t show up due to moderation required for first posts, and I’d really like some feedback before week’s end.


:hmm: late !!! I would give a try next time…

@nirmalya007,good work!! I like the first one than the second. If i have to suggest, having something painted on the canvas rather than keeping it blank can make the image more dramatic. Also, by making the objects on the table (near to the camera) less obvious, i think the attention goes to the middle of the image , adding to the dramatization. 

@gustavoeb, the first image, to me, looks more appealing. The sharpness of the satin cloth draws my attention towards it. But only thing, the right hand side of the image seems kind of empty due to the fact that the canvas is nearly 30% of the image and has less composition on it. I believe a simple drawing or painting will make the image look better.


My 2nd wip. [font=Arial]C&Cs welcome.



thanx Don and threeDeepond for the comments. will work on those


this is my first render. there are still some texture problems and small details need to be fixed, but welcome for feedback


Great work everyone. The challenge will be ending at the end of this weekend, the 16th, so make sure to post any images in the Final Images Thread if you want to be considered for judging.


I would like to congratulate everyone for the beautiful renderers, Kanooshka for the hosting and the precious feedback (both in modelling and rendering) and as always Jeremy for making the esistence of challenges possible !


thanks threeDeepond :wink:

I’ve fixed that, and will be posting my final images soon… well as soon as it renders a hi-res version