Lighting Challenge #23: Mad Science (WIP)


Here is my Final image for this competition …


Hi Guys,
This is my first lighting challenge. I only had 2 days to work on this. I am using C4D AR with GI and and HDRI along with a area light. It gave me a chance to also play with caustics. Not sure if the deadline is tomorrow or today?


How do I get my image to show up bigger like the posting before me? Is it scaled down because it was too large? Thanks


View the image and copy the address of the image. It should end in .jpg. In Chrome, you can right click on it and click ‘Copy image URL’. Go back and edit your post and click the little yellow icon depicting some mountains and a sun (badly). Paste the address in there and voila!


Thanks guys for your comments, zmuh11, my idea is try to give the impresion of the broken windows being proyecting on the wall. maybe hinting that something went throw it.

It´s no easy :surprised jeje

Morlankey, I´d put something in the empty space you have in the wall. Cool map.

kanooshka, so, when is the las day to publish like final, Sunday?

Please, drop me some comments, will be the last time I´ll touch the picture.

Thank you very much!


Great image for just a few days working! I really like the subsurface scatter on your tiles, and the cloudy greenish liquid. The caustics are the blue liquid bottle refraction on the right side of the image, beneath the shelf? Based on the glints of light in the specular highlights, I’d expect the caustics to be more in focus. Something like:

It’s slightly distracting to me that the dial and the buttons on the measuring device are exactly the same color. Maybe darken the dial slightly?

Spider web seems too ‘thick’ – is there a way to cut into the alpha channel of the image (I assume) a little more so the strands are thinner?


Please, just look the windows proyected.

Thank you!!!


8 )

just startet late
maybe nexttime
8 )


Thanks for the great advice. I am off to Tahoe so can’t really can’t tweak it any more. I played around with the caustics and may post something when I am back next week. The render times became huge when trying to focus it more. It’s still rendering. I changed over to a separate light that just let me control that. I will be sure to start the challenge earlier next time so to give myself more than just 2 and half days. This was really fun… :thumbsup:


Didnt realize today was the deadline. Finished with what I had…


I ended up doing two, one at “night” and one at “day”.

The night one has a bokeh shader, the other one had blur added in post.

I honestly can’t decide which one I like the best. Maybe it doesn’t matter because they’re similar enough, but I would like opinions of others here.



I like the second one much better, there’s nice separation between the foreground and background.


This is my final image! Again for comparison, my first, second, and final versions:


Jonathan, nice work, the warmer, brighter light looks a lot better to me.

Since I had time, I worked mine a bit further.


Everyone, don’t forget to post in the final images forum. There are a lot of cool entries I saw in the WIP discussion that aren’t in the final submissions.


Great challenge all! Don’t forget to post your work in the Final submission thread. I will be closing the Final Submissions thread at 11:59 PM EST tonight 8/1/10. This WIP thread will be left open if you want to continue posting new images. Hope to see you all next challenge!


Here is my first pass at this… I know the date has passed but I figured i’d keep it going for fun.

just trying this out.


Great work everyone!

A gallery is on-line showing some of the images:



I did not get this completed before the deadline ended but I still wanted to finish it. It’s not there yet but getting closer.


It’s been twelve days now, are we likely to see a new challenge soon?