Lighting Challenge #24: (WIP) The Cabin


Here’s a go at the lighting project. Did this as a class project. First post on CGSociety!


Heres my go at the Cabin. Did this as a school project and our professor said to put them online so people could critique, which would make us better. So feel free to tear it a new one if you must lol


this is my final picture:
i don’t have much time to finish it:


Thx! For the transition, I mean the transition between icicles and roof/snow surface. The icicles himself has always the same refraction. I think your icicles looks so dark because you dont have enough refraction rays. so the background is not visible. but i think you know that. and double check if all the surfaces are visible in refractions.

u can easy make a nice transition if u copy a part of your snow surface and then model the icicles on the botton of the snow surface. assign the icicles shader and render it. important think is that the icicles are not visible for occlusion or even shadows, to avoid ugly rendered edges and the icicles are not casting occlusion on the snow surface. the transition will look nice. remind that u need to match all other parameters like reflection to the snow settings. easy way is rendering a seperate icicles pass and combining them in compositing with a mask.


Doesn’t like it too much. Had no time to work on it as I wanted. The background vegetation it’s so bad… Also had to work more on the colour scheme of the house, it’s too confusing. But that’s what I got. Softimage and Mental Ray.


Here’s my latest… Lighting is horrible. Turned into more of a compositing and texturing exercise for me, and I’m just now working on lighting really. Mostly, getting some interior lightings to spill out has been painful and in this render, it’s just exterior lighting. I doubt I’ll finish in time, but would appreciate more feedback nonetheless. This is my latest “raw” render, no post, followed by the postworked version. Tear it up, my friends.

(please, don’t mind my horrible alpha edges… working on that as well, and no zdepth to help save the day!)


This is my first post :slight_smile: so excited to get feet back about my lighting.

I juste got a problem while rendering with grass so I chose to post it even it (maybe tomorrow I’ll try to render my grass again…)


Final Render.

Full Res

Maya 2011.
Mental Ray - Direct Lighting
Nuke / After Effects.



Thanks a lot for the feedback, it was very useful for me! I try to correct all the problems mentioned (new background, ground to cg, tree texture, clouds etc…) and i hope it’s better like that!


High Rez


Someone knows if there is going to be done a post to leave the last versions?


Foreground plants look pretty good, and I do like the dull colors contrasted with the warmth of the sky. Your cabin is mostly backlit by indirect illumination, so I think some ambient occlusion would help to define the edges of surfaces a little better. Also consider making the wood trim, window sills, and wooden support beams slightly different colors (not too different, though), so that those structures don’t get lost. The door should be a different color and texture, I think. Your blacks don’t seem to be matched to me (specifically, I’m looking at the difference between the chimney and the tree behind it.) The midground trees with the “unfogged” edges look a little strange – the effect is okay, but I would turn that down a bit (either less fog overall, or more fog over those trees). Would a one-pixel Erode help the alpha problem? Are you making sure you aren’t premulting the image twice?


Hello guys! I’ve spend some time on this project lately :smiley: Thanks for your inputs! Here’s my final image:

High Res


I got some time today to work on my entry.
there is still so much i wanted to do but I´m calling this done right now!
Rendered with Maya software and some post w Ps.
Good work everyone!


You have to post your final version here.


Thank you KayPoprawe, I didn´t see the post.


I think this is my final entry here, doubt I can do much more since it’s due today. Can only tweak so much, pretty fun for my first time and I’m relatively satisfied with the result.

Full Res


Hey everyone, just a reminder that this challenge will be ending and to post your images in the Final Images Thread if you want to enter into the judging for the gallery.


whew, I just posted in the final images forum – just in the nick of time, I think with about 20 min to spare. Didn’t get to fix every little thing I wanted to, but I’m happy with the result. Here are my three versions for comparison, from first version to final version.

a link to my post in the final images thread (with the full res version of my final):


Please delete this post. I posted this on the wrong board. Sorry.


Congratulations on another terrific challenge!

A gallery is on-line showing some of the fine work that was posted here: