Lighting Challenge #25: (WIP) Artistry


Thanks Imdiye for C&C

I am trying to show some old kinda photoeffect so i add some dust particles
and some Grains in compositing…:slight_smile:

hello Jeremy Birn

Thanks for your valuable C&C
Its gives me insperation to work…:slight_smile:
I will add some extra effort on this and will do much better than this with extra shader which is still pending… :cool:
Beside this I dont want to change my look and fill…:slight_smile:


This is my first entry
C&C welcome…


Thanx Jeremy. will do that. and i havent started with the character lighting. i know i need to take care of that.



Thanks for the reply, Jeremy.

This is my 2nd shot of the scene. Still, just testing out the mood and lighting, some wood material applied. Post effect in Fusion , seriously sometimes i just get too carried away in Fusion, lol. What do you guys think about the lighting & placement of object in this scene, C&C are very welcome :slight_smile:

Things to do for this shot:
-Change the pose of the wooden figure to a more emotional one
-Better object placement
-Change the pot’s material for aluminium to ceramics

I’ll be working with this shot at home and the overall shot in my first post when i have free time at work. I intend to do a 3rd shot of the canavas too if i have time.


mrhahn98: Overall this is looking very nice. As you mentioned, some texture/material variation will help push this a little further. The rims of the different containers could use some highlights, they may just need to be beveled. Also, since it’s pretty clear that the figure is the focus of the image, the light on the table could use a little more drop-off. This would frame the figure more.

Prabirayvolve: Nice images. In the first image, besides the bright spots on the walls, it’s difficult to understand where the light is coming from. It seems there’s just a lot of ambient light bouncing around. If the light is coming from the windows, try to focus the light a little more into pools on the floor as well as onto areas that face the windows.

For your second image, the dark areas could use a little more definition, Each area of contrast turns into a focus, Try squinting your eyes and you’ll really see which areas become of focus. One place in particular is the dark window frame against the sky, in the top left. Try to add some fill light from the sky so they don’t seem so dark.


Hi Jeremy , thanks for your guide :slight_smile:
Sorry i can’t express how i do that because my english not good…but i tried to follow your guide …however i don’t be satisfied with my result because i’m not enough time render to incease value nonuniform in volume and add some dust in to volume light…to do more realistic . however i’ll to spend time in finish it…

full image


[b]Thank you kanooshka for your useful tips for improving my lighting skills for this scene

 updated scene.I think i have made the corrections which you have specified  
   :wip:.  CC Welcome .Little post work in fusion



bimalbose: Nice updates. One thing that could use some work in your image is the focus of the light sources. For the hanging lights, try to create some focused pools of light on the floor, and some on the wall. For the windows, try to do the same. Simply put, less ambient light and more direct light.

vanviet Looking good! The skylight illuminating the wall could use a little more work. The brightest part is right against the ceiling as if the window is right against the wall. Take a look at this image for a little inspiration. Notice how the skylight on the floor is much more dispersed as compared to your image where the skylight is focused to the width of the window. Also, here’s a little paintover with suggestions:


Thanks for your suggestion, kanooshka. I’ll test it out and post a new update soon :slight_smile:


Here is my WIP entry based on some of your comments!


Continue texturing and shading


Hi kanooshka.:)!
Thanks you so much for your examples that help me a lot. I’ll try to solve the problems you tell me about. I’ll make it better. :slight_smile:


There is an update…thanks for the comments.
Finally I can add the volume effect.

I hope to make new updates next week!!
Happy new year to all!


hi kanooshka!:slight_smile:
This’s my new wip…
I rendered this image in low quality, I excluded those I thought that was unessesary and crate a composition with light sources that I found interesting and brought more feelings.

However I still think that the lights aren’t good enough, please give me some advices . Thank you.:slight_smile:


that looks pretty good so far. What I would suggest is this:
your key lights (the lamp and the one coming through the window) are fine as they are, highlighting the 2 wooden guys. However, the contrast is not very hogh. so i would go for a much darker look, making the whole scene nearly entierly dark and only have those 2 lights focusing on the guys. Something very low key (look at the results of google image search. But be aware that a lot of naked women will pop up on your screen due to the fact, that low key is the preffered light setting for nude photography ^^)
By doing that your image should loose a lot of saturation, but thats just fine. don’t make it black and white though. Woudl be too clichéish.


vanviet: Nice work! You have an interesting composition and clear focus. One thing this image could use is some more dark values and contrast from the ambient light.

Ichukiets: Good update. Overall the room is over bright and lacks contrast. Areas like the ceiling could use some more shadowing, while the floor could use some more spill from the sky. It’s looking a bit to bright under the table and chairs, try to darken those areas.

genaf1: Looking good. Are those ghosts in the room? They’re a little difficult to see and could use some brighter illumination. The bright window spots on the floor are dominating the composition right now. Try to add some more glints of highlights.

MartinRomero: Overall the lighting is very confusing. It’s difficult to figure out where the light is coming from. Are the windows the source of illumination? If so, I would expect to see some soft pools of light from the sky. Is there liquid on the ground? If it’s liquid I’d expect lots of reflections and highlights.


kanooshka - yes. people are the ghosts. :slight_smile: ghosts from the past - models
specular and reflections - work in progress.


Thank you for your comments Kanooshka!

MartinRomero: Overall the lighting is very confusing. It’s difficult to figure out where the light is coming from. Are the windows the source of illumination? If so, I would expect to see some soft pools of light from the sky. Is there liquid on the ground? If it’s liquid I’d expect lots of reflections and highlights.

I made some changes based on your comments. I totally agreed with you with. I was not really showing the source but in this version that has been taking care of. Yes of course the windows are the source of illumination but I could see where you got confused. The stuff on the ground isn’t water. Overall, I am really happy with these results on this version however, any other comments are welcome.

High Res


Hey everyone,
Here is a quick update of my scene. I would really love to hear any comments or critiques.

@patrickrowan - I tried implementing some of your suggestions, I think they really helped. Thanks!