Lighting Challenge #24: (WIP) The Cabin


Nice start, your textures and vegetation are looking quite nice already. As far as your lighting, I think your key light (sun) needs to be more intense. In your scene the sun is casting sharp, crisp-edged shadows which would lead me to believe that it is relatively unobstructed by clouds or else the lighting would be a lot softer and more diffuse. What I’m getting at is that if your scene is subjected to direct sunlight, the key light would be a lot brighter and more saturated. If you’re going for a more hazy, overcast, mist feel, try to experiment with more diffuse lighting a soft shadows to make it more convincing.


i changed the textures a little bit, softened the sun’s shadow and lit the lamp.


heya, don’t know if its just me, but to me it looks more like a scene set at early night. And it looks like some kind of car headlights shining through from the left. Great job on the texturing. The lighting is a bit confusing though.


i wanted an afternoon look so i set the sun/sky at 18.00
i will try to change it…
ok. this is another try with the house lights lit.


i am back by sivaavatar


wow its give cool feel and so nice


@binaryray: I really like your textures and the angle of your shot so far! I think the lighting does need a lot of work, and that’s what this thread’s about.

It appears that your monitor may not be calibrated or adjusted. That image looks like a late night image with some kind of light coming through the mist or perhaps late evening on a really foggy day. In afternoon sun, even on a dreary gray rainy day, indirect lighting would light the sides and back of the cabin much, much more. There will be few “true black” areas, even on the gloomiest days.

A quick autolevel in Photoshop yielded this result, which in my opinion is still much too gloomy:


Hi every one i am posting my first image for this challenge i am looking forward to get suggestion and feed back to make this image look batter thanks


Thanks for critic. you hit me at the right point.Here are some changes Ive made. the DOF on the front tress is fake because i never found a decent position for it as far as the placement was concerned within the scene. this way i could move the tree around to not overly obscure the remaining scene. Thanks again. see if this one feels right. High Res.


I apply some fix texture and increase a little bit the key light.

High Res

Maya 2011
Mental Ray, no GI.
Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop.



tuffmutt1 - Wow, beautiful work.


hi,every one i posting my second image with some correction looking forward to get feedback thanks.



here is my updated version. Sinve my last version I´ve added some details on the house and some more foreground elements. I´ve also changed the lighting and compositing.
I still haven´t used any textures for colors, the detail only comes from different bumpmaps in my shaders.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Thanks Paul


Like it very much! But there are two things that doesn’t look good, to me. The first one, is the lamp. It’s seem to be floating in the air (at first glance I tought that it was attached to the wall). The second thing that I don’t like is the bacground on le right part of the image. I think that is a bit oversaturated. Oh well, nok it must be textured :wink:


Here’s an Night time attempt. C&C’s welcome. High Res.


Nice work so far! The overall mood lighting is great.The only thing that sticks out is the water. Is looks too foamy. It still looks like a plane with grass sticking out. Try making it more transparent and heighten the reflection. Also add some more ripples in the pond to distort any reflection. Otherwise it will look like glass.


Hi friends,I upload my 2nd wip image,and stile now i am working on lighting.give me some feed back for lighting part.


Looks pretty darn sweet to me man. I dig it! :thumbsup:


I’m running maya 2010 and when I opened this scene using the ignore version option I got a massive amount of errors. Maya is complaining that nearly every piece of geometry in the scene has no “.hfd” or “.bnr” attribute. I have never heard of these attributes. I also noticed whoever created this .ma file has vray because the vray nodes are left in the scene file. This will also cause problems for anyone who is not running vray.

What are these attributes and why are they on all the geometry in the scene? Is this some new Maya 2011 attribute? By default Maya wouldn’t even let me save this scene as a .mb file because of these errors. The only way I was able to save this scene was by running an ‘optimize scene size’ to clear out all of the junk that Maya did not like. On top of that, this file has been crashing on me constantly when I go to save it. I’ve never run across a file that has crashed on me as frequently as this one.

Have any other Maya users experienced any of these issues…or is it just lil 'ole me? :slight_smile:


@redsand: I’m having all kinds of weird warnings pop up in mental ray, but none of them are affecting my renders. The models are actually much cleaner than many I get from clients and employers, to be honest. I’m not sure what they used to model the scene, and not all pieces throw up warnings, but MR doesn’t care about these warnings in Maya 2009.

Looks pretty darn sweet to me man. I dig it! :thumbsup:

@tuffmutt: Totally agree with Redsand! Your image is wonderfully lit and rendered. We could almost expect it of you at this point, but I really think you’ve done a great job here. Perhaps you can help me dissect mine if you get a moment?
(I’m referring to your original daytime render, by the way…)

@ashutosh8323: I think you’re on to something there! The scene is very fun and full of life… I think more variation in your greens would really be nice though. Most of the plants all seem to be nearly the same hue. Also if you’re using that much saturation and deep green in your plants, perhaps contrast it with a darker, more colorful series of browns and such for your cabin itself? Just some ideas!

Here’s my progress. Fixed my physical lighting issues by converting all my materials to mia_mat_x’s, and now it’s just tuning the lights and of course the infinite quality settings… But I fear my image is very flat and lacks real contrast still. Perhaps it… lacks zazz?


I plan on creating some sort of real quick interior and relighting inside so it seems more realistic… Too bright white and blank, now. Also the background trees’ composition is bad - gotta reposition them to work with this camera-angle, as opposed to the default angle.

Any input would be very helpful.