Lighting Challenge #24: (Final Images) The Cabin


final image

full resolution here


I dono why my replies are not appearing in the thread so i may have posted same reply twice sorry for it…


Hi! Here is my final pictures:



And Night




Hi to all of you!

Here I submit my work:


[Here is the HighRes version](

This is my first challenge, so I would like to say: "Respect"! to all of you!
You are really talented People!"

I found this challenge rather late, so I've got only 6 days for my interpretation.

[b]I would like to dedicate this work to My Brother - Michael, who has Birthday today,

and to Jesus Christ - Who is my Saviour and Inspiration in my Life.

kcpr raffaEl


Hi everyone! Here’s my final image:

Here for the full-res render:


Uhm sorry for accidentally reposting. I have no idea how to delete this post. :frowning:


Here is my Final Render:


thnk u alll…


My first lighting challenge!
So much i wanted to add but I´m calling this done right now!
Rendered w Maya Software and some postwork with Ps.
Thanks 4 this model and challenge! <—full rez


good work every1. here is my submission. thx goes to kanooshka and Andrew Kin Fun Chan for an awesome model and thus a fun challenge.


My last


I think this will be my final entry for this, can only tweak so much. Pretty satisfied with the result for my first challenge. Good work in here by others, good challenge. I rendered it in Maya with Mental Ray, composited the different layers with Nuke.

Full Res


just in the nick of time!


Hello frens!!
Here is my final entry… hope u all like it… :applause:


My final entry…


Great work everyone, lots of great entries for this challenge. Hope a lot of you come back for the next one which should be right around the corner!