Lighting Challenge #24: (WIP) The Cabin


2nd image.


Another update. Now with a little pond in front :slight_smile:


@sagecgi - thank you for your comments. I am not so sure what you meant with the " making it a 2 point perspective". In the end it is a 2 point perspective, even though the left vanishing point is quite far off image.

@stone cold ninja- thx for the valuable feedback. I took your advice to heart and did work on the sky some more. The darkening on the left upper corner is more the effect of a polarizing filter. There is a vignette as well though opacity is set at far low. If it looks still too prominent let me know and throw out the vignette. I know what u mean with the grass. If I get a chance to rerender it I will. It just renders really slowly on my ancient computer.

For now here is my latest update.


This image is the better one. Some things that caught my eye is that after watching the position of the sun I would say that this scene should be lit through back light. An example of backlight is I mean if you look at the position of the sun and the rim light on the tree trunk, its not matching. You could match the lighting with the position of the sun or change the position of the sun totally. I mean how can the front porch receive so much sunlight if the sun is at the back of the house. And also the matte could use some warm tone as your scene have a warm feel.
I really like your scene. Keep going! Cheers:beer:


It’s a 3 point perspective as the vertical elements (chimney and deck posts) are not straight. You would need to set your cameras pitch to 0 and shift the frame down.

All in all, still a great image.


Yes. And u are perfectly right! :slight_smile:


djprasun:Thanks for feed back.


Wow great work so far, I will be back again in the challenge in one day :slight_smile:


This is my entry so far. Its still in progress and i used Maya and Mental Ray with ourer own shader lib at Lightstorm3D. coded by Dirk Bialluch. Compositing was done in Nuke.

Thx for critics and comments.


Hi every one i am posting my third image for this challenge looking for suggestion and feedback thanks


Very nice. I love the feel of it and the concept is quite original. I know its still a wip, but here are some of the things that come to my mind. First of all the boat, which I believe is quite important for the scene, could be made a little bit more obvious (I totally missed it at first when looking at a lower rez). Either changing its position, size or framing it better with other elements in your scene eg. with the clouds of your backdrop. The higher contrast between the ship and its surroundings already helps a lot so dont loose that. Other than that your sky needs some reworking. I would be aware of the placement of the clouds (now it somehow feels like the guy on the roof is holding on to the clouds) and there should be a value shift closer to the horizon.
The leaves of the trees look like paper atm but i guess u didnt get there yet. Anyways love where this is going. Keep us posted.


my render…composited on Photoshop…
could nt get any grass or somthin cause every time i render wit grass 3d max always shutsdown… hope i get some comments on this…thnks


Hear is my first render Please guide me


Hi, seeing that your camera is that far away from ground level, you could easily get away with a good grass texture, possibly including displacement. Make it interesting enough and break it up in areas.What ever you choose to do keep in mind what kind of vegetation to expect near ocean shores like this one. References are your friend. Maybe add more of those rock models and perhaps place some plant models by hand. The horizon line of your ocean looks weird. The value where ocean and sky meets is too close atm. Maybe sth like in the pic below could work. Keep it up :slight_smile:


:wavey: thanks Xeltestic for ur coments…i wl put some vegetation n see wat i come up wit…


This is my 2ndstage of render in Maya any suggestions please


Thx for the comments and critics. I’m planing some smaller rescue boats, so the focus is more on the smaller ones that are more in focus and near the house. For me the big boat is just a background element. I also adding more details at the moment. If i have some new stuff i will post it.


I would try to choose a better place for your sun. What u want to do is enhance the 3dimensionality of things. To do that, have one side of your house stay in shadow while the other is hit by light. Pay attention where the your shadows will fall. Good luck.


Here my updates in the image looking for feedback and suggestion thanks


Small Update. As u can see the rescue boards are wip and non shaded at the moment. Also the people are missing and the Water FX. All that stuff is coming soon. I also scaled the big boat in the proportion and added a few phone masts for get a better felling for the depth and perspektive.