Lighting Challenge #24: (WIP) The Cabin


hey guys! here’s my new test image, don’t mind the mountain texture yet, still working on that. Any thoughts and suggestions are always welcomed!


Thanks for letting me know you’ve been getting some strange issues as well. But on the plus side at least those issues are not crashing Maya…that’s what was happening to me. There is something seriously wrong with that MA file. I’m totally scrapping all the work I put in tonight. I have no desire to touch that scene with a 20-ft pole after all the problems I ran into. I’m going to start fresh tomorrow by importing the obj. Anytime I open a scene and see 100s and 100s of errors it’s just not good.

I’m really liking your image though! The thing that sticks out to me that I can critique quickly is that tree in camera left is fighting to come into the foreground. The saturation, color, and the way it is lit make it feel like its in front of the house, but I can clearly see by the overlapping shapes that it is behind the house. It’s got an eye-twisting MC Escher sort of effect going on. Every time I look at it it messes me up because my mind keeps switching back and forth between which one is in front. Know what I mean?


That issue isn’t as predominant in the high res…so maybe ignore what I just said.

Once my brain isn’t fried from fighting a maya scene for 4 hours and losing I’ll try and be more thorough. :slight_smile:


A revision:

I replaced the foreground grass, added a few details, and learned how to use MR Proxies (damn you Scatter tool!). Thanks for the critiques, it’s incredibly helpful. Also, Infernal Darkness’s comparison to Ninja Scroll got me thinking, and so I added a little mystery as if this serene mountain meadow was just the scene of horrific violence. Probably can’t see in the overall image, so I did some blowups to illustrate:

Comments are critiques are appreciated.

Edit: Apparently, the bare ass of a Poser model is too much for Photobucket. Image removed.


Much better now! The grass is great =) I like it! Maybe add or increase the bump on the chimney? I think that it’s too flat.


Originally Posted by InfernalDarkness
@ashutosh8323: I think you’re on to something there! The scene is very fun and full of life… I think more variation in your greens would really be nice though. Most of the plants all seem to be nearly the same hue. Also if you’re using that much saturation and deep green in your plants, perhaps contrast it with a darker, more colorful series of browns and such for your cabin itself? Just some ideas!

Thanks InfernalDarkness for your suggestion i will definitely going to apply those correction in to my image



thanks for the feedback. I´ve done some more work on my entry for this challenge.

First of all I´ve moved the lamp to its original position :slight_smile: Now it is not “floating” in the air.
All the rest you can see in my updated version.

The first one is without any color textures, but I´ve found some time today to add another version with textures.
I´m pretty happy with the lighting so far, the only thing I totally don´t like is the background, but I really don´t have enough time to build up a complete 3D mountain right now, maybe I will add that someday, but for now I only have the lowres mountains for the background :-(.

The untextured version.

and the textured one.

I´ve increased the gamma value on both pictures a little bit to make the details in the shadows a bit more visible, let me know if the picture is too bright now :slight_smile:

btw. I you click on view graphics you can check the pictures in highres 2k resolution.

Thanks Paul


Thanks man.:).

@InfernalDarkness:I looked at you scene, and right off the bat i can say you have great variation in the vegetation. The light hitting the Left lower part seems confusing whether its coming from the windows or the sun behind the house. There seems to be a lot of Ambient Light in the scene filling up what could be darker area’s in the scene. the Cabin itself could use a Occlusion Pass. Also i think some top parts of the tree’s are completely Black. Lastly I think the camera FOV almost feels Orthogonal . just dropping it a bit might add a bit of Depth to the image. The tree models are great. just need that highlighting and Occlusion/ shadows on them to get more rounded look.
Hope that helps.:slight_smile:


I’m finally done with the 3D bits. I finished the tex, replaced some grass bits and tweaked the composition (I have 5 in total). Just have to finalize the color grading.

I’m digging the lighting

@stone cold ninja
The grass (color/saturation) dose not seem to go with the background (mountains/cabin). Also maybe recompose the stump and axe in the foreground. Great bkgrnd btw.

It’s very monochromatic for me. Probably because the focal point of your scene is in shadow

Wholly saturation Batman! Just turn it down a notch. Great concept.

The green seems over saturated & the blades are a bit to fat for me. Lightning in the bkgrnd & rain in the foreground?


update…brightened up the cabin area for more focus on it. added some fog/mist. High Res.


Still loads to do. Im still gona replace the sky and add the mountains, which I will try to paint in. Prolly need to rework the CC as well. Comments and crits welcome.


First render without post-production. Max 2010 + Mental Ray.
I need to change the Sky and create some environment Effects.

Any opinion?

Thanks you and Cheers.



here’s my basic light-rig…


Nikhil Sahane.



Some more details and a different CC.


Hello Everyone, this is my first attempt hope you like it


Here is an update. I still need to try and better integrate the different plates. My roof reflection is too much as well. Luckily i rendered in passes.


here is my first try


Here is my second iteration. C&C Welcome


arusnak: Good work with the silhouettes. Now the form inside of those silhouettes can be defined. Try to differentiate each side of the cabin with different intensity of light to make the 3 dimensionality really pop.

Shordy: Nice start, keep going.

xeltestic: Very good, I like where you’re taking this. The blue skylight on the mountain on the left is very saturated and strong compared to the fill light on the grass in the foreground. Some color correction on the mountain to take out the deep blue would help and even tinting it slightly more of a blue green like the mountain in the far background would help bridge the two. The left side of the foreground is a very straight line of grass. Try to break that line up a little. You could add some more differentiation between grass heights and/or deform the ground a little to break it up. The buckets hanging on the wall look like they might have some light leaking where they come into contact with the house.

nik411041: Good work. The first thing I noticed was that the windmill really blends in with the background on the right side. I think that’s mostly because of coloring. Perhaps adjusting the hue of the windmill a little would help differentiate the two. The shadowing that’s been added looks way to dark. Try to pull back those dark shadows a little bit so there’s more of a transition from light to shadow.

pauldryzen: Great image! I really like the bright light on the left side of the cabin. The tree leaves could use some of that bright light, it doesn’t look like it’s in the presence of that bright light. Also, the vertical beams on the front of the house could use some warm light on their left sides from the windows and door.

SahaneNik: Nice start. Keep going with this and make sure you’re not blowing out your lights with too high of an intensity.

Frun2: Good image, I like the warm color of the sunlight. Those warm colors could use more of a presence on the ground and grass especially in the highlights. It looks like there’s some leaves that are floating at the top of the tree.


Hi Kanooshka,

thanks for your hints. Here is the update.

I´ve removed the sharp light beams on the left side and replaced them with a halo effect from the moon. The colors around the small lamp are now more tinted into orange/red to match better with the lamp. The light on the leaves is back on, I´ve somehow switched it off and forgot to switch it on again.

Thanks again for the tips.



Hi everybody, thays my last update, I’ve changed some textures and added DOF (maybe too much?)
Every comment or critic is welcome