Lighting Challenge #24: (WIP) The Cabin


Just in case someone talks about visiblity in the night version. You need a good calibrated screen, if u dont see much in the picture. the picture looks fine and is not to dark.

This are my wip of the night version from my scene. There are a few thinks still missing. The extrem highlight in the water drives me crazy, but i will fix that in the next version. And i think i will rework a bit the sky. But lets see…


Last update, I´m thinking to do just one more, so please critiques are very welcome!

@KayPoprawe, good night version :buttrock:


Cant always count on an potential employer viewing your work on the nicest Cinetal monitor. Maybe feedback that it is too dark is good indicator it needs more fill? Or ambient of some sort of even a little gamma up would help.


no critics. if you just fix the black outline issue between foreground and sky, everything is fine. its really good visible at the chimney.

thx, maybe i will increase the gamma a bit, because i dont want to put to much light in front. Or maybe i will render a fill light pass and play around in comp.


continue to work in cartoon style.

Hi this is my first post render image(WIP), give your valuable feedback



this should be my final update. No more time to work on the pictures during this week.

First my latest day version.

And my latest night version:

Thanks again for all your comments!


@ pauldryzen-i liked ur day time image…bt accordin to my view…mountaing behind has lots of blue tone compared to frnt house even d grass has lots of blue tone…i guess addin warm yellow fog would hlp…:thumbsup:.…abt night time image… left wall of d house and roof support on d left in nt receving tht much light as d chimney…

@ kay poprawe-your day time image stil my best:bowdown:…abt night image d crows n d dead cow is nt helpin d image…its give me a giant crab kind of feeling in those Silhouette… i think givin thm highlight or backlighting would hlp…anywz crows over here in India especially in mumbai prefers to sleep at night

@jojo1975-ur image give me newly installed windows Xp… wallpaper feelin…:cool:


a small update but with a big effect on the image

  • added around 20% more fill light in front and changed the grade a bit.
  • added light beams of the ship lights.
  • added more gradient in the sky from bottom to top, and left to right.

@jadrock. thx. those ravens are evil, they dont sleep. new point on the list, adding red eyes to the ravens. :wink:


KayPoprawe, thank you very much for your advice!

Here I think this is the last :arteest: Really good stuff everyone.


ur s day time image is too good.


Had some free time yesterday and decided to take a stab at the challenge. Here’s my final. Crit and comments are always welcome.


latest update …


Hi everyone,

I have been following this thread for a while and am blown away with the range of work and creativity and skill. This is my first attempt at it.
Used Maya and Mental Ray.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.


I like your unique approach. The mountains and sky have a great cartoon look.
The shadows are a little confusing however as the cabin and tree stump seem to be casting a different shadow direction to the tree. The blue in that shadow of the cabin is a nice contrast to the pink/peach at the front however I’d like to see what it looks like when you match the shadow colours of the tree also to this.


Your work is fantastic, I really like the textures in the day shot and the DOF is spot on.
The way you’ve balanced the light in the night shot is inspiring. I especially like the touch of mist across the water and the colour of the lamp light.


Good addition of the beams on the ship lights and fill light in the front. However I think you should maybe add a few more stars to the right of the image as they would be more intense the further away they are from the moon.


Nice depth to the image with the mountains and fog. The grass is really great. It would be great to see a touch more ambient light. Composition suits the lighting, well done


I like your image. The water looks great you could add a little ripple in it too. The sky along with the composition works really well. Great depth. I especially like the leaves fallen to the ground. Maybe you could add a little more of autumn colours into the grass on the left which is a touch too green next to the burnt orange of the tree.


MinkM about the different directions of shadows from the tree.
simple as that. two trees.
first - what can be seen in the camera direction of the shadow on the house.
second tree, located behind the first and to the left.
it gives a second shadow between home and the first tree.
only CG artist see a shadow but not seeing the object casts a shadow that does not believe in the correctness of this
… this is not the correct “ray tracing” …
joke :slight_smile:


thats really my last update…

-add more brighter stars to the right
-add water mist.

Thx for the critics and comment. And good work to everyone else who did something for the challenge. :thumbsup: Cant wait for the next challenge that maybe have a simular flexibal scenery in creativity like that.


KayPoprawe, you have really improved the picture!!! Just two critiques, I´d low down a bit the light of the house behind the boat.
And less stars near the moon, I think they have to be visble in the darkest part of the sky.

Great work!!!


what house you mean? the small one on the right? I increased the intensity of the stars allready to the right. Its a fallof from left to right. You have to compare the newest picture to the version before, to see the difference. Maybe! Otherwise i can check lower down the stars on the left.


where can i find attach file option to upload my post


Latest update of the night version => add the cow boy, light a bit the dark parts and add blue tone


And the new day version :


All is done in maya and composite in fusion.

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