Lighting Challenge #24: (WIP) The Cabin


Here is mine. One night image and one Day.



@KayPoprawe- Great concept! Reminds me of Bangladesh!! LOL! where flood occurs even with 30 mins rain. Love the details that you have put in. One small suggestion, if there is electricity poles going through the area won’t the wires will also go into the house and if there is electricity why will there be windmill. this is all trivial things i know which is not related to cg. But a great job indeed.:thumbsup:


Finally made some time to work on this one. Comments appreciated.


After a long time, here is an update.

There are incredible pictures!!!


This is my current render I keep on adding details…Comments are welcome.


I love mental ray (Im happy XSI user )


@djprasun, thx for the comment. its a phone mast. maybe i will connect it to the old cabin. the windmill is out of function and just there, and old artifact from the past. :wink:

@tuovni great picture, i like the silhouette style a lot, especially the rim light of the grass looks great, but just one comment for the lighting. it seems like that the sun is directly behind the cabin, if i watch the backdrop. and it doesnt really fits the lighting u did on the cabin and environment. maybe shifting the sky a bit more to the right, will fit that issue.

@infernalDarkness, the detail is really nice, but your lighting doesnt fit to the backdrop picture. in the backdrop picture the lighting is coming from behind. your lightsource is coming from behind, that is quite good visible, but the dark areas are to bright and not tinted in sunset mood.

@xeltestic, it seems like that your horizon line is to high, and the mountains are to much visible, in cause of the your camera is a upwatching one. shifting the second mountain layer a bit down will probally fit that perspective mistake. maybe iam wrong, but it seems not correct.

@shordy, nice progress so far. nice to see more.


You could try using a displacement map, instead of using models or fur.

This is a simple displacement tutorial. Somebody posted it in this forum a while back, but I forgot who.


I have comped a bit this afternoon. Lots of dark area I know, tried to do lomo. will render a new one this weekend.


Hello frens,
got some tme 2day… so worked lil bit on the scene mainly on the texturing part and did the very basic lighting… will soon post more updates…



@KayPoprawe; thank you very much for your critique, you are right, I´ll fix it. Your picture is incredible, I like very much the phone masts, but make me wait to see more roofs on the water, like a neighborhood after a flood.
The concept is amazing!

@djprasun; I think the last one before this one was better. This shadows are like stains. I think it was almost finished, you just had to take off the glows behind the cabin. I like very much this sunset.

@InfernalDarkness; sometimes a pictures is better than 1000 words :slight_smile: I just did a draft of 2 minutes to show you waht I think you should start improving with this picture. You´ve got the light source behaind the cabin, so you should work on some rims on the cabin as well as the trees. Try to dim a little the front of the cabin next to the chimney, and less to the other side, it looks like this side is more exposed to the sun. And the cabin will cast a big shadow in front.

@banigandlapati; good start, I think you have to much white in the whole image, the shore is completly white, and the mountains have the same hue than the foreground, It should be less saturated. I´d try to improve this things :slight_smile:
Xeltestic always says something very important, references are your friends.

@bips03; cool picture, it reminds me the pixar short lift up. I´d improve the frame, the cabin is too close to the bottom edge. Other thing, I think the grass is too fluor. The idea is pretty cool, I´m anxious to see the final.

@Robo2010; awesome, the two versions. The first one I think you should smooth the edge light from the lamp.

@ashutosh8323; I think your light is pretty even, you should have to shape the objets darkening some parts, and giving more light to others.
The texture from the chimney is too repeated, like some others.


@tuovni- thank you very much. I needed this help very badly.


I everyone. This is my entry. I didn’t have much time to participate in this challenge.

Congrats for all good works



Thanks Tuovni for your suggestion here is my updated image .

    Looking forward to get feedback and suggestion Thanks


Hi! well ive just started :slight_smile: this my first test render ive only worked on the grass , water and the beach


If your light source is coming from the left/front side, it doesnt make sense that the sun is visible behind the palms in the back. It looks fine for the picture but it doesnt work with your lighting. The DOF in the background is too strong, and the palms on the background are not affected bei the DOF. maybe u can play a little bit more around with the texturing. Especially the roof and the smoke stack texture is repeating really often. the rest is really fine…

Check your DOF in the background, its to much, and makes the scene looks like its a tiny model.


here is an update.


little update, I’ve already made more changes to the scene since this render today. This is an overall test, I will be breaking the scene up into some different layers to get a better final look. some good looking stuff from others here. can’t wait to see all the final versions. comments, critiques everything welcome.
(will be rendering out in higher resolution later, this is just so I can keep render times quick and easy)


@Shordy- WHAT THE …!:eek: Are those vines modeled. If you could please share with us the process then ordinary mortals like me will hugely benefit.