Lighting Challenge #24: (WIP) The Cabin


Its a plugin and standalone tool called “Ivy generator” by Thomas Luft. Just google “Ivy Generator” for jaw dropping pictures. ^^


I am creating night mood


Originally Posted by [b]KayPoprawe

[/b]If your light source is coming from the left/front side, it doesnt make sense that the sun is visible behind the palms in the back. It looks fine for the picture but it doesnt work with your lighting. The DOF in the background is too strong, and the palms on the background are not affected bei the DOF. maybe u can play a little bit more around with the texturing. Especially the roof and the smoke stack texture is repeating really often. the rest is really fine…


Thanks kay Poprawe for your suggestion definitely i will fix those things


Here is my first image for my first participation to this light challenge!

Before passage in fusion:

And after with occlusion, background, blur and color correction:

I would like to improve it, so all critics are welcome!
And congratulation for all magnificient images here !!

my graduation film here


heir is my new update.


Allright, I finally managed to get some snow on the tree and decided to add the falling snow in post instead of Maya. Thanks for any kind of feedback!


I will update with textures soon I am using software render I need to put some rim lights and also control shadows. critics are most welcome.


I will also go for a winter scene :wink:


I will update with textures soon I am using software render I need to put some rim lights and also control shadows. critics are most welcome.

 Hi  Banigandlapati first of all i would like to suggest you for trying make a  batter composition  because every thing is in the center and in lighting terms if your key light from left side so you need increase the key light intensity a bit because tree is looking flat and need to maintain the both the key light contrast is well to make this image look batter and in your second key light the light source is not clear from where the light is illuminating.


good afternoon all… ill take a little break from this challenges… first time using mental ray i use renderman before , no gi fg or ip … i hope i can deliver a final image, this is what i got so far. click image for higher res.


My last update, please critiques :buttrock:


update… added and changed many stuff. a little bit of water spray is missing for the small boats, but basically thats how it looks. i also shift the sky a bit down, added engine smoke for the ship, added ship lights, changed colors of the leafs, wire connection to the cabin and shift the middle tree to the right. critics and comments are welcome…


Nice Kay! Maybe now your boat could have some more reflections/highlights, now it look like it is made out of cloth, need to look more like rubber. Also the size of the bird on the chimney seems a bit wrong compared to the guy on the roof. All the rest is cool.

Btw. Here is my new night version.

and my latest day version

I don´t think that I will have more time to work on them so if there are any comments, please let me know.

Thanks Paul


Thx Paul. Believe it or not, but everything is really reflective and shiny. :slight_smile: Especially the boats. But I know what u mean, i need to render some extra Specular passes to kick out some more details and realism.

Some comments on your night version. Its looks now much much better than the versions before, the small lake and water grass adds a good depth into the picture, but your oil lamp makes me crying. ^^ Its really too strong, compare to the rest. It looks not nature and more like a 1000Watt Lamp. The halos around the leafs, it is a glow from the leafs or is it the halo, glow, lensflare from the moon light? It disturbs and make u believe that it is coming from the moon, and the halo light makes no sense. Maybe you have some time for changes…

See ya on Skype.


@pauldryzen; the two pictures are so cool, just details to say, the roof have a kind of repeted texture in both images. In the night picture the light under the porche is pretty even, I know the door is open, but this light would be cast just from the opening of the door.
You have an amazing stuff.

@KayPoprawe; man, it have improved a lot, I agree with pauldryzen about the reflection and refraction, but very subtle, beacuse there is not much light.
Very cool work!


Hi everyone this is my latest updated image looking for feedback and suggestions thanks

Full resolution


updated night version:

The light of the small lamp is reduced now and the glow effect of the moon is now blue again :slight_smile:
Concerning the textures on the roof I´ll see if I have the time to rerender the pictures, maybe next week.


thx tuovni for the comments.

update, i kicked out the reflection and specular in compositing. now it looks far better in my opinion.


Hi guys.

    I'm new to lighting. would love to get your feedbacks. will be really glad. please help me out. its still work in progress. textures arent finished yet. please help me


from the point of the lighting. if u take your backplate as a lighting reference. the key light is coming from behind thru the hole of the clouds. in the picture the sky is extremely overcast, and u dont have a direct sunlike lightsource. the most stuff of your scene is casted in indirected lighting and cloud shadows. you need another direct lightsource, if u want that the light is coming from the front. maybe a fire place or something like that.