Lighting Challenge #24: (WIP) The Cabin


Good start. The tree trunk and chimney need more texture, and the grass should probably have slight color and texture variations to break up the monotony a little. Some of the leaves on the trees look like they are floating in mid air (although that might be the scene geo itself, haven’t looked at it in depth yet). The texture on the mountain looks a bit large, mainly because of the rolling, hill-like edge against the sky. A mountain with that kind of rocky texture would not have a wavy profile against the sky. I would either change the hill geometry or the texture.
Overall, the sky and color palette seem rather dull to me. Consider increasing the saturation and/or adding a colored tint in compositing.


Excellent thanks, it worked and I learnt something new.
Ciao L


I’m in! this one should be my first for those vegetations.
Thank you Andrew Kin Fun Chan and Dan Konieczka! nice modeling!


thanks jonathancking :slight_smile: your comment Important

In fact I am tired of dealing with the house -__- i think burn it with fumefx lol

with out color Correction

with color Correction

Dears any suggestions ؟


Thought I would get an early start on this so I can finish on time. This is just a composition & lighting study. I am still mulling over what direction to take with this image.

All grass is temporary (surfacespread, thank you!)


This is more of a composition issue than a lighting and rendering issue, but so much of the windmill is cropped out that its blades become an abstract shape on the chimney. I would either move it into the frame or delete it entirely.

Otherwise, I think that your initial colors and textures are looking good.


hopefully i can finish this one…just a preliminary test.


Can we have XSI scene?


Unfortunately I do not have access to XSI. If someone would like to convert the obj or fbx to that format I’d gladly put that file up.


Before diving in I wanted to get a feel for the color and comp. Quick paintover of the screenshot.


…great thanks to Andrew Kin Fun Chan and Dan Konieczka for this model…well i am in fr this challenge


hey fellas! does any one has some sources to make photo realistic vegetation?
any ideas for shader? maybe go with SSS SKin? :curious:


SSS will take you ages probably, it also depends on which renderer you are using. Also it depends on which approach you would like… 2d or 3d, just google for Xfrog, Itoosoft, and multiscatter. Best vegetation around…


another test…


I really like the wood on the house. It has a nice weathered look and the planks have a nice bump. Good job texturing on the house. Your grass has great variety and isn’t over saturated.

One thing that sticks out is how red the soil is. Red Soil is iron-rich and difficult to grow anything on.Grass won’t grow that thick on red soil, naturally. I’d either add some brown to the texture or space out your grass.


Seeing what I can get out of it by following the KISS principle.

Sometimes I think the mats do more to sell the lighting than the actual lighting. It will definitely need a lot more tweaking.


Ohhh, night shot! good mood! great!


test light, composition


I feel like these files are a lot more time consuming to open and clean up, has anyone else experienced these issues? I’m trying to seperate the .obj files, but it seems to be taking forever, and i can’t save the maya 2011 version, because there are “Hidden” Nodes that cannot be saved…lol Any ideas?


try export all as maya ascii and then import in a new scene and save as maya binary…
fixed this issue for me

greets felix