Lighting Challenge #25: (WIP) Artistry


here is my first light test.


Nice work…keep it up!!! :bowdown:
for brick texture you used a bump or displacement map or it is a flat image??


Here is another update with some of kanooshka’s advice implemented. C&C as always. Thanks!

 Thanks Maxmit
 I have used 3 diffrent textres with 3 masks to make it look very complex using normal and bump maps.
 displacemt map is the best solution for me but my old laptop going to die :) so yeah normal map is the key
 This is an update as kanooshka suggested

or ??


which one is better?


my first wip

cc are welcome :slight_smile:


I like the full b/w one most


@asinn - haha this is almost nsfw, if we were made out of wood. I assume they are getting intimate (or someone is about to kill someone). If they are supposed to be in a romantic mood I think some strong color in your lights would help to convey that. Perhaps you could turn on the desk lamp to a lusty pink/purple? Also, the figure sitting down looks a little nervous/taken aback. If you were going for that then you did a great job capturing the emotion in the pose but if not you may want to adjust it a bit. You can do so much with the lighting in this scene in terms of mood, imho, so my advice would be, don’t be afraid of bright vibrant colors and post some experiments.




Good choose for the part of the scene. My comments:

  1. Your gold knife is to plastic reflective
  2. Your glass are Roemer glass. All glass if you search in google for Roemer.


Thanks Chritter :slight_smile:
i will go with it (full B/w)


Hey All,
Here my first entry camera Composition only…


Hi, firstly can I say how great it is that you guys are taking the time to run these challenges. However, I am having a problem light linking to the hanging lights. For example, the spot light in the scene, see attached image, will only illuminate the hanging light if ‘line329’ in the GRP_ Ladder is linked to it!?..?? Huh?

Anyone else found this problem?


Last Update***
if there is more comments please post them before submit it to the Final image thread


Oh, I saw this challenge weeks ago and then forgot about it over Christmas! Looks like I’ve got a bit of catching up to do. Here’s my start, just setting up the empty room…


@drmaya : nope…I think it’s just great!! Wonderful composition, you nailed it man. Great job!! :bowdown:


Thanks Donny
I really appreciate it
So that’s my Final
Best regards to u all.


Here are my updated versions:

Here is a clean version with a little spin on it.


well hello and I am back for this little challenge. I used Vray RT on my new gtx 460 and this was quite a nice test. done in 3 minutes. NICE! So I’ll be exploring some other angles too, but this is good for starters!



I’m rather liking the moonlit look…


This is my first challenge and I am really grateful for the opportunity to get some practical experience with lighting under my belt.

Here I have used blue point lights with a linear decay on the inside and outside of the windows so that there is blue light spreading into the room and around the windows.

Then I used an orange direct light as sunlight. In the areas where this light hits the inside wall and floor I have place orange point lights with linear decay to simulate bounced light.

Lastly there are two white, wide angled spotlights pointing through the widows which are light linked to the hanging lights and various other objects add a bit of kick light to them.

I have also learnt that some Mental ray shaders don't work with light linking.

Modeled by Giorgio Luciano