Lighting Challenge #24: (WIP) The Cabin


Please enjoy reading through this thread as an archive, but it is closed to new posts. You can still download the old models and also post your entry in order to ask for feedback here

Challenge #24 is here!

This challenge is of a landscape and cabin which has been modeled by Andrew Kin Fun Chan and Dan Konieczka. Please credit them for the modeling anywhere you display an image outside of this thread.

Post your work in progresses (WIP) in this thread to receive feedback and ideas. Please do not post any WIP images in the Final Images Thread but, don’t forget to post your final images there. The deadline for this challenge is October 16th, 2010.

You can download the 3D scene files from the following:



If you are able to provide any other scene formats, please let me know and I’ll post any provided formats in this thread.

Use any 3d software and techniques you would like. Any changes to the provided scene and models are allowed but not required

Feel free to share any information or breakdowns to show your techniques or set-up.

Make sure to post your final entries in the Final Images Thread before October 16th, 2010.

Have fun!


hey thanks

and nice model by Andrew Kin Fun Chan and Dan Konieczka …i like to participate… :buttrock:


thank to the modeler, I thing we will have fun with that scene


Wow, this is a cracker of a scene.


The obj file is not downloading. The ma file is getting downloaded.


When opening the file the script editor is giving me errors. I think because its a 2011 scene and I am still working in previous edition of Maya? Is this the case. Can I resolve it?


LiliJoburg— open your ma file in world pad .and change version 2011 to whichever you want like 2010 or 2008…

best of luck…:slight_smile:


This will be my first Lighting Challenge on CGTalk, I should have done these a long time ago.


All three links are linking to the *.MA file. I can’t access the FBX file.


I apologize for that. The links have been fixed.


Looks interesting, I will see if I can compete in this competition!

Just one querry, are there guidlines for the theme of the images?



You’re welcome to portray any theme you’d like.


Hi Maxmit
Please excuse my ignorance. Can I download World Pad for Mac. I cant seem to find it, only the PC version? Thanks L


First shot
3d Max 2011 + Vray
Any suggestions?


You shouldn’t need to edit the file. In Maya’s File Open… [] options box, be sure to check “ignore version” and earlier versions of Maya can open Maya 2011 scenes just fine.



Your displacement works for the grass, but your beach shouldn’t have it. Also your beach looks gray and not like sand.
Your sky looks kind of dull, maybe lower the Turbidity or Ozone if you’re using the VRaySun system.
Clouds would add a nice touch.
Your house materials look kind of flat.
Tree trunk looks gray.

Hope that helps.

The grass looks Really good. Maybe you could add some discoloration to break it up a bit. The stone in the front grass needs more of a shadow. It looks flat and doesn't really fit in. Also the chimney looks like a solid color and needs more of a normal or displacement


Teriander + arusnak
Thank you my Dears … your comments Useful
i will fixed now ^^


Hey arusnak, You should quote abo-abdalaziz. Not me. He created that image. Not I.


Ah, sorry! I didn’t realized I mis-quoted. :blush: