Lighting Challenge #23: Mad Science (WIP)


Hi everyone this is my latest update…
Hope you will like it
All Comments and criticisms are allways welcome.


jeonado, good material, I´d seen the page but didn´t see the pdf.

Thank you!!!

Very cool your two versions of the scene, I like very mach the light getting in from the windows.


The second image might have a more dynamic camera angle but I like your first image more overall. The really shallow depth of field looks funny in the second image. I like the window and the overcast day in the first image, it makes the environment feel like a tower in an old military town. The second image suffers from the same thing as my image (my camera view is similar to your second image) – there doesn’t seem to be a subject of focus, and my eye tends to wander (unfortunately, to the blurry parts of your image).


cool image – not sure what’s happening to the rat, but it looks painful. Is it fire? If it is, it needs a little more integration into the scene. Maybe some burn marks on the tile below? Also, I would add some more texture to the side of the table going across the bottom part of your image. Right now it looks like a dark blue triangle cutting across the bottom left part of your image.


This is one of the best I’ve seen in the forums! Love the wood texture, love the warm specular bloom. My only criticism is the measuring device – it seems a little too desaturated compared to the rest of your image. All the other objects have a hint of color in them. Maybe you could add a slight tint to the needle (keep some of the original red color?), or color the buttons. Nothing extreme, just a subtle splash of color in that area. Also the ugly creases on the right side of the measuring device give away the orientation of the triangles in the geometry – but this is probably something that could be touched up in photoshop, if you are so inclined.

But, again, overall, one of the best I’ve seen.


I’m sure your composition was done on purpose, but it feels like there should be something in all the empty space on the upper left side of the frame. Maybe a crack in the wall, or a poster or something. There’s also a lot of sharp lines in your image. Maybe you can put a few chips or cracks in the side of the table to break up the line of the table edge going across the bottom of the frame. The measuring device looks kind of plain, but you might be able to fix it as simply as pointing the red needle to the right instead of to the left, where it’s hidden behind the plasma ball.

Nice color scheme


Zach: Thanks for the feedback. I lowered the blue light last night and that instantly made it look better.

Jonathan: Thanks for the reply, you make some very good points. I’ve already made the face of the dial a bit brighter. I really like the idea of a crack or something in the wall on the left. Also, I was thinking of making the table top made of some rough wood.

I was just having a look at your latest image, I thought the vines and greenery look really cool. I think the windows could do with some variation and texture, have a look at these links for some reference:

Also the bump in the wall is looking a bit extreme.



Thanks Jeremy,For your Comments.This is my update…Any Critics and Comments welcome…


Decided to try a different material scheme from my other one.


Last update, please critiques and comments :hmm:


Tuovni: Really nice work, textures look great. I would be tempted to pump up a little more fill if it were me.


Jeremy Birn ,thank you vrey much :cool: I have learned a lot of things form this sence.


I definitely feel this is an improvement and I think is more balanced but still is compositionally strong. However I didn’t get the feeling that there was dried blood on the wall where the god rays are hitting. Maybe if you made that much more dramatic it would really sell the image. I also like the DOF. Good work!

I’ve started the final rendering process on my entry. I should have it in just in the nick of time. :slight_smile:


Okay, here we go, I guess it has to be final.


Nicely done, the wall looks awesome!


Hey all, I’ll have a new image up momentarily, it’s nearly final. However, I’d love to have a little time to give it some treatment in compositing. The deadline is tomorrow, yes? Does that mean tomorrow, July 30, at 11:59 PM?


I’ll be leaving the final images thread open until the end of the weekend, to give time to those who still haven’t posted in that thread.




My first pass, and updated revision, to compare:

edit: haha, ignore the gray square in the broken window pane, that’s an alpha channel error. Just imagine there is sky there instead.


jonathancking…Thanks for your valuable comments…
yes sir i will definitely work on that point… …

actually it is a short story for this rat…
scientist are make some a power storage ball (or power consuming ball)…
but it is not a power storage ball ,it is a animal converting into a other species mens just like a bat or other thing ,so just that movement i will try to makeover that image…