Lighting Challenge #24: (WIP) The Cabin


Wow! Good work everyone! I’m sad I missed this one, it would have been fun. I’ve been a little busy at work lately… Hope I can get in on the next one though!


some quality stuff in here, awesome!


shame that the challenge has been over for nearly a month and there’s no sign of a new one.


Next one is coming really soon dont’ worry !


This is my first post on cgtalk…Please comment it



here is my work, i hope you like it .


Hi all,

Here my updated version …waiting for your usefull comments.


please comment it


please comment this image


sivaavatar2009: Good job. Overall I think your first composition works the best. The water in the background seems to be reflecting the environment brighter than it really is. Make sure your shadow trace depth is high enough. The background is receiving bright blue light but that isn’t seen on the tree. See if you can brighten the ambiance on the tree to solve that issue. The lighting on the stump seems very bright compared to its proximity to the light source and the intensity of light around it. Try either decreasing the intensity of artificial light on the stump or adding some bounce light off of it.

esswar4u: Great image! The biggest thing that could be adjusted is the intensity and focus of the artificial light. The lamp is emitting the same intensity light as the sun. Really turn that intensity down and possibly tighten its focus a little bit so it’s not illuminating the underside of the roof quite as much.

ofn: Nice work. The background and foreground of your image don’t seem to fit together quite as well as they could. Try to use those deep oranges from the background for the lights in the foreground that illuminate the cabin.


I am late though I was almost ready…Check My post at

3Ds Max 2010–Mental-Ray.


This is my final image


what about the next challenge? :frowning:


Created a short animation a little while ago and forgot to post it here…


Great! what did u use for the windy grass?


Thanks! I went with paint fx for the grass. There are a few built in wind attributes that I wrote simple expressions on.


this challenge seems to be one of the best place to practice environment. I love this scene really.:slight_smile:


I did not understant this but I know lightning is engineering topics.


Hi people,

If anyone is still active on this thread, I am working on this scene just to build up my portfolio and I needed some critique on the work I have done so far. Any suggestion/comments will be greatly appreciated. I am in the process to put some grass on the mountains using paint effects. So the texture looks bad. But any help will be appreciated. :slight_smile:



Off to a good start Esha! I’d work on the lighting itself first and foremost, however. Maybe apply a flat gray shader to everything, and work on linear lighting a bit? It doesn’t appear that you’re using a linear lighting workflow here.

PFX can be tedious but if you scoot over to the Maya forums there’s a few nice ones on how to do big areas of grass using instancing and one small patch made from PFX grass. It’s certainly doable; I used PFX for my grass as well.