Lighting Challenge #24: (WIP) The Cabin


My first wip strait out of Maya. I still need to render some layers and comp. I am trying to go for a just after set feel, so a little flat light.


Arrgh, another challenge I don’t think I’ll have time to finish. Here’s what I have so far:

No textures on the cabin or distant terrain yet. I also need to mix some forbs in with the grass to add some variety to the foreground.


I added some mountains behind in PS3 let me know your opinion on this image before taking final render.


Hi everyone thanks to all the valuable comments and feedback this has been great challenge a lots of
good work done by the artist so i am posting my latest updated image here thanks

Full resolution



Coz, I have to do my regular work, and dont have much time anymore. This will be the last update for this challenge. But, maybe… we will see. I still have a lot of TODOs on my list. So i will continue working on this after the challenge and my regular work is finished.

Hopefully I can add an other entry, the night version of this, to the challenge.

update on this one.

  • changed the water a bit again,
  • added more detail to the roof.
  • changed the cloth color of the guys shirt a bit, to make him more visible
  • changes the chimney top element to a more metal like ring.



very nice…I love it.:beer:


[color=DarkRed]Heir is my final image.I hope every body like it. that is my large image link. [/color]


any suggestions and comments are welcome


Here is my latest render, any suggestions?


Originally Posted by arusnak
Wow. I really like your concept and color contrast. The Soft orange light makes the scene stand out against the blue backdrop. I would tone down how many starts you have in the background. Its a little distracting and takes away from the picture.

Thanks, arusnak! I’ll keep that in mind. I think I’ll have atleast a day to work on my final image this week-end.


inspired by lightening Photographs, please reply suggestions on it.


Hi every one here is my rendered image


Your cabin could use some dirty, especially on the white door. Also add some normal maps to your wood to really give your scene some depth.

The scene itself is looking a bit flat. The back ground is too bright and could use some more shadows, especially in the forground.


Think I’m getting close to the final look. here’s the full res version, though not at the highest quality settings yet. This is also just a beauty pass render, I will be doing other passes then compositing them together in Nuke later. Any comments, tips etc. very much welcome. I do think now that I look at it more that my bounce lights could be toned down just a little bit (for the front of the house and windmill) Unfortunate that photobucket doesn’t let me upload tiff or tga for better quality. I will probably end up posting them on my website soon, hopefully this weekend

(view in full res, looks much better)


This is my post for the lighting challenge please give comments


Thanks arusnak for the suggestions. I am still working on the scene but here is another update. Comments are always welcomed!!


Voigg@:-hi voigg i liked your image very much it is very nice composition i would like to suggest you to
reduce the light intensity on chimney side grass you can add a bit more light to porch beside the lamp nice work man :beer:

Nurgle88:-you are about to make a something here man the way you have maintain the light temperature in this image is very nice keep going …


another improved? attempt…


@ Voigg such a wonderful image !!!
@Binary your texture work is awesome, such a wide DOF give the impression of a tilt shift image, very pleasent to see but I dont’ know it this is intentional

There’s my entry/WIP


Hey there, here’s my final image.

Click here for the larger version.

Though I can’t make any more changes to it before the deadline I’d love to get critiques about it. Can’t say I’m very happy with it.

Thanking you,