Lighting Challenge #23: Mad Science (WIP)


@gnomes21 really likes your entry :slight_smile:

Ok son here new updates, these are two test; again still low settings preview renders. Don’t really know wich one I like better :hmm:
I started a render last night , so we will see what it looks like this morning.

First one:

Second one:


2nd update, please critiques and comments, specialy that is the las week we have to work.



Hi ENoel

I like the first one. It looks more realistic to me, and the soft lighting looks comfortable.


nice rendering Tre333 this angle makes it look more interesting, but i think it has a lot of bluriness probably with a little bit less defocus


Hi Wzienrgo

thanks… yes i’m having some problems trying to manage the reflections and refractions. specially for the glowing parts because the glowing is in post. but yes i’m still working on that,

Thanks for your comments


my first entry. Yes, there is a lot wrong with it. I want to do an occlusion pass (just a little shadowing in the muddy areas), a dirt pass, and it needs some compositing love. Some of the shaders are still default, and I need to replace the god-awful repeating texture on the wall.

Comments and criticisms please? I need suggestions/help with layout and ways to get more light in the scene so it doesn’t look so muddy.


better version: I spent five minutes in Photoshop and it’s already a lot better:


Would anyone care to share their shader setting for the liquid?

Thanks in advance


Hi guys, still working on this one but I thought I’d throw it up here, get some feedback.


I’m using 3 different shaders to mimic the dielectric properties of the light transport from air, through glass, through liquid. In mental ray you can use a dielectric shader, but I’m just using 3 different mia shaders with different iors.

If using mia, consider the advanced refraction options – setting a small max distance and a max distance color is a great way of controlling the transparency of liquid at different volumes (more color if light is going through a lot of liquid, and less color if going through a thin volume of liquid)

These settings will be different depending on your scene scale. I tend to set my iors a little higher, around 1.6-2.0, for effect.


I think this should be my final version. I removed the needle, add the eyes, hair re-done in mice. But I still hope you give me feedback! I hope you like!

ENoel: thank you like it! I like your second picture, glass and add a little reflection might be better.

neonbulbs: Thank you for giving me feedback, I changed. Give you feedback, reducing the high light metal may be better!

jeonado: thank you love it! I do not see your picture, perhaps a problem with my network.

wzienrgo: love your style, very good! There is a small problem, maybe the theme is not well demonstrated.

This is my concept map.


Revised v002


Great work there, you’ve done a really nice job and yes, it looks better without the needle and with the eyeballs.


Thanks man!


gomes21, I like so much your image, I´d just leave some dirtiness in the glass left from the violet liquid which is falling.

jonathancking, cool image, I´d show more the table with the stuff.


@tuovni - I really like your image but I feel it is unbalanced. The bright light on the right side of the screen immediately draws your eye and I almost expect something to be there. I would add some more fill light in on the left side of the image to counteract this, OR put something really interesting prop wise where the light is coming in from the window…etc. Cool image man I love your camera angle.

@Morlankey - Nice use of negative space for sure. I would make the prop set pop out a little more so there is even more of a difference between the props and the rest of the wall.

Hopefully I finish mine on time!


Talk aboot a late start. I have had this concept since the beginning of the challenge but have not had the chance to work on it. Lets see if I can get this one in under the wire.

BTW a lot of great entry’s so far.


Guys some absolutely staggeringly good results !


Hello, bezzeler2000. I assume that you are using mental ray renderer.
If you are using mental ray, please go to the link here page 51,52 & 53, topic Water & Liquids. It illustrates how to simulate liquid in a container correctly with right setting. It should work for both maya & 3ds max.



Nice image! One thing – the liquid settling on the top (floating?) eyeball looks a little too jelly-like. Maybe you can smudge it in photoshop a little so it looks like it is flowing down the side of the eyeball instead of congealing on top of it. The steam is a nice touch.


zmuh11, thank you very much for your critique, I did this part of the image more visibly because the glass proyected is dirtied by blood…maybe I have to make it more evident. :hmm: