Lighting Challenge #25: (Final Images) Artistry


Please enjoy reading through this thread as an archive, but it is closed to new posts. You can still download the old models and also post your entry in order to ask for feedback here

This thread is for final image submission for Challenge #25 Artistry. The deadline for this challenge is January 16th, 2011.

Since this thread is what the judge will choose from I’d like to keep this thread very clean, so here are some rules I’d like to set:

[li]Post final images by replying to this thread
[/li][li]Please post final images only, if you make changes you can edit your post.
[/li][li]Try not to fill this thread with feedback, that’s what the WIP thread is for.
[/li][li]You can post more than one image, but please don’t post the same image more than once

Good luck and Enjoy!


I used 3DStudioMax2010, Vray and Photoshop.
Maps are from CGTextures



here is mine



Thanks for such a nice challenge



Final Submission - If anyone has any last c & c I would still like to hear them but please post them in the WIP thread as per the challenge guidelines. Thanks for a great challenge!




thanks :beer:



Maya with MentalRay & Photoshop :slight_smile:


Hi, Forum;
here’s my Final image. Maya,MR.
Thank you


Final Submission.


Final Image
3DSMax, Vray, Photoshop

Thank you CGTalk for the challenge!


[b]Hi I’m new and I’m just getting started with lighting. Here is my submission, I hope to take part in future CGsociety lighting challenges. As general comments are not encouraged in this thread any comments you would like to contribute can be left at my online portfolio.

Done in Maya with MR and PS.



This was a lot of fun and I liked the challenge!

Here is the clean version!





Maya standard light, Mental ray, Psd



Rendered in mental ray.


My final - I kind of ran out of time to do much else with it to be. Real life got in the way :frowning:


So I´ll just give it a try :stuck_out_tongue:
Rendered with VRay



Hi everyone,
Here is my final submission. I look forward to the next one!
Photoshop, Maya, Mental Ray


Done with XSI, mental ray but without gi or fg, traditional lighting.
Comments and tips are welcomed! Thanks!
high resolution: